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RE: Steemit, Inc. Financial Update

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In my experience moaners and haters are people that care that feel let down. If they stop caring they leave. If they complain it's because they want something more from someone or something that they like.


Except that we also just have moaners and haters on steem that just like to moan & hate and be heard doing it. Not saying you're wrong but there's a lot of accounts here you wonder why they don't have anything better to do.

Actually the act of leaving a comment to "complain" is more helpful than most of the brown nose comments you see on posts like this. Thankfully we have heros like NGC who arent afraid to flag @elipowell to show her she cant just *** all over us like this , stepping into OUR chain OUR community and make posts like this expecting to be treated with respect when she is supposed to be a leader? Who doesnt even make steem posts? She has the nerve to be getting a paycheck and not invest a dime into the chain, which PAYS her freakin salary... if people werent investing in steem, there would be no marketcap and nothing for @ned to sell to pay @elipowell

Maybe the peopel who you say are "whining" are actually INVESTORS who and have done ENOUGH with their actions? Enjoy your flags @elipowell if you want to ever have a post thats not flagged consider buying some fucking steempower.

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