[CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED] Steem Basic Income - Giving away 1 FREE SHARE!!!

in steemit •  4 months ago

I've collected enough rewards to claim an extra share in @steembasicincome and to nominate a winner of this contest!! YAY!

In the next couple of days I will collect all the participants' names and will randomly select a winner. I will post the results in a new post.

Good luck everyone! =)

So I've been participating in @steembasicincome project for some time. Very cool idea!
You can find more information about the project on their FAQ post.

TL;DR for each share that you have you get a proportionate STEEM through automated upvotes from them.
Each share costs 1 STEEM and 1 share is given to me and to you if I were to nominate your.
I'm soon to have enough STEEM to purchase another share and thought I would randomly nominate someone.

So I'll do a weighted random selection for people who upvote, comment or resteem it:

Comment - 1 point
Upvote - 5 points
Resteem - 10 points

For example, if you got 15 points by resteeming and upvoting, you would be 3 times more likely to win my nomination, compared to someone who got 5 points from an upvote.

I'll keep this contest running until I have enough STEEM to purchase a new share.

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As someone who already has some SBI shares, I love it and would certainly not object to winning another one :)

Upvoted, commented and resteemed.


thank you! now I gotta prep an excel spreadsheet with all the stats ;)

Thank you for the chance to win a Steem. I am feeling lucky. :-)

Great contest.... ;)

Are you dancer? That sound awesome!
One question...and if someone follow you, receive another point? (I followed you 😀)


I am a casual dancer.
Yeah I was thinking to give an extra point to the followers. I'll do that in the next contest.

Lets try this..done all 3 tasks

Done! Uptove and commented!
Steembasicincome it's a great initiative! yeah!

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topic name -Daily Steem Stats Report - Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Hoping to win that sbi share


good luck!

Hello. I would I like to enter the contest. I upvoted the post and resteemed.

Thanks for doing these.

I've not had SBI before, so it would be cool to win.

Upvoted, replied, resteemed

When does the contest end?


as soon as my wallet has 1 STEEM so I can buy 1 share. right now it has 0.84. Hopefully this post payout brings it to 1 :)

Upvoted, ReSteemed and here is my comment haha. I just found out about this idea yesterday and I like it. Looking into some ways to get more shares.

Upvoted and commented (whoah! caught in a self-referential loop...) :)

Great, 16 points :)

I gave you an upvote, SBI does seem like a good project. At least you have to create a post to earn the vote from the bots.

This is interesting haha!♥ I'll support you!♥

Cool post - fun too. Thanks for offering! I found this from the SBI contests post.

I will also mention that I'm also offering an SBI share to any newbie (up to about 100 SP) who asks me a question on one of my fiction posts which prompts an "Ask the Author" post. (So, a well-thought and open-ended question.)

SBI is a great initiative that I'm proud to be a part of!

If it's free to enter count me in!

Finally, a contest I'm qualified for! ;)


lol glad I qualified someone for feeling good ;)

Hi, wish me luck.

Well I don't know what to comment but this is a comment lol


lol that's good enough :)

Up for you idea 👍 :-)

Great I got 6 points :)

Good luck to everyone !

Commented, Upvoted, Followed you, Resteemed :D