Steemit wallet upgrade

in #steemit2 years ago

So I have been gone for awhile, so I noticed changes.
One that I am having trouble finding answers to is:

  1. Do we still have to manually log/collect each posts worth into the wallet every three days?
  2. Or does it do it automatically now?

I was reading a post by @llfarms, but didn’t see it on there.


I'm not sure about the log posts every three days. I do know they don't want you using you master password anymore to log in and out of Steemit. They want you to use the posting key. It sucks because a lot of people have been locked out of their wallets due to the change.

That sucks what people are going through.
I answered the question my self. I have to log in to “redeem rewards”. I was hopeful that it was automatic.
It is a strange way it works though.

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