Steemit and Minnow Support Project Orientation by @aggroed live in 8 hours on mspwaves

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Hey folks, Witness-11 Aggroed here. I just recorded a video that I hope will be helpful as you explain what the hell is Steemit to a friend. I'm posting that video below.

Live orientation

I'll be hosting a live orientation to the Steemit blockchain and the Minnow Support Project this evening. It'll be broadcast and recorded on mspwaves streaming internet radio.

You can watch and listen to the show by going to

You can attend and interact with the orientation live by going into the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network on Discord. Follow this link:

To ask typed questions or make constructive comments during the broadcast go here:
To be on the air and talk to me make sure you have headphones and a working mic and then join this voice channel:

To listen to the show from within Discord join here:

When is the orientation?

The orientation begins at 8pm EST this evening (A little under 8hrs from the time of this post). I'll record it and broadcast it. I'll post the recording sometime this coming week.


Why have @minnowsupport muted me? Tried to reach to @discordant on discord but no reply still. Also tried the link of discord channel you sent but i am unauthorised to msg there as well. Help!!!!

Thanks for sharing goog ideas.

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Great video for new steemians. Thank you @aggroed for such effort.

Nice video and very helpful.thank you

Only got through the first 6 minutes of your video but it was more than enough. This is a video any prospective steemian needs to see. Would you mind if I made a post and linked the video?

Or would you be interested in doing an interview? Something light and fluffy but still a way for people to get to know witness number 11 a little bit better. Something like this interview i did a little while back:

great work @aggroed

Sure, do whatever with it.

I do interviews with folks frequently, but it's usually on my radio show which is immediately following the orientation at 9pm.

Cheers, well what I've done in the past as just a simple 6 - 8 questions written out, about anything and everything, this gives you a bit of time to think about your answers. Then I make a post about it and add a bit more information about the steemian to make a complete post. will try and stop by your radio show as well, only problem is the time difference, going for 3am here. Anyways, cheers again for the great video, adds great value to the community


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Nice mentioning @aggroed 🤠
msp-waves and Steemit rock!

Join us on MSP Waves Radio for back to back Steemian original programming from 7 pm UTC (1 pm Central) today! 📻

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Thanks for sharing goog ideas.

Great orientation for minnows. Because i know we've got alot of questions..I'll try and be available on discord.

Great job

Wow you really put your money where your mouth is! This video will be super useful to the people I'm promoting Steemit to. Thanks!

Oh and yay for all the liberty-minded people on this platform! I'm with you that with all the censorship going on at Facebook and YouTube, is sooo necessary and - my optimist self talking - WILL INEVITABLY grow!

good post...please follow me

@disarrangedJane : Jane - this is one of the best explanations on Steemit that I have seen... Please do watch it... :)

Very good post.
I have Resteem and Upvote your article for progress and forward together.

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