10. VIDEO TUTORIAL : (What NOT to do on Steemit ) For Beginners

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Hello all! First of all just wanna say thank you so much for all the kind comments, messages i get about the video lessons I provide for you. 

I apologise if I dont reply to everyone, but i do get a lot of comments, and I try my hardest to reply, so dont get offended if you dont get a reply!!

 I am working hard to produce more materials and give you my knowledge so all of you can do really well here on Steemit.

In todays lesson, i wanna talk about what NOT to do on Steemit platform.  I will also cover flagging and what it means and how to do it. 

Flagging is only allowed in few cases : Plagiarism, SPAM and Insults. What it means, is that you are allowed to flag someones post if they have plagiarised content - first you find a proof, then you send it to steam cleaners and also always ask the person plagiarising why they did it? We want to give people a chance in case they are not aware. However, in majority cases they lie and claim its their own, which makes it easy then to flag them. 

Second reason is spamming links - this will definitely get you noticed on Steemit, but not in a good way - Dont do it! You always can check their profile to see if they are spamming all the posts with the same message, if that is the case, you can flag them on your page. 

You can also see that spammers already have really low reputation - which means they have been flagged by more powerful people. If anyone has reputation below 25 - they have broken steemit rules and i would be wary. Dont comment on their stuff, dont up vote them - all you do is encouraging scammers and plagiarisers to keep going. 

Lastly if someone is insulting you with swear words that is NOT ok. This guy called me a slag and thought it was ok to abuse me like that. That is not allowed here, you will be flagged for insulting women or men, there is a difference between an opinion and abuse. 

It is your responsibility as a good steemian to report any plagiarism! It is your responsibility to educate people on Spamming. Watch my video - enjoy this lesson as its very important. 

BTW here are my rewards for reporting several plagiarised posts from this week and steem cleaners have rewarded me by giving me power. So? what you waiting for? want to get free power? Start looking after the platform and look for plagiarism and earn STEEM power!!!

If you are new to Steemit and have missed out on my other 9 lessons, you might want to watch and learn 

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VIDEO LESSON 9 : What is Steem Power and Curation Rewards? 

Thank you guys, please share , re steem and spread the message!! 

Lots of love,

Alla xox 


First of all, a BIG congratulations for your 10th video in your Steemit video series. I remember when you had just first announced that you would be starting a How To video series for all the newbies to Steemit and I immediately thought that it's such a fantastic idea. And now 10 videos in, I'm very proud of how far you've come in this series, which has been supremely helpful for everyone, especially for me, as I am learning loads everyday and even more from your informative videos. Thank you immensely for making this series Alla!

And great idea to include links to all of the previous videos in the series so that anyone can just pick and choose which topic to revisit and dive right in! This was an extra special treat for sure ;)

Thanks for raising awareness of all the plagiarism going on in our community - it's very important to notice and report it instantly so that our beloved Steemit doesn't devolve into other cesspools like Facebook and YouTube lol. There are certainly several folks that I've spotted personally spamming their links all over the place, so I will do my job by flagging and reporting them to Steemcleaners.

Remember spammers - if you guys continue dropping your links all over Steemit, Professor Alla will lower her glasses ever so slightly and DESTROY you. ;)

Keep up the good work and on to the next 10 videos!!!

thank you so much darling! You are such a star and such a great example to this community! You have done so well for yourself and you keep growing! You will do really well !! and very kind words, im so glad my project is working out!! hard work always pays off!!

You're very welcome Alla! Your Steemit video series is always so helpful, informative and inspiring for all of us. You truly personify the power of hard work and dedication on a daily basis. Keep smashing it - you're a superstar!

You look so pretty with your glasses. Anyway Great post!!

aww thanks so much!

You have raised a very important topic @allasyummyfood and is something which every new user should be aware about. I feel Posting Guidelines on Steemit should be included as a part of the welcome e-mail when the account is created.

Plagiarising is very easy in Photography related posts and unfortunately there is a flood of such posts under the photography tag. Just yesterday I wrote a post on how to find such copied photographs in a SINGLE STEP.


I hope people will find and report such posts to @steemcleaners

very good work!! well done for doing that!! we need to clean up that tag! i heard a lot about it!

Super post with lots of explanation on the dos and the donts, i love it. This will definately help minnows like me. Great job. I would like you to do 1 about our security, how to safeguard our accounts and so on.

glad you liked it :))) Yes i will!!

Agree with your stand against plagiarism and spamming. What if someone places a link to their post in a comment, in combination with a good argument or story, whereby the link is very relevant? Do you see that as spam? Just curious.

Gr. Michiel

i think if its used in an argument or story no, I'm talking about those people who just copy and paste the same thing with their link and message everyone!

Is it just me, but the videos in your post doesn't seem to work.

They work ok for me.

Flagging is only allowed in few cases : Plagiarism, SPAM and Insults.

You can actually downvote (flag) for any reason you like, good or bad. It's just not necessarily wise to be doing it for bad reasons. You could get some flak for how you downvote, and it may hurt the recipient more than you expect it to, so it's best that your reasoning is widely supported and well justified. The more Steem Power you have the more responsibility you are wielding with your downvote.

As a rule I would say that the flag should be reserved for posts which detract value from the platform, and you should first try to steer the user nicely towards better behaviour, secondly warn them if they persistently behave poorly, and only finally flag them if they continue after being warned in most cases. There are exceptions where a flag is appropriate from the outset IMO.

yes very well said ;)) i hope this helps all the new users to understand the platform better!

What a cool way to leave a comment dmitri

that is probably the COOLEST comment i have ever received ! thank you so much and i agree with everything you said obvs, im really glad you enjoyed my videos ! and you are saying exactly what i say! You seem to know the platform well! Glad to meet you!! :))


I watched all your videos on this article and they were all super informative, but the first one about spam and plagiarism really helped me. I am new to the steemit platform, and did a minnow guide for beginners. Another newbie told me that I should let other minnows know about the post. I didn't know what he meant, and he said I should share the link with new people under the #introduceyourself tag area. I thought that was a good idea, so I started doing it. I had no idea that that was spam. I am supper glad I saw this video before I got bad reputation hits. I will not do it again. By the way I like your Red lipstick. Very Taylor Swift!

Really glad i helped and you found it useful!! happy for you! and well done for realising your mistakes! You will do well here!!

That's what I like about this platform's design: the power is in our hands and together we can make this a great place. Good etiquette takes no time to develop but it's only those who ignorantly refuse to learn that keep hurting others (and themselves too in the process 😂)

yes for sure, that is why we still need to learn and keep growing!!!

I am so glad we have some awesome people and groups such as steemcleaners keeping our community safe and free from things that can ultimately bring down the entire system.

Wow, lots of very good tips in one post. I am impresed, thanks a lot. Might go to the festival to meet you in person and eat some nice yummy food. Keep steeming

hahah thats a good incentive!!

Absolutely...cant wait to eat your yummies Live....fired up and ready to go

Good post

Going through all the videos now 💖🙌🏼

yayyy do it :)))

Been following you a lot, thanks for the info. I'm gathering info to start releasing quality posts. I've a question though, would you be doing like reviews on certain new programs out on the internet? I'm just curious about a few like usi tech and etc. AND NOW WE CAN EARN THROUGH FLAGGING SPAMMERS hahaaaa! #foodpornpics


really glad you are enjoying it! you cant earn through flagging spammers, you can only earn if you report plagirism to steem cleaners!

Plagiarism. Gotcha. Thanks

I love your stuff @allasyummyfood ! Learned a lot with you! Great tutorials, great receipes! Greetings from spain! :)

thank you so much :) very kind!!!

Nice post, now go and follow me and upvote everything I post - just kidding 😂 Thanks again for the great input Alla. I've never used the flag before and I will be very cautious in doing so. At least now I know, when it is okay to use it 👍

yeah glad it was helpful! you wouldn't use it for no reason! hahaha :P

I've been on the platform for only 10 days but even I get the spam messages. Didn't really know how to react, so I just ignored them. For sure I'll keep an eye on them :p

Thank you for the time you spend to teach us the bases of Steemit.
It's very useful for rookies like me and it's allow us to undertsand the philosophy of Steemians. Downvoting hating content is, in my opinion, one of the best aspect of Steemit and avoid a lot of complications that we can see on other social media (but of course the "flag power"implies great responsabilities and your remind about the rules of flagging are useful). Thanks again

yes its really really great here , a lot less hate and horrible people! and if they are abusive they won't last long on steemit!

This has been so useful... I made the mistake and i'm paying for it. I need other steemers to help me out here. My reputation has gone from 40 to 9. This is bad

Yeah sorry to hear that, thats really low. what did you do?

I don't know... Just confused

You truly a professor emeritus of steemit. Keep educating us...thanks for sharing

Thank you for the videos! really helpful for beginners such as myself. I had two questions which i hope you or anyone can answer.

1)What did you mean when you said in your "good or bad blogs video" the guy did not have a verification photo?

  1. if i am able to speak and write in 4 languages should i do all my posts in all 4 languages.

Thank you

I have been following u for a couple of days now. I really love your food recipes. I also love your steemit tutorials. Currently watching the 5th video. Thanks a bunch for posting

aww thats so sweet ;) thank you so much!! enjoy!! lots of love x

Thanks alot dear ...I m newie here ...this post helped me alot ....thankd alot again

Hello..if i found a palgiarism..how can i have a steem reward??thanks..

report it to @steemcleaners!! and watch my other videos i explain!

Great post as usual. Upvoted

could you tell me what is vote for witness please

What are Steem witnesses?

The Steem blockchain requires a set of people to create blocks and uses a consensus mechanism called delegated proof of stake, or DPOS. The community elects 'witnesses' to act as the network's block producers and governance body. There are 20 full-time witnesses, producing a block every 63-second round. A 21st position is shared by backup witnesses, who are scheduled proportionally to the amount of stake-weighted community approval they have. Witnesses are compensated with STEEM Power for each block they create.

Steemit leverages Steem because the founders of Steemit believe Steem’s decentralized text content storage and governance model makes Steem an excellent platform for supporting the long term success of its social network and digital currency tokens.


@allasyummyfood u look wonderfull...nice video tnx

That a good one! Thank you sexy teacher *Alla hehehe, keep it awesome!

Just after being on here for only two days I have already realized that people keep posting the weirdest things just to TRY and get upvoted, its insane

it is nice when people do post actual content about things that matter to people

but i have seen a LOT of people posting articles that are from other websites or simply just copy and pasting the articles as if they were their own, its insane!

yah its true just need to clean that up!

Very informative and covered the whole story of steemit, this is probably the best page to start everything about steemit... Thankyou

wish i had seen this when i joined some weeks back. thanks for sharing though, i learnt a thing or two.

you re still very new!! so there is plenty to learn :))

Thank you for the info

Hey @allasummyfood!

I always follow your post and apply your precious advice, putting effort in my posts, and also translating them for the Spanish-speaking community. Yet, I am really starting to wonder how visibility works.
Of course I wish for everyone to do great on this platform, it is just that I see on a daily basis some posts with very basic contents getting many upvotes (and again, I am happy for these people), and for example my last 2 posts have so far received no attention whatsoever... what I am doing that is not working?
Can I invite you to have a look at my latest post and let me know what you think?

Thanks and keep sharing your advice!!

please dont send links here, and to get attention you need to build relationships and work hard here, comment and get around, nobody will check your posts if they dont know who you are! no need to post loads jn the beginning!

thanks for educating us. we new comers worth it a lot ...

Weldon, the lesson is encouraging us to do the right thing in this great platform, Thanks for taking out time to do this.

you are very welcome ;)))

Thanks Alla for this great compilation on how to get started on stemmit. I'm a newbie and the videos were great to get a feeling for the platform. :)
I will try to add value to the network and I like how you provide content . You produce the video with iMovie on iPhone right? Great job :P
Greetings from Germany

really glad it was helpful!! iMovie! thanks ;)

Good to know!

Agree 100% but some times I find things on youtube that I just have to share like yesterday with the eye and space as well as that funny monkey. My grandkids always look at my posts so when I find something that most people enjoy I have to post it. Love your site

This is great. Straight to the point. Love it, and I agree. Even worst content is better than copied content.

@allasyummyfood BTW which part of England are you ?

I'm from latvia but i live in London!

Oh great. @allasyummyfood There is a little tint of Eastern(Northern) European accent, but generally you English is incredibly good. I'm in Birmingham originally from Poland, Im professional photographer / cinematographer so if you ever want to collaborate then give me shout.

I am sure after this video there will be a lot less of this happening unfortunately when a new person is introduced to Steemit they should be told all THE RULES by the person that introduces them to Steemit. The problem i found was i got introduced on the world wide web and started of by doing the exact same thing until @cheeta pointed out to me this is not the way ,(only happen once :D )Thank you for all the great advice .

yeah exactly! whoever introduces you should do the initial work!!

I really like your argument, and as a new steemian I really hope many posts like you share, because disinin I do not understand much about steemit, this my blog please visit if there is time @nauval

Oh my, that look :D

Nice post!! I'm going to Watch all video from now.

hehehe let us know how you get on!! :))

Massively valuable post. Thank you. You're right, it IS nice here when you look at other SM platforms. Let's keep it that way - nobody wants another Twitter etc full of pointless abuse and worthless content. MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE!!!!

heheh yes :)))) thank you!!!

Although I'm a noob, I haven't done any of the bad things so far ! I'm on the right track ! ;-)

hehhehe good ;) stay on track!!

"Started watching number 1 ":) thanks for your help for learners like myself. Loving the steemit platform

you are welcome :))) enjoy!!!

I am new in steemit so thanks for all the good info and have a nice day :-)

Awesome videos

Thank you so much for these tips! Going through these videos now !!! Epic !!

welcome my friend :)))

Thanks for this post, I recently made my account and did not know these things.

hellow anyone help me how to gain followers on steemit :'(

you are the first one who told me that we can earn by catching plagiarized posts.
Keep educating.
Also loved your posts and glasses you had :)

thank you!! yes good job!!

very useful post! Although I would love to fight plagiarism...it seems hard to actually find it and be a 100% sure its really stolen work...wouldnt want to make a mistake there

yes of course, but its quite easy for me to spot plagiarism, anyone who takes their own professional pictures will have a website or a blog - because they would have shared it on other platforms, if that person doesnt - questionable!

That's true, for me it's also annoying when people take other peoples work even if they provide a source link or whatever. As if that person cares about a source link, that doesn't allow anyone to use other peoples property as they please for their own benefit... Do you think those people can be flagged too, even if they provide a source?

not unless they copy and paste others work, if they add some sorta value and use the source for inspiration its ok , if you feel they dont deserve it just dont vote or follow them!

oh for sure! I was talking about people just taking a photo, add 'source' and that's it... no inspiration no extra nothing... thanks for the advice :)

The videos are so helpful. Thanks a lot, now I am very happy with this post.

Thank you for the tutorials @allasyummyfood - really helpful for a newbie like me. I'm now following too and hope to learn more. If u happen to read any of posts and happen to catch a mistake or wrong tag or something, please let me know 😘😘

Good info, thanks Alla. I'm also kind of a newbie so i'll definitly resteem this to spread the word. Ciao

i dig your style
good info :)

Very informative videos. Thanks for sharing. :)

This line
"I apologise if I dont reply to everyone, but i do get a lot of comments, and I try my hardest to reply, so dont get offended if you dont get a reply!!"
Yes, I was the one who complained that you didn't reply but the good thing is I understood your situation, it is always good to see people like you replying in a positive way rather being offended byy anyone's negative comment.
Talking about this video, I guess people are still using the old SEO techniques, copy pasting messages they used to do on Wordpress blogs and this is not going to work here.

@allasyummyfood, would like you read my blog that I wrote about my life whenever you get free.

P.S Not pasting my blog to get an upvote, just want you to read it :)

glad to hear that! i will have look later, but again, not advisable to post links here!

Oh yes, just watched your video again and you said on Steemit chat, my bad!

Thanks so much for this! Finally have a good understanding of how reputation & flagging works :)

Thanks for passing on your knowledge. Learnt some new stuff from. All your vids :)

How do you handle stuff that is just basically porn in the a 'arts' or 'photography' section?

Keeps it up :)

Thank you very much @allasyummyfood for all this tips, which are really good explained and helped me to understand as a beginner, what and how to do on steemit.
It's like All in One post. Great!
And I think it's really useful for everyone.

Thanks for your help.

heheh yeah good glad to help!!

Alla, Great info that I did not know about. I wondered about the "down vote" and now realize it is flagging. I have received some spam on my site. Now I know how to handle it. Thanks and have a good day.

yeahh no problem :)

Thank you Ms. Teacher Alla :)) joking
Nice post and interesting info helps me
to understand the Steemian rules !
SteemOn nice Girl

Video watch and learn from your advice. You did a great job. Help new bloggers. Follow the blogs and develop this platform!

I am always reading your posts. It's amazing that you've gathered a huge audience. I'm putting a lot of time and effort to my posts and the only thing I get is nothing. Not even a few views. I'm not talking about upvotes. At least if people are reading what we write we can keep doing it. For me views are more important than rewards. But it is so hard. You are really good and really lucky. Keep going. All the best.

thank you! for people to watch your stuff, you need to go and build relationships, go around comment, make friends and ppl will start looking at your stuff! it takes time :)

Thank you. Will do and I want you to be my friend too.. ;)

Well, I really hope to get noticed a bit more, cause I think that the subject, I cover is pretty serious. But most people are interested into blogs about steem. You made good points about what you should and shouldn't do here, but I think that is self evident.

yeah but so many ppl dont do it!! soi have to say it!! you just need to build your reputation and build relationships, and then ppl will go and read your stufff!

I am not here on Steem for more than month and half now (well, I've been here before, when it all started but I thought, Steem will be one night stand thing), and had around 10-15 cases of spamming. But they all did it once so I didn't block them yet. And yes, it is annoying and kind of funny too :) I have an idea. When someone does it, you snip it (snipping tool), and paste all of them into one post. Just for fun, and so that others will see, that kind of behaviour has no sense at all.

It takes time. In fairness, it is much easier to get started now than in the past. I saw people posting with 0 rewards for months before they became popular bloggers.

Sure, I believe you. When it started, Steem wasn't so interesting either. And look how many new steemers are registered in last few months....

Wow. This is a lot of content. You really know what you're doing! Will check you out. And I absolutely agree with your points. ✊

thank you so much!! yes loads of amazing content!! :) soak it up!

Yes don't steal, spam and if you flag give them a warning first. Great video.

Thank you so much. Great information for a newbee. I noticed that you haven't covered what resteeem is or what is does. Could you please?

yes its on my list to do :)) will cover that soon!!!

very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that i have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts!

aww thank you :)) i hope you learn something new!!

This really nice information. It will definitely help new member like me. I shows how much research you have did in this platform. And trying community clean and spam free.

We all appreciate your approach and we abide by the rule every time. Also when we will see some spamming is going on we will take responsibility and try to protect it.
Thanks for sharing such a good content. We all definitely show our responsibility to the community to protect and flourish it.

you re welcome!!

Thanks for putting all previous video links together :)

hey about steemcleaners, do we just flag plagiarism or do we have to mention in steemchat ?

you mention to cleaners and ask the person first if its theirs? if they lie you can flag them!

Thanks for your wonderful education.

Thanks for posting the whole series. I missed a couple of them when they posted originally.

Love this video series....you are providing some awesome value to all of us newbies out there. On a side note, I can honestly say I have never heard the term slag...had to Google that one. Come on, really dude...some people just can't handle a smart, influential woman. Good for your for reporting him. There is no reason not to be kind to people. Thanks again for the videos.

aww thank you so much! Oh wow i thought everyone knew a word! yeah it is just not tolerated here abuse will not go far. Glad the videos were helpful! :))

Wow, I learned so much from these videos. Thank you.

Even though I am really new to the platform I already find it quite annoying when people reply to my post with "Follow me then I will follow you" this kind of reply doesn't add anything to the content I am creating, majority of the community is really awesome though!

yes 100 % and it will go as soon as ppl realise its not effective!!

Very helpfull thank you.

As a newbie getting started, appreciate the insight!

You are really beautiful @Allasyummyfood! Great content. Your video is very informative, I didn't know the SteemCleaners actually sand you money for flagging lol!

You can check out @ENAZWAHSDARB for the best Entrepreneurial content! If you appreciate what you see, you can leave a follow! :)

they dont send you money for flagging, only when you find plagirism and tag them and proof where they took the materials from. :D

Hello , really nice post , find it worth As most people specially newbies did terrible mistakes as i also wrote an article on this

Top 5 Terrible mistakes on Steemit , newbies mostly do


nice posts! But what If I mentioned already my sources and cheetah still commenting like crazy. what the hell

A comment from Cheetah is no big deal. It's only informative.

It s making me crazy

Thanks @allasyummyfood for your great post. Every time i learn something new from your posts.

really glad you learn new things! thats great!! :) thats why i do it!!

Amazing tutorial! Looking forward to the other tutorials! Will definitely read/watch them in the next 24 hours. Being new here, it is nice to get advice!

Keep up the good work!

yes good idea!! enjoy! :)

very useful post thank you on updates ally

Thank you a lot of good information and love your accent.

Thank you @allasyummyfood! great videos! great vibe! great advices! Great glasses! what else?? you're inspiring me!! thank you again. peace

glad its inspiring :)) yay!

Thank you so much, your videos are so informative specially to newbies like me on the steemit platform...and also you are so beautiful, next to my wife, ha,ha.

Thank you Alla! As a rookie, this has been very helpful into shedding some light on the steem community and the overall process of how things work! I will follow up on the advice and give it my best to add up some value to this platform of the future!

Nice article

Please follow me
And vote
I am newbie
Need your help

good to know :D

Thanks @allasyummyfood for such a great tutorial,I watched all your videos it really helpful for me as well for all steemit community users.

This is gold thank you!! New to steemit and I want to do it right and with good etiquette.

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