A Steemit Short Film: The Unveiling of Steem Park!

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ScreenHunter_66 Jul. 17 13.58.jpg

Yesterday history was made when the first public work exclusively funded by cryptocurrency was erected in the Herbert von King Park in Brooklyn, New York. Executed by the design collective @hitheryon (made up of @voronoi and @hansikhouse) the planters and benches now situated in the park broadcast a message to the world that blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies (specifically the Steem Blockchain and steemit.com) are already having a meaningful impact on the real world.

Only The Beginning

While Mike and Kirk did a great job of convincing the right people and getting the project done, it became clear yesterday that it was difficult to fully appreciate the potential impact until one saw the final project in real life. Yesterday many became true believers! In the video below you can see the Head of the Conservancy's excitement and his eagerness to have the entire park upgraded!

ScreenHunter_67 Jul. 17 14.51.jpg
Head of the Conservancy saying "Thank you to Steemit"

More Than Just "Real"

While it would have been great just to have the physical structures made, Kirk and Mike also made sure that the fixtures were both sturdy and beautiful. We (and by that I mean the whole Steem community) didn't just furnish the corner of a park; we beautified it!

Thanks to Everyone Who Came Out!

It was also great to see so many awesome Steemians come out to support the project. A non-exhaustive list includes: @roychoi (who flew in all the way from Korea for the event AND brought swag!!!), @prufarchy, @drbaker86, @nickytothenines (who wrote a great article on the event), @krypto101, @dougkarr, @ryan313 (a proud minnow), and more!

My video of the event is below, but be sure to stay tuned until the end to watch @ryan313 preach STEEM to those drawn in by the event. Clearly this physical space is already getting people's attention and interest, and will continue to do so. Enjoy!

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It was really great being with all of you for this event and making history :)

How can we change the world next?


Great question! And great seeing you :)


Yea please keep me informed I want to stay included 🙏🏻🎉 I worked as a teacher in Paterson New Jersey for 10 years as a Special Education teacher..... I would love to see a project there!! My brother in law is a fireman in the city as well, so maybe we could do something by a school/firehouse! Just a thought!!


Why not try Hinchcliffe Stadium or buy the Great Falls. The park would be a nice setting with the school in the back ground. They display Firetrucks in and around the Stadium.


I'll definitely keep you in mind. Passion is always a valuable commodity :) I might just be putting together a "steem academy" and these ideas sound like they might work well with that.


Nice to at the park! Day was BEAUTIFUL 😃


I wish I was there to have this experience but yet nothing is late since we have life.

I love how the video was put together :) so happy about Steem park !!!


Thanks! Glad you liked it.


Brah, if I would've known about this earlier, I would've flown up there! Very interested in this, especially while I'm directing the project for https://wallofcoins.com !

Excellent marketing idea. In any city it would be good but New York is so important in so many ways. In particular, media dominance. Maybe L.A. Steemers can take up the challenge!


This would be awesome I would love to travel to each New Steempark opened in USA ! GOTTA BRING DA KIDS THOUGH😃🇺🇸👩‍💻



This could be the start of something revolutionary for all artists. Thank you for forging the way!


REALLY AMAZING for ARTISTS to be able to display their work at a place like STEEMPARK as well as put your steem handle on it!!!@ryan313


It' s Like paying yours dues by supporting local communities and In return displaying your work to the people in your local community!. This way of decentralizing everything is absolutely amazing! As I continue to draw conclusions of how this steem Blockchain technology along with crypto currencies may play out it is mind-boggling! The STEEMIT platform allows anybody anywhere, to earn a living creating anything they can think of. And if whatever your creation is blogging, photography, basket weaving, finance, crypto currency, nature, you get the idea.... STEEMIT offers A Decentralized platform to perform any of them IDEAS mentioned above. These ideas drop traditional earning ideas on their head! In today's world conformity sucks. And STEEM makes it that you can earn a living by not being a spoke in the wheel, but by being a creative, enthusiastic, passionate part of a community, all while being supported by that same community. Astonishing, as more and more people in the world migrate to the steam platform due to this earnings potential it is only going to grow exponentially!


Nice @ryan313! And great Swingers moment at the end of the film!! ;-)


Vegas babyyyyyyyyy


I think so too! Glad you feel that way

Awesome, it is a superb project that pierces in the real world and allows to give a high visibility. There is a revolutionary potential here! Thank you for your work! Respectfully.


Much appreciated! I agree!

AWESOME! Fantastic documentation @andrarchy. Thanks so much again for your support and for coming out to enjoy a beautiful sunday at STEEM Park! Big thanks to everyone who made this weekend a success :D


Great Job by you too! so stoked to see this actually comes to fruition.

Amazing! Your team is doing a great work!

Oh my hat!!! That is so awesome! What a fantastic initiative. We need to spread this worldwide. It concerns me that so few seem to realise the importance of getting into cryptocurrency NOW. In years to come it is going to be a major regret of many. I think it will be the wealthy and the poor. There will be no middle class...when fiat becomes obsolete. But by then... it will no longer be realisitcally affordable for most to obtain the higher valued crypto. Just my opinion... but ya... anyhooo.... love what you are doing. 👌

Keep up this pace and great work for steemit.

Awesome post guys we need more people like you on the steemit community @andrarchy congrats on all of the success and I look forward to seeing how this all turns out!

This is really nice work that you did . I like how use editing! Through your video you can really see the beauty of the park, as well as the kindness of the community! I think this type of project is going to take root and hold all across the country! I believe there will be thousands of steam parks popping up all across the world eventually

Steempark looks awesome!... Congratulations and thanks to all those who were involved in Steemparks development...Steempark is going be play a key role in further marketing Steemit as a social platform.... And thanks @andrarchy for sharing this steempark video. Steem On....

This is so cool @andrarchy! Great work everyone, feel inspired to do something similar here in Sweden! :)

Wow! nice work guys!

Wow... Steem grows!

As a beginner of Steemit I found your work very inspirational, keep it on! @andrarchy :) Got to follow and check up the updates ^^

Nice! What a great way to get people exposed to crypto currency and Steamit in particular!

Wow! thats great! Congratulation guys... keep it up... really this is amazing event that you made... a meeting and gathering...

@andrarchy thanks a lot for this video and post which has earned you a follow from me. Steemit is gbeautiful because of people like you and great work from these amazing people ie @roychoi , @prufarchy, @drbaker86, @nickytothenines, @krypto101, @dougkarr, @ryan313 (my fellow minnow haha )etc. Thanks guys and let all of us stay in touch.

Really a great job

Steem on

nice picture

This is spectacularly Awesome,
Would be a great place to come around..

Keep Up the Good work and Soon everyone will know about it. (y)

Very cool!

great job.hope i could be a part in next......

Amazing success for steemit. Help me vote

Very good job guys, hopefully this helps get the word out there about the amazing community we have.
Creating awareness!

I would have came to it but I didn't know where and when it was.

Good to see so many young people in such a great endeavor. I remember the 'scams' MLM's of the 70's - 90's. BAH! Keep the steem up and going!!!!

I salut you all fron EU, RO. Great ideea and I see ppl get involved alot.
I really want that the steemit community grow a lot and maybe someday will the power will be 100% in the hands of the creators of the content.

Looks like everyone had a great time and what a successful project (steem park) has been.

That's a really lovely thing to do with cryptocurrency, especially since so many people still see it as really sketchy (or just plain don't know what it is.)

looking forward to it... for the better steemit..

Lovely post! Nice little event you had.

Community outreach and collaboration like this should continue. Always!

You guys are doing good job. Steemit is a moving train nothing can stop. It has revolutionised blockchain technology

I went to visit this park

Hey thanks for including me!!! @ryan313

A big thumbs up on this project! Nice work, everyone.

Nice post.

it is great to see such things, making history by taking such steps, i wish to be there with you on the start of such great event, love u all

Congratulation! I didn't realize it was this close to completion.

this is a good news

i was very happy to the steem launches & i feel so excited to steem is day by day up

Very good initiative that needs to be replicated all over

Great film! Really gives a good sense of the day & love that 3 axis gimbal work!


Thanks! Now I gotta have to get a camera with internal stabilization as well to help smoothen it out further #newgearday


Premiere's warp stabilizer effect does wonders in a pinch!

In one of my favourite cities. What a lovely idea. May it attract visitors to a quiet space of greenery that every city needs. May even get the general public to understand what it's all about. Thank you

Nice ;)


Upvote and follow other to make there feelings express and be heard with everybody

Do the same guys ;)

A place to go the next time I will be in NYC :)

good post

Congratulations @andrarchy!
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Really great job. I wanna join you.

Nice.. wish i was there to motivate and market steemit the more.. Resteemed

Good job guys. Way to spread Steem and the crypto world to the public. Really doing a great job. Great project.

Nice articel @andrarchy

I'm a newbie, so i just wanna say nice to meet you here.

woww nice work .. good luck

:) awhh i cant wait to stop by when im in BK

wow this is amazing


Very nice images, i like
i love to join in steemit and to help earh other
#vote and follow you
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upvote & resteem

Nice Post . Have Great Fun
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Thanks @sitara12511

That is amazing...
You make the short film steem @andrarchy
You are very good..
I like your post @andrarchy..
I @viqral will supprot your post..
Thanks for sharing..
Please upvote mine, thank you :)

thank you for making this, great job guys!

haha Cool

Huge things start with small gracious moves. God Bless those who contributed and looking forward to learn more about this platform and witnessing it's maturity. #DaNoVa #FateNews #BlessedLife

Very cool!

Steemit really has become a passion for many people. Some are actually creating new initiatives which are pretty cool . What you guys are doing is simply amazing. I am glad I am part of your blog. A big thumbs up for your work @andrarchy

This is so wonderful!


very nice :)

Steem Park setup looks dope. Would love to look back and see all this grow.

Way to go @andrarchy, Spread some more Steem around the world!

That is absolutely amazing. Well done on bringing Steemit and the blockchain to people's attention.

Awesome! Great work guys :)

It's awesome to see how the last few months of work have turned out! A public project fully funded by the blockchain is a excellent way to introduce Steem to the community and it is really cool to see the efforts of the community show up in the physical world. I'm glad it is finally open to the public and am curious about future projects within the Steemit community.

Kudos to all of you who made such a great project a 'real success!'
Cheers to you all and more achievements thru this awesome steemit platform :)

Awesome @andrarchy, hope to make it out there another time so I can sit on my bench.

Awesome! I guess I just found my top destination to visit the next time I'm in NY!

yeah! this is really only the beginning of a greater thing. this is a very nice project. thanks for sharing @andrarchy

Awesome!!! I see steemit stands for great things and i hope this is just the beginning!!!

Great Post. Keep at the good work!

project that i really cherish among others here , thank you for the good job.

Work Pays Brooklyn!
Congratulations steemers!
WPA Poster by Vera Brock, 1937 (Library of Congress)

Good packaging

nice guys.. im coming to SC, greenville in november. Any steemian from there? Or any steemit event happening, please let me know.. :)

[email protected] Awesome Post Voted & Followed You
wish you the same @funnystuff
"Someday I will give back what you have given me. Thank You."

I really wanted to join. Plan to visit New York was canceled and I was disappointed to miss it. I told my friend and maybe, she stopped by the park. Great Work! Thank you for sharing @andrarchy :)

Wow ~ cool. I watched the movie well.
Let's see you at the Lisbon Steem Festival.

Very cool!

Good moment

That was incredible....

Super Great

Changing the world for sure, great stuff!

This is so nice,

The gathering and the awareness.
Hope I can visit it soon

Good job @andrarchy and everyone

Open air and steem, great combination. I really liked the idea of presenting in the park. I am new to steemit and learning but I'm following you to see what is your next event. Cheers

:D Cheers, it's nice to see your project working out, you put a lot of effort in. I want on of those scrolls :)Great video :) props to @rayan313 for the quick and insightful explanation.

Great job, it's nice to see 3D and blogs coming to life and getting realised.

Very beautiful you are wonderful