How to Get Rich From Cryptocurrency Without Buying It

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Cryptocurrency has been a huge hype in financial news this past year, and I’m starting to understand why. With stories of overnight crypto-millionaires, I don’t think there has been anything in the history of money that has drawn in so many curious investors, since the era of panning for gold.

By now, most people have heard of the big three: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Even investment guru Warren Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger, are speaking about Bitcoin (regardless of their opinion). But cryptocurrency is more than just those big three. The blockchain technology is revolutionary and the altcoins and their functionality (e.g. smart contracts) are groundbreaking.

This blog is going to discuss the pros, cons, opportunities and setbacks I see coming for the future of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is still in the developmental stage. It's like the 90’s when dot com companies were booming. When we look back now, 98% of those companies failed. But the few survivors not only survived, they changed the world of money.

Just like the dot com era, there will be several cryptocurrencies that survive and go on to change the world. The question is, which ones? 

Everyone has their opinion. The big wigs in money have basically turded (my own word) all over cyber currency. That is their opinion.

I certainly give Munger and Buffett plenty of credit for being smart and capable business men. But, I suspect in their perspective, there is a real generational void in their understanding of where cyber currency is going.

There is a belief system around cryptocurrencies that if you don't own them, you're not going to understand or accept them. But if you own them, you see the vision. You see how cryptocurrencies have the potential to revolutionize commerce, trade, and investments.

I want to make sure you understand that Buffett and Munger are financial geniuses. And while I don’t agree with their opinion, I don’t think you should ignore it either. While very smart, Munger and Buffett simply don't see the future of cryptocurrency.

If you see a future for cryptocurrency then you will act differently. I’m acting according to my vision of the future. 

When I try to comprehend both sides of the coin (my philosophy for viewing all opinions), there are two thoughts that become glaringly obvious about the different points of view: 

  1. There's a big technological gap.
  2. More importantly, there is a huge mindset gap.

When talking about investing in cryptocurrency, you must first believe in it strongly enough to dig down not only the technology aspect of it but its overall vision. That is how you can understand it. And that's where it becomes a belief system. If you believe in it, then you begin to believe all its possible permutations.

Lately, some prominent financiers and industrialists in the “Buffett-Munger camp” (who initially pooh-poohed it and said it was “crypto-crazy”) have had a change of mind. 

Jamie Dimon, of JP Morgan, is a classic example. Once completely against the movement, has since changed his tune as he began to analyze how to trade cryptocurrency. Because of this, he are now starting to see the vision (AKA future) in a meaningful way. 

So, what is this vision that is changing these old-school investment firms into the pro-crypto camp?

The overarching vision of cryptocurrency is cutting out the middle-man. More specifically, banking transactions and any form of governmental institution who that regulates monetary exchange. It’s a big vision, and one that excites many people. It’s on a trailblazing path that will completely disrupt most, if not all, of the financial networks in the world today.

Some examples of this disruption are quick cross-border transactions, simple exchanges with some pseudo anonymity, and a secure ledger that keeps track of and validates everything.

There are multiple roles for cryptocurrency that will influence how financial institutions and any financial transactions (including the collecting of your taxes, payment of taxes, accounting for one's wealth, etc.) are going to be affected.

A very big sub-industry in the financial world is the transferring of money, like Western Union. But with cryptocurrencies taking the stage, there's no need for these companies anymore. So those guys are toast.

So now might be the perfect time to look at all the publicly traded companies whose focus is transferring money, and buy Put Options on their stocks. Basically, a Put Option is you “betting” that the stock price will go down. I don’t believe in gambling but with a little more research you can decide for yourself if it’s a strategy you want to execute.

It’s not just the financial institutions that will be changing.

A lot of industries are going to be impacted in a big way. Logistics and shipping will benefit hugely from the adoption of blockchain. Logistics and shipping are racing to adapt it because it is immensely accurate and immutable. It builds added trust for the consumer and the supplier.

So, you might watch the big shipping giants like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Maybe bet on the companies who adapt blockchain technology first and bet against the ones who are slow to adapt. Again, you need to do your own research, but this is a field I will be keeping an eye on.

In summary, there are plenty of ways to make money from blockchain and cryptocurrencies without actually buying into one of the big three, like Bitcoin. But the first thing you must do is determine your vision of the future. Is it more like mine or is it closer to Buffett and Munger?

Let me give you one more piece of the puzzle that might lead you to see my perspective.

The country of Singapore, one of the most progressive, smart, sharp, well run nations in the world, has started a Bitcoin bank note. Singapore is a financial center. So, why would Singapore come out with a Bitcoin bank note?

They clearly have the vision. Singapore thinks about business. They are well known for being innovative in industry and commerce. In fact, many Singapore companies are rapidly adopting the blockchain for things like logistics for supply management or improve access to finance in Southeast Asia.

And it’s not just Singapore. Right here in the United States, the CBOE, the Chicago Mercantile, and the Chicago Options Exchange, are already trading cryptocurrency derivatives. Our SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) department is beginning to approach the creation of cryptocurrencies, not in a disruptive way but a proactive way.

What does this mean for you?

I’m not telling you to invest in cryptocurrencies. I am asking you to look at it. Watch it. It’s going to change the world. And with change comes opportunity!

So, I ask you…would you rather listen to Warren Buffett and Munger or to Singapore and the US?

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I just found out you're blogging on Steemit, welcome!

I'm looking forward to your upcomming blogs!

Hi Robert. I really enjoy your work; you're one of the reasons I've been diversifying into silver. Very exciting to have you on the platform.
You might not be you, though.
We have a problem here, where some opportunistic individuals claim to be a celebrity. They post some of that person's work and expect to make a decent chunk of cash before anyone realises.
I'd be happy to resteem a couple of your posts to my followers as I'm sure a lot of others would love to see you posting here too, but I'd need to be sure it's actually you, both for my and for Robert Kiyosaki's sake.
If you could mention having posted to steemit on your radio show, or on that'd be fantastic.
Otherwise, post a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with "Steemit" and your username, here.
Great show, by the way. My elevator pitch for blockchain:
Things can be permanent on the internet now.
We've been desert nomads building tents on shifting sands. Satoshi dug down and found bedrock, and we've started anchoring our structures and designing new features we couldn't previously support.
So far and from a distance they don't look much better than the tents, but up close and with a bit of imagination, the sky's the limit :)
EDIT: I can see you've mentioned this on your Official Facebook page:

This post is almost past it's payout window, so I'll wait until you post again and see it gets some more traction.


Thanks for commenting and following robertkiyosaki Matt! This will raise his profile on the site as he will surely add a lot of credibility. I know people who have quit their jobs and gone all in on Steemit and have invested hundreds of hours of time, and the currency goes down and they are affected.


High profile individuals have a lot to lose by supporting the wrong platform.
There are likely dozens of similarly well-known figures investigating and/or posting under a pen name until they're confident the site isn't a pyramid scheme.
Happily, each day which passes without the whole thing collapsing adds weight to the argument that it isn't :)


I love this breakdown Matt :)


Welcome Robert. Love your books

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Hey Beth. You're replying to me, not Robert, so he won't see this.
It can be hard to get used to the way comments are nested. Welcome to the platform :)


Thanks and I did reply to Robert on his blog. Thanks for the welcome

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Welcome to the Steemit community. I also know you are a big fan of Gold & Silver, we have a great community called #steemsilvergold. Please come and visit, great success on Steemit


Yaas! I'm glad people are following him!

The blockchain is a revolutionary system that will change lives. @Steemit is the social platform! So happy to have you on board @robertkiyosaki. You changed my life. I bought your book for my son for his birthday and he's hooked too! Excited to learn together!


What was the book called?


Rich Dad Poor Dad, I believe it is the number one best selling financial book of all time. Worth a $10 purchase to invest in yourself. I highly recommend it. He makes the information simple and easy to understand.




:) Celebrating!

Welcome mate, I wish I found your first post before 7 days were up. Would definitely have given you a little boost and resteem. I look forward to seeing your next one!

Please confirm on your Twitter that this is really you. Thank you.

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
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Welcome to steemit! You're a legend, nice to have you here.

Cryptocurrency has been a huge hype in financial news this past year, and I’m starting to understand why

I can smell yet another new book.....

Welcome aboard.
As you can see outside fame doesnt translate easily here.
You got to give us a reason to know you are here.
Why should we vote our rewards to you?
Seems to me you should have plenty already, eh?

It's interesting to have a person like you here on this platform.
I wish you all the best and surely​ you have a voice worth sharing :)

Resteemed and welcome to Steemit Mr. Kiyosaki!

I'll be honest I don't even know where to start, i'm fangirling over here and i'm not even a girl xd i am a fan though!

I think you are def right on the whole generation gap thing... my grandfather is around the same age warren buffet is, he has always dealt with money, he worked at banks, etc... and he can't understand cryptocurrencies, he would rather buy old cois then to buy cryptocurrencies, meanwhile i see my whole generation, the so called millenials talk and talk about it, it's on everyone's mouth!
I'm putting my money on blockchains that have current ties to large companies, been searching around and i'm putting my money on VeChain, don't want to shill my own coin over here but it has ties with PwC and DNV GL...

I'm going to follow your steemit journey very closely, i've been diving into more more finance "gurus", don't like to use this word but can't remember any other...

Welcome to Steemit! I'm very glad to have such an informed and not afraid of evolution person on board with the community!!

Welcome to the Steemit community. People like you will ad a lot of credibility to this site.

We are waiting for your next post :)

Welcome to Steemit! I'm super excited to see you here in this amazing platform.looking forward to your posts and engaging with you

Welcome to the Steemit community! I'm glad you found your way here! You've been such an influence with my generation and one of the reason with took up Financial Management in college. I'd like to hear so much more from you :D

Wow,am happy he finally made it down to steemit. I can't wait to read your daily Post here on steemit. I believe with your advice and my own human discretion I will be able to make meaningful things on the world of crypto

Just got to know from @stackin that you came aboard. Welcome to the Steem Blockchain Sir!

@robertkiyosaki. This is fantastic news. I had to go and check for myself on your official Facebook page and it's legit. Thanks to my wife @jusipassetti for informing me via @stackin's post.

A few tips if I may:
  1. Interaction is key on this platform. Responses to comments are a key feature as well as interacting on others posts. People need to see that it's not just about you. Comment, upvote others and show interest.

  2. The community appreciates not only those that invest time but also invest currency. It doesn't necessarily need to be obscene amounts but it shows that you have confidence in the platform and want to help it grow.

  3. A useful tool is Ginabot on Discord. You can customise the settings so she feeds you information relative to your requirements i.e. if someone upvoted your post you can receive a notice, if someone you follow posted a new post you can receive a notice etc. It can be set as desired and can make certain tasks easier to manage.

As for the rest, as they say, "it's history." You and your team are already experienced in the Social Media sphere so there isn't anything else I can currently think of adding. Just a big warm welcome and enjoy the Steemit platform :)


its a shame there has been no follow up on this, This article is great and so is your book (which I just finished)
Its also good to know that you are also looking into Crypto as an asset class. Hopefully you will make your way back to steem at some point or at least integrate @steempress in your blogs (automatically posts your blogs on steem as well as your original block through wordpress)

Welcome to Steemit!

Awesome to have you here and can't wait to read your posts as you learn more about Steemit.

RichDad is here!!!

Hi Robert...

Welcome to steemit..looking forward to your posts..

Robert is the man!! We need to promote him to the steemit community! 💯