Bidding Bot Are Important For Steemit

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Bidding Bots Are Not A Probelm:

As are are going to say that Bidding Bots are not good for the steemit blockchain . and they are harming the reward pool,according to my calculation what we are getting from the investment of high amount of sbd and according to the investment and daily return or monthly return or APR .

Calculation On post payout By Bidding Bot:

As someone has an investment on 100SBD and he has a post and he want to buy the vote from the Highest vote seller Post promoter but the positive point is that he has a restriction of 10% max profit which is a very good step by @Yabapmatt.

So when a person has by a vote in his first 10 Min still he get a very small income as well. I know this is a good for the minnows and for those users who has very small investment on the site .

Yabapmatt is helping the delegators and also to the buyer of vote. I know the bidding round always get full and people get very small income by investing a high amount of SBD. I am just not sure how they are harming the reward pool.

As its a circulation of money and they are not getting an instant return because of steem power .like if we invest 50 SBD we get an up vote os 100STU. so we can get 33SBD and 10 steempower so how is it profitable for the people and even its facing some loss to the users . So how bid bots are harming the steemit economy.

The only problem we are facing is the trend page so there is only solution is steem are facing problem on trend page only they should Add another page on name bot promotion so there will be no problem to the users. and steemit too.

Like we are facing such problems that if we do not buy high votes from the bidding bots or minnowbooster we cant make even a penny profit. All users who were register in 2016 they are having groups and they upvote each other post in first 30 min and they are getting high reward for it.

Steemit is only running these days on the bidding bots how much i am getting .

Like For users and for investors

For Newbies:

The Bots are attracting the newbies to steemit that they invest small amount and slowly they are getting a small return. for there investment.

For Investors:

The investors are attracted because they are normally getting a high return for there millions of investment on steemit which also take the ranking of the currency high and also benefit the bots and the users and themselves.

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bid bots lead to capital accumulation and a growth of their power, until they eventually take over the entire platform. Them taking over the entire platform will only lead to its destruction


Makes me wonder how the heck Steemit can't recognize a bot from an actual human. Then again it's like asking Google-YT to find and delete bot accounts...


Then the problem is with Steem not the bots. You don't blame the water if your bucket has a hole in it.
Steemit was always going to go this way it would be impossible for it NOT to. I do think someone else will come along and do it better so they better figure out something.


this is a problem with capitalism, not steem. There is no way to permanently solve this problem, the best we can do is patch up the most destructive holes quickly.


what about selfvoting then?


selfvoting for smaller accounts is better than bidbots for the whole. The capital accumulates within the smaller accounts instead of the larger, giving the platform a (slightly) longer lifespan.

the return is not very good

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime,your post is so helpful.I always inspire of your post on my steem work.Thank you for sharing @ammar0344

i got very important information
from your post. thanks

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Thank you for your insightful analysis.

its so hard when you bid a high amount and then the price of sbd suddenly drops off. how can we manage that ?

Getting roi from bidbots has been killing me lately. Breaking my back for a a couple of cents of profit. It's a casino where the house always wins.

For post promotion and earning bid bots are a waste of money. I have lost about 10 to 15 Sbd's to bid bots even after careful bidding. The only good bid bots do is that they provide a use case for SBD. what this does is that it keeps the price of sbd high.

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So how do i invest in yabapmat and get upvote?

okay nice view on that. Like steemit is just a little bit more than a business opportunity. But actually, for the progression of the network, i feel it is not the best thing.

Steemit is only running these days on the bidding bots how much i am getting .

Great post @ammar0344 thanks for the information!

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