That Glitch Scam Post -- Do Not Click or Enter Your Details

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Okay so just moments ago I saw a post resteemed by one of my Steemian friend, the title actually grabbed my attention, it was Finally I found glitch in Steemit.

I opened the post just to see what is this steemit glitch actually.


As you can see in the end, given a link to the post, so I clicked on that and new window opened which asked for login.


As you can see the website address already not secure and suspicious, so I tried to cancel it, but that cancel tab was not working, so I closed the browser, as I finally recognized it is a scam.

Following that particular user, who actually posted it, I saw this on their timeline.


Which is clear that something is for sure wrong, it is a bug or a scam, but one thing I did not understand that to why @sallybeth23 is sharing this post continuously as she is having a good reputation with followers more than 1000.

Now as I am typing this post, I see this post is shared by her account continuously many times, and are downvoted by some Steemains making it hide.


I also left a comment to sally as to why she shared this.


Well I do not know what is going around because I never saw something from @sallybeth23 before. It could be possibility that she has just given her account details in that login tab, and she just compromised her account in that, because the moment it is posted, is upvoted by @sallybeth23.


What I get from the present situation is that she might had lost her account to a scammer or a hacker. I would for Steemit programmers to please look at this situation because I saw her working hard on Steemit and that all her struggle will go wasted.

I will also urge you all to please do not ever give your login details or share your keys with anybody, and also you should use your posting key instead of using your master keys everywhere.

Share it with your friends and all and save her account and many others.


Steemit posts.JPG

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Protect Your Private Keys
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Watch Out for ID Thieves
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Excellent post aftabkhan10,
Sallybeth23 was definitely hacked! - She is a greatly valued Steemit user with truly wonderful content! - I hope the Steemit community and all who read this will assist her to regain her stolen funds and reputation when this is all over. The hackers are still at large so please take heed of the warnings and clear instruction above.

Upvoted & resteemed... please do the same to share the knowledge!

Following you now for more valuable information.

UPDATE- Good News! sallybeth23 is back in control of her account now :D

If anyone has any problems of this kind go to steemitabuse channel at - available from the Steemit menu at the top right of your screen... then search steemitabuse in the top left search field to join and get assistance.

Thanks dude, I really feel sorry for her and others who had their account hacked.

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If you're reading this please resteem it to your followers so they know also

Hmm yeah thanks, spread the word please

Thanks for the warning! Resteemed for a maximum spread!

I wasn't sure until I saw your name here... I'll resteem too!

Good idea to spread the warning Rich!
Have a great day my friend! :)

You too my friend... I guess one of my friends saw it too late though!

This is awful! This is definitely a hack! I clicked on one of the links using the esteem app and I quickly backed out.

Thanks for this post, resteemed for my followers!

Yeah thanks, spread the word

The Tags that are being affected are 'Steemit' 'Life' 'Fun' 'Money' amd 'Bitcoin"

I just posted using some of those tags. :(

Thanks for posting... I have 1700 followers so I'll resteem and hopefully some of them will also!

Thanks dude

Thank you... One of my friends didn't see it in time I guess- he got hit!

OMG, wish he seen it before.

It looks like she shared the first post and probably went through the link and gave her details out to the original scammer and now that scammer has her account.

Several other accounts were hacked also, Im sure these wont be the last. Because none of the WARNING posts are making it to the HOT or Trending Page where they should be.

Indeed dude, it should be

I just left a comment on the actual post warning users too, We don't want this Sh!t on our great platform. Please users ALWAYS check the actual adress the sites link to in the case of that scam it goes to "steemit.aba,ae" which is NOT an official Steemit website.
Great post, BTW!
you get an upvote & resteem from me to spread the word.

Thanks dude

Yes I saw this also, looks like several accounts have been affected and those accounts are now Resteeming the original Post. Dont Click that LINK !


also felix.jasper and rolf.bakker accounts are posting it.

May be compromised

Looks like an another account got infected @birjudanak

OMG, I clicked the link approximately three times but did not give my details as it was more like a spam, dont know what these guys were doing :/

birjudanal had a SBD transfer also to that same number you posted in the other thread.... 612036a11c5c4b2ead6

Hmm yeah I checked that too

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nice ^^voted

NEVER NEVER NEVER give your pasword through an unknown page...
Please, do resteem this post...

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This is really scary! Thank you for the update. Resteeming this...
I wish people didn't pull this crap.

HMM yeah, I am still feeling sorry for those who lost their accounts to this beast, thanks for sharing

It's surely a bug but why would some people stood so low at hacking accounts when steemit has made life easier for everyone. Idiots...

Never know human psyche

Fuck human psyche... I am damn surprise at behavior of some fools everywhere they go. Some are working round the clock to make ends meet. But lazy fellas sit there trying to Hijack there work. That's absurd and crime to humanity. They should be killed.

Please let us flag the post as we see it. ThankS all.

Well it has got the eye of @Cheetah, but I dont know how will they recover her account :(

They can recover her account by blocking it first to prevent unauthorized access then reset it.

These are popping up all over SteemIt - in every category.

Apparently the scam is in the scam-alert. LOL - which is really confusing.

Yep, should control this beast

Shared for others!

Yikes! Thank you for the warning. I feel so sorry for those who's accounts have been taken over.

Yeah me too, I hope their accounts are recovered

not cool, but hey we knew the scum will follow!

Thanks for this post! Resteemed!

You welcome my friend, thanks

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Resteem on my part.

Thank you for the information!!! Resteemed for everyone's awareness

Thank you very much for sharing this!

You welcome dear

Thanks for the warning, will resteem to try and spread the word.

Thanks dude

Thanks for the info bro

You welcome buddy

Resteemed. Won't even go to this profile.

Thanks for sharing

Thank you for posting!

U welcome dude

There are a few more people who distribute these messages every 10 minutes. Apparently, they just hacked.

Hmm yep, I guess they had entered their private key in there trying to login.

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Good Luck!

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Thanks for this warning!

You welcome my dear

Thanks for sharing. Makes me nervou that all my hard work here on steemit could be wiped out in a moment of carelessness. Is there anyway we can add 2fa to steemit login witness's?

I do not know about witnesses account if they are given some extra passwords on pins, but if not, then just try to login with your posting key rather than the master key.

Thanks for the warning

You welcome dear

Thanks for alert

You welcome dear

Wow, thanks -- I just (as in, the post I clicked on before this was sally's!) unfollowed her because of that spam. Glad I chose not to flag her in any way. I did leave a comment mentioning that was the reason I had unfollowed.

I will now resteem: done!

Thanks dude, she as far as I knew on Steemit she was good working hard, posting some nice pictures, I didn't even thought of this from her, but then I recognized that her account may be hacked, and it shows so.

I noticed that to that is not like her this is terrible I hope it gets fixed quickly

If any one wishes to help make steemit safer for all please upvote this post and if can afford it please use minnowbooster - randowhale - booster or bellyrub etc to increase the awareness of this post - thank you :D

Thanks dude, I just want those guys to be compensated whoz accounts are compromised.

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When I was a TSU member, I was also hacked, and lost all my hard earn income collected in 2 or 3 months. Since then, I'm very careful!

Really sorry for that, yeah should be careful

Hi @aftabkhan10
This is the real sallybeth23 back on steemit!!!!!! I have recovered my account and want to say the HUGEST thank you to you for this post. Your beautiful solidarity made me weep with joy!
I can't tell you how good it feels to be back. Now I have to clean up my posts - but I shall enjoy the task. Just to be back in my account is so good.
I cannot thank you enough for this post.
Have a beautiful day!! xxxxxxx

Oh wow, I am really happy to have you back, I was really upset with the situation, as I know when someone works hard and then loses their account like this, but it's a great pleasure to have you back.
Thanks Steemit for making it possible.
Thanks @sallybeth23

Great find and share!!!

Thanks you

You welcome dear

Thanks for the heads up
Super awesome! :)
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Awesome post thanks so much for sharing !! Upped and resteemed !!👍👍👍

Your welcome!👍

Thanks for the info!!

Ummm....I prefer, dudette. ;-)

hahah sorry my bad :P dudette :D

Thanks for the heads up!

You welcome dude

Whoa, just saw this thanks to a fellow member of @teamsouthafrica. Thanks so much for catching and sharing this, @aftabkhan10! Have resteemed.

Thanks dear, you welcome :)

Nasty people here lurk. 😠😠

Indeed, but we should have our own security too :)

You're right, and we should be vigilant on this platform.

Yeah we should be :)

if you search steemit with the term 'I found glitch in steemit' you will find a whole bunch of asshats spreading that hacker attempt. I hesitate thinking that they are all innocent victims. Some shit put up a meme that even misspelled glich

haha, yeah they are just losers

Good catch. I hope she gets her account back! And nobody else falls prey to this.

She is back now :)

I found an account this morning doing a phishing campaign.

The link in the article goes to site that looks like steemit.

Really bad guys

Great find and thanks for the info!

Very useful info. I have resteemed and upvoted this. Hopefully we can create the much needed awareness. And also hope someone can save @sallybeth23. Thanks so much @aftabkhan10.

You welcome, she already had her account recovered thankfully :)

That's TERRIBLE! Sallybeth23 was the first person to like my first ever Steemit post. I hope there is some way this can resolved in her favor.

She is okay now :)

Good info to a newbie like me. Thanks!

Hey Dear.! I start following you man. I also request you to follow & vote for me Bro......

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