New Updates For The SocialButterfly Bot Listing Service ~ Now Its Compatible With 3rd Party Steem Sites

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I'm happy to report, SocialButterfly is now compatible with 3rd party sites like DTube, DLive, Busy, SteemD, and SteemPeak as well as SteemIt.  Not only that but @SocialButterfly will automatically convert any url from one of those 3rd party sites into a SteemIt url before submitting it to the bid-bots for post promotion.  What that means is that even if some of the bots don't recognize a 3rd party url, the SocialButterfly service will translate it for the bot to make the bot recognize the url.  This is a massive upgrade!

Here is a list of the websites that SocialButterfly now recognizes:

  • D.Tube

If you know of any other 3rd party Steem websites out there, then please comment here to let me know so I can add it to the service.  If you're still unsure about what SocialButterfly is or does then check out this announcement.

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Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I've decided to change my voting habits.

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Steam has become very sophisticated
It has great networking sites
From video and photos
Really a great twist
I expect the Steam currency to rise soon


It it wasn't for wales and there Upvote bots.

Both have destroyed the envisioned meritocracy in which the curators will ensure that good content from the authors will rise to the top.

Already the plankton experience is horrible and more accounts are abandoned then created.

If Steemit is not restoring meritocracy and make the site more enjoyable for plankton it will fail in the long run. Another social network with cryptocurrency will overtake SteemIt.

you mean steam has become very confusing. Can't we just keep it simple and stop branching stop everywhere?

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I like your pretty good post. I tried steempeak after I had read this and I could see larger screen. I got new thing from you today, sir. Thank you so much.

Social Butterfly services - Very good. I started using it. thank you for bringing it to my attention


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Its good to know we have people working up their ass off to make sure steemit becames better and with this great networking sites, steem is becoming even better.

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Steem is spreading it's legs in all directions

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Ehy! 😊👍 Very congrats! I use Steempeak as well 😊 Thanks so much!

Thank you for suggesting Steempeak, I just added it to the service so now it's compatible too. I'll add it to the list in this announcement.

Wow! So fast! Hahah 😊 thanks about 😊👍Glad to use socialbutterfly, congrats @anomaly! 😊

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Wow you work fast lol nice job. I have used @socialbutterfly a few more times now and am seeing different results than my first submission. If I submit more sbd than the minimum required does that mean my post will be distributed to more bots?
Thanks for your work and willingness.

Yes, I tested it with a sizable amount on my last couple of posts and it used a ton of bots for each one. It's kind of hard to predict the results because it chooses the bots in random order, and they all have different minimums. But on average the more SBD or Steem you use the more bots it will use.

I do not want to know.

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