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Since I have reached the 500 follower milestone here on Steemit, I would like to celebrate by giving back to the Steemit community and you my followers.

After losing my 34K Twitter account being an independent journalist and researcher it kind of sucked losing my audience but Steemit is giving me hope by breathing life back into me. 

For those that don't know me I am widely known online by the acronym AK for An0nkn0wledge.  I recently wrongfully had my account suspended on Twitter. I am a journalist currently writing for @ActivistPost and

I previously used to write and work at @WeAreChange.

I have sources everywhere and have broken some pretty big stories like the mysterious deaths of six top Russian Officials in 60 Days

In order to participate in this drawing you have to be following me and upvoted and resteemed this post. You also have to be a minnow on Steemit which means less than 1,000 followers and less than 10,000 Steem Power. 

Hopefully, some of the whales will help me out and allow me to give the winner a good reward because I am a poor struggling journalist and can't finance a big reward myself  I write as a full time job.

So here's what I am offering in writing, I will be randomly selecting one user to receive the rewards of this post using random picker

While randomly selecting at the time of the drawing if you aren't following me or didn't upvote/resteem this post I will choose someone else. This is because I want to give everyone a fair chance to win and I want to maximize the prize pool. :)

Much love and good luck to everyone Steem ahead. ~AK


This is awesome news. Congratulations on hitting the 500 Followers milestone.

Congrats on reaching 500 followers brother.

It really sucks losing that kind of following to a social media outlet that censors the truth, but i hope you reach past that here on steemit.
Keep on spreading the truth!
Can not wait to see more of your posts in the future.


Thanks bro, it sucks but perseverance is what keeps me going. I just got offered another writing job so there is that things are looking up. Ill be covering cryptocurrency for @coinivore :)

Well damn congrats on two things then!
Ill be sure to check out your articles over there as well.

Big congratulations on the 500! And now 501 because I am following too

thank you very much for the 501 lol and thanks for the resteem check out some more of my work I think you will like it.

Congratulations on the milestone, on to the next one :)

Sorry about the Twitter account - but, congratulations on the milestone here. You speak and we can retweet. :)

Upped and Steemed

Hi there! Congrats on reaching 500! I posted a milestone at my greatest surprise I'm now over 550.....!! I'm a BIG proponent in people being real on here and working towards quality organic followings. Therefore i created a facebook group called Steemit Dreamit to help out quality steemians. So far out of the 28 members, there hasn't been one post I was unable to give an upvote and comment at the least if not a resteem. That's what its all about here. You are more than welcome to hop on board there. I'm really sorry to hear about the unjust bull you went through on your twitter account. Sadly, all too common with people shining light on things the powers that be don't want light on. Anyway, i wish you the best of success on here. One of my followers resteemed you. That's how I saw this! I am now following you myself, and I'm interested to check out your articles. Resteemed

Thank you and yeah Twitter took 9 years of my career and destroyed it. However, I am still fighting appreciate the invite email me [email protected]

Congratulations on reaching the big 500! May you have many more milestones here (which I know you will). :) Cheers!

Talent has a way of getting to the front of the pool. You've done fine and will continue to rock the steemit platform into the future. SteemOn!

Thank you wakeupsheeps means a lot coming from someone who knew me on Twitter before Steemit. :)

It's the truth. Just keep doing what you do. You're very accomplished and deserve a solid following. After spending time visiting Occupy Wall Street, I was following many Anon accounts, your account went on and flourished.

Thanks! Sorry to hear about your twitter account. :( Hopefully you'll be able to get a new audience here!

Congrats, hope to celebrate the same milestone one day.

Great work - now go get the 1000 awakened minds!!

The more YouTube, Twitter etc ban - the more people will wake up to what their game plan is. Truth is unstoppable!

Thats right, dont let the bastards get you down! Congrats on the 500 loyal Steemian followers! I just hit 400 after being active for 2 weeks so Im pretty stoked about that. Looking forward to your journalism! Take care.

Seems some whale really up voted cool, resteemed and upvoted

Yeah I know a few of them on here and I am getting popualr here if this goes well ill do another one when I reach 1,000 then 1,500 etc.

Congrats on the milestone

Thank you I remember you were one of the first I talked to in MSP lol and you told me "You won't be a minnow for long." Ahhhh good times good times. lol.

Congrats on the milestone man! I look forward to seeing more of your posts here on Steemit.

Congratulations on 500!! Full Steem ahead!!
Always glad to have a new truther here on the platform!!
One of the things I like about steem it is the wide awake people outnumber the sleeping sheep here!!

Followed and I am not new but I am new on Steemit :)

Congratulations on the 500 followers! I hope that you are enjoying the Steemit vibe and it stinks you lost the Twitter followers. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much and yeah Twitter sucks.

Hell yeah congrats! 🥂

Hope you get back on your feet quickly!

Congrats on reaching 500! That is awesome!

Good luck Minnows!

Forward to 1000 subscribers!!!

Congrats on 500 and your perstistence. Kerp it up with head high. And I have fingers crossed, resteemed, upvoted and following.

Thank you very much I have my fingers crossed just got news ill be the director of content at and @coinivore :)

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Congrats! You're at 540 now! Well on the way to the next step! Following, upvoted and restreemed!

Thanks, Katie I followed back and definitely on my way to the 1,000 mark. :)

Congrats for having 500 followers and good luck to everyone.

Congratulations on the milestone.