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RE: Stop Frustrating Your Followers, Stop Resteeming, BUT Keep Helping Your Friends while Creating STEEM.

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When resteeming first arrived, I saw several posts asking for a separate area for resteemed posts. Hasn't happened, unfortunately.

I like to resteem posts for different reasons: Some to bookmark for my own interest ~ Others to share good content with others.

However, after taking a quick glance at my own Blog, I think I'll start incorporating Possibilities 1, 2 and 3.

Thanks for the re-steering Marillaanne.


It would be so helpful to be able to build a "blog roll." And a list of "recent favorite articles"!
I've thought about building a list on my own blog for convenience sake!

Sure would Marilla.

Just another idea that I've seen others do and I've started doing with my #useeisee posts ~ List all the previous #useeisee posts in the article.

Another idea for #useeisee: Based on seeing @kalemandra creating a new Steemit account, @colorchallenge where she resteems her favorite #colorchallenge posts.

You could make a separate Steemit account for 'You See vs I See' posts with @useeisee

I thought you may have thought of it already? But then I thought, best not to presume.

I've registered for @magicalmoments ~ Takes a few weeks to be given approval. Not sure exactly what I want to do with it yet. For now, I'm just using the tag #magicalmoments in some of my own posts and letting the ideas come.

I hope you have a fabulous week Marilla. I've been promising myself that I'll draw 'soon' ~ Bought new paper and have the pencils. Decluttering. Making space in my studio. Will be such a terrifying but 'Magic Moment' when I finally sit down and draw.

I have done the same with @steempearls
And to create a new account is really a helpful tool here:
If you have 15 steem (?), you can just create an account out of the current account - and don't need another approval time then ;)

Thanks so much @steempearls. For me, the two weeks for approval is just about up. But if for any reason, it doesn't go smoothly, I'll know what to do now. Great to know for any other future accounts.

I'm all ears. I have no idea how to do this.

You can link another Steemit account to your primary account of @marillaanne. There is a fee for doing this. Don't know how much.

The other way is register for a completely separate Steemit account using a different email address.

You need to logout of your current account. Go to and then click on 'Sign Up' and register in the same way as when you opened @marillaanne.

I used the second option ie used a new email address to register @magicalmoments with.

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