MINNOW CHALLENGE!!! If you have less than 1000 SteemPower, Please Upvote!

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I would like to demonstrate to everyone how high a post can go without Whale/Dolphin intervention. Hypothesis: Not Very High.

The concept is to have all people with less than 1000 Steem Power vote on this post to test the theory.

The value in doing so is to demonstrate how little effect most users currently possess, when compared to users with enormous voting weight, or Whales and other cetaceans.

If you don't know what a Minnow is, you probably are one! Basically the majority of users, and with very little voting weight, meaning the ability to contribute much value with their Upvotes.

However, this Minnow Upvote challenge will hopefully demonstrate we are still in a pond, not an ocean.

If we are sticking to the metaphors, I believe the proper balance of the ecosystem may consist of Whales/Dolphins/Fish-of-various-size/tiny-minnows. But this current ecosystem feels too dynamically opposed, in that we are not a majority of minnows, but a majority of Plankton, the even tinier organisms that the Whales feed on, and grow in size! Do we need Whalers to fix this, or can the ecosystem find equilibrium on its own?

Thanks for your participation!


But what if I wanted to upvote? Shoot..

There's always next time @neoxian

Note, I removed my vote because I have a little more Steem Power. My own doing by buying SP... Still I'm a minnow, currently contributing ~.02 to an Upvote.

Ok, I changed it to 1000 Steem Power, because I feel like a Minnow. What is the actual range? I don't know...

The reason the whales have much more weight than minnows is to prevent someone from creating a whole bunch of small accounts and upvote their own posts. I believe it is easier to create accounts using the command line interface, than steemit.com. This is called a sybil attack.

Interesting! Sybil attack. Can they not limit account creation from a location somehow?... I'm thinking that it's Whales and Plankton now... Not yet a balanced ecosystem... But I'm sure that is to be expected when so new.

If someone is brilliant enough, they can defeat any account limitation the Steem team could create. The way the system is now set up though, it is probably cheaper and uses less resources to just buy more Steem an power up. Someone with 30 steam power actually has about 100 times more voting power than someone with 3 steam power. (I think.) And 10x more power than 10 accounts with 3 steam power.

Wow, is that true?! You think they should be clear about this to people that don't read their white-paper? Why does it have to be like that? Doesn't it defeat the purpose of having people Upvote with such a disparity!

I think I got it wrong. Here is a post one of the developers made to help explain.

dantheman · 3 months ago

Voting power is based upon how much Steem Power (aka vesting STEEM) an account holds as well as how much voting an account has done recently. The Steem network attempts to approximate your average voting rate such that your voting power on any given post is approximately:

SteemPower / VotesPerDay

Because Steem doesn't know how many votes you will cast in the near future, the VotesPerDay calculation is a moving average. This means each consecutive vote you make will increase your average VotesPerDay. If you go 24 hrs without voting then VotesPerDay will get reset to its minimum value: 20.

You can increase your voting power by posting and voting. 50% of all content and curation rewards are paid out as SteemPower.

The amount of benefit a vote confers on the authors of a post depends upon how many votes are already cast. This is because payout is determined by the following calculation:

NewPayout = (OldVotes + NewVotes)^2

This means that small votes have a much greater absolute benefit when added to a post with a lot of votes, and almost no apparent benefit when added to a post with no votes.

InitialPayout 1 = (0+1)^2
AfterSecondVote 4 = (1+1)^2

The outside observer would think that the second voter counted for "3" even though both voters were of the same weight. The reality is that if a 3rd down vote was cast by an another voter of equal weight the Payout would fall to 1. A fourth voter downvoting would return the payout to 0.


I'm not sure what this helps to anyone other instead post creator. My vote power grows so slowly and sometime more easy to buy some power than earn by making posts.

It is a test, the value is self evident. Yes it would help me, the post creator, but it also would illustrate the effect of minnows voting, and how little is earned compared to whales participating. But seems no one wants to vote, or didn't see the post... I may try more, test post timing, etc.

good luck .... nice try though...lol

An intriguing and good idea. Curious on the final result, hoping it gets traction :)

Thank you, time will tell.

Yup. See you in ~24-ish hours.

Im learning more everyday I on. It took me a week to figure out how to upload pictures. I'm ready now I got lots to post and get me some steem!