Layman's Understanding of SMT's & Why it will Revolutionize the Internet

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Make sure to watch this in 1.2x or 1.5x to get through the info in lightning speed!

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steemit is the way forward

I really can't wait to see the results of the new comers, SMTs, in the next while and what their impact will be on Steem and the rest of the crypto-ecosystems. Thanks for another excellent piece of work.

Namaste :)

My uplifting brother @eric-boucher! How are you? I hope you're well! Always such a treat to hear from you as always. Yeah I am so excited for it! I know the video wasn't technical or anything (I am a total n00b when it comes to steemit still) but I just love the concept. And I believe the steem price will just m00n when it's finally implemented.

Namaste & God bless you, dear friend! :D

upvoted you with love <3

good! I believe in this

Because we both believe in this, I upvoted you with some love @piccolo

SMT are amazing and will be important in the future, but companies like google and facebook won't be able the create their own SMTs because they have huge government contracts and they wouldn't jeopordize them. At the end of the day facebook is able to make so much ad revenue from our interaction. SMTs won't help their business but it could help us get paid for our interaction. Good post!

Did not know that! Thank you for shedding some light :) for that, I'm giving you an upvote of love my friend! <3

What kinds of government contracts would prevent them from having SMT's?

Tokens are like money because they could easily be converted to usd. To US government wouldn't look favorably on the big tech companies essentially creating their own currency. Years ago I worked on a espn tv show that the nfl hated. The show got good ratings but the nfl said if you don't cancel the show you will lose sunday night football. Espn cancelled the show right away. The US government can exert influence on big companies in subtle ways.

That makes perfect sense. Thanks for that. Brilliant. Upvoted again

I have a huge criticism, why are SMTs not out yet???
It takes time to blaze new paths. the test net is already there, so hopefully the protocol comes to life over the summer.

Humour is always good! hehe

Well it's still 2018 so we've got at least 3 more months left! haha

Upvoted you with love my brotha

Good stuff = good upvote from me!

I`m glad i found the best part of steemit here ! Cheers!

Wow! That warms my heart :) I just upvoted you 💯 check out dtube and enjoy the community, my friend!!!

I watched the video! That was awesome.. I was so much benefited from your post.. stay blessed and be happy always. Thank you :)😍IMG_20180216_153906.png

Hey Samantha! Thanks so much! For that awesome encouragement, you get an upvote! :D

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