Hello @ah101, it is not open source at the moment, but we are considering this option.
If there are any updates about this, we will let everyone know.
Thank you for an interesting question.

If it's completely community funded, is there any reason for it to not be open source? I (and probably a lot other crypto users) would trust it a lot more if it was open source - especially when it has access to steem account, which has monetary value.

You are making a very valid point @mysho, that is why we actually want to make it open source and also more developers can help us make the app better.

First of all we want to fix all the bugs, publish it on the App Store and Google Play and only then we can make it open source.

Thank you for bringing this up. It is a great idea and we are considering it

Thanks for this information
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Hey there @hlit, thank you for your desire to become our tester. I have added you to the list. Google should send you the invite soon.