Yaass!! - Robert Kiyosaki’s Steemit Blog Will Teach The World About Cryptocurrency

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Did anyone else see this but me??? The man is on Steemit! Here is a link to Robert Kiyosaki's Steemit Post:


The power of association in life is huge, and is no different on Steemit. Getting in the room with the multi-millionaire investor and money educator Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling book Rich Dad Poor Dad raises the tide for all of us bloggers on the platform. When he joined our voyage this week, I don’t have a crystal ball, but something really good is about to happen.

His clout and cred brings world attention and will up the value of Steem. This can only mean one thing: It’s time to Celebrate!! Robert recognizes the value of blockchain technology that cryptocurrencies such as Steem run on.

As Robert dips his toes in Steemit waters, he is cautiously optimistic. He doesn’t want people putting all their fish in one tank, but as a planner, he looks 5 years ahead and envisions where crypto is going, and recognizes that Steemit is the best social media platform for crypto

Roberts’ father was a teacher, and his friend’s father was a rich man, and Robert is both, and is well equipped to explain the complex and ever evolving world of crypto to the minnows. Most currencies are fickle, and 5 or 10 will likely be sustainable in five years. It is not lost on him that the most important ingredient is the blockchain that cryptocurrencies run on.

Blockchain technology is so accurate and fast, and some blockchains like Ethereum’s can be used as a business platform to run entire companies, and to revolutionize the financial industry and business in the future. Having an amazing social media platform like Steemit to engage and support and educate people in the technology, and getting paid while doing so and building a reputation on Steemit, as Grant Cardone has also done, is the ticket to advancing cryptocurrencies and to potentially eliminating poverty across the globe.

As someone who teaches the masses about money, Robert knows that the average attention span for most of us goldfish is only 8 seconds, so his first blog post sprinkles small portions into our digitized brains so we can check our messages in between.

They didn’t teach us about fiat money in school, so they certainly aren’t going to teach us about crypto, a currency in its’ infancy that has complicated technology, each running on its' own blockchain with unique characteristics and benefits and uses.

To Robert, having a JOB means being Just Over Broke. Rich people focus on creating income or cash flow, and the best way to do that is to have your own business to save on income tax, and to use debt to invest and produce more income, by using OPM, Other people’s money to get rich. The blockchain allows for quick transfers of other people’s money to you.

It doesn’t cost anything to learn about cryptocurrency

Giving advice is how Robert has become a best selling author and seminar provider. He teaches you at a grade five level, and won’t urge you to invest in crypto, but to watch it, and get familiar with it, so you don’t get lost in the cloud of dust when people run for their online wallets and cold storages when it surges.

He says the top three cryptocurrencies are: Bitcoin, Ethereum,and Litecoin, and urges you to start learning about each coin and what each is useful for, and what each of their blockchains can do. Learn about the accuracy of cryptocurrency transactions, based on mathematical equations, and the security levels, whether they are proof of work, like bitcoin, or proof of stake, like Steemit, where bloggers are verified.

I was one of those people in the 1990s who couldn’t see that the internet would transform the world. Many of us couldn’t imagine a computer in every home. So I learned to not write off the idea of cryptocurrency taking over the financial world.

Crypto is a new vision of money for the future

It does a lot of amazing things, as Robert points out in his blog:

“It cuts out the middleman, as financial transactions are no longer overseen by the government

Money transfer companies like Western Union are no longer needed.”

Charles Darwin named the key feature to surviving change is the ability to adapt. Blockchains are run on math and are accurate and trustworthy, and may be proof of stake like Steemit, or proof of work like Bitcoin, which uses more cpu power. Litecoin is a different proof of work memory algorithm. The point is we must be prepared to adapt to cryptocurrency from fiat currency.

You would be foolish to write off cryptocurrency as if it is never gonna be the main form of money.

As blockchain technology and cryptocurrency go mainstream you will be out of touch with how to run your finances if you don’t keep informed about its' expanding use.

American exchanges are adopting blockchain technology, and trading cryptocurrency derivatives and making their SEC (Securities Exchange Commision) pay attention, Singapore is leading the charge.

“The country of Singapore, one of the most progressive, smart, sharp, well run nations in the world, has started a Bitcoin bank note. Singapore is a financial center. So, why would Singapore come out with a Bitcoin bank note?

They clearly have the vision. Singapore thinks about business. They are well known for being innovative in industry and commerce. In fact, many Singapore companies are rapidly adopting the blockchain for things like logistics for supply management or improve access to finance in Southeast Asia.”

These are some exciting times ahead for sure! Time to celebrate! A thousand welcomes aboard Robert!

photo - Addicted to Success.com


Very clearly stated, i so wish i could text this to my 35 year old son. Dad still has leaky brain syndrome 🙄

Is there a way to confirm it is actually him?

Hey @enginewitty, check out his Facebook post of July 12th! It's right on his page: https://www.facebook.com/RobertKiyosaki/ Cheers!

@annhoyblog you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

Well thank you!

i am in cryptocurrency from 2 years ....but thepost was very usefull ...and nicely scripted.......................................keep psting and keep informing us

I'm glad you found it useful.

Thanks, I'll give his post a look.

Thanks Matt, the video is 40 minutes long, but worth it. Wait till you hear what he says about the US dollar, the Euro and the Yuan

I've always known he was a clever man. I read Rich Dad 20 years ago and still remember a lot of the concepts he covered.

Yeah the way he weaves the story in about how his dad is a great guy, and the head of education in Hawaii but doesn't have a financial education like his rich dad. Robert has helped a lot of people live a better life.

I have my doubts that this account is of the real Robert Kiyosaki, but who knows!

I posted about him, too, a few days ago, after researching what he thinks about crypto. In the interviews he gives, he's still talking about gold mostly, and he leaves the "cyber money" up to the young generation. He is invested in crypto, though, because he believes like gold, blockchain will still be around in 20 years. Unlike the US Dollar :)

I know it seems untrue, but I follow him on Facebook and it was in my Facebook Feed. it's legit!!

We're almost past payout on his first post, so I'll do some promoting of his next one.
Thanks for highlighting this :)

Thanks for your support Matt, I really want him to succeed on Steemit. It will help a lot of people.

Really? Wow, that's amazing indeed!

I know right?

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