Sunset is my favorite part of the day. So I want to share with you my oil painting

in steemit •  2 years ago  (edited)


Enjoy The Ride... that's all that matter.






If you like to see more from my art follow..... and resteem

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Hi It's so nice to see your paintings. You are really a great artist. Please see my Introductory post, where you can see 2 of my portraits. Upvoted you...

I'm about to start a horse painting. Thanks for the inspiration!

mee too:)

you still around?

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Well done, Very powerful imagery. I really like the look of focus and determination you captured in her eyes.

Awesome painting dear...Upvoted 👌👌
Please follow and upvote me for future images...@saan👍

Thanks! I just upvote and fallow...

Very beautiful paintings!

Spectacular! This is wonderful! I am so glad I found your stuff. Steemit is such a great place.

Very nice painting ,How long did it take for you to complete this?I like the way you broke it down into smaller paintings so we can see the details!

Thank you. Couple days.

WELL DONE, beautiful painting

this is beautiful brother Hey buddy! Nice content. I dropped to this profile by chance but
I upvoted and followed you since you truly deserve it !

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Good post. I followed and upvoted. Please upvote and follow me at

Excellent! Upvoted and following

Beautiful! :D

It is very nice painting.Thanks for sharing it.

I am brand new and reading posts to see how other people are using the platform to write and share! Beautiful painting, thank you.

Very nicely painted...

OMG, so powerful! Upvoted!

Thanks for sharing this ...

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beautiful painting

Follow me please

Follback and upvote back

perfect blend between sexy and fierce! Awesome

Love your painting. But can you please tell me what you term this kind of painiting ?

Phewww that was some photos mate are you a professional seems like

I like your painting

Great work, i have upvoted!

This is excellent, both technically and subjectively. Love the palette. Keep up the good work