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Is it too late to start Steeming?

  • Right now is the Best time to start posting on Steemit

  • People are signing up on steemit at record rates

  • That means it will get more competitive with time

  • So Start proactively using Steemit if you really want to succeed

I have tested the waters for you in these 3 Days.

  • It is absolutely possible for you to organically Grow Following at a rate of 50-100Followers per week.
  • That's at least 200 a month
  • At this rate you grow 1200 followers in 1 year, not considering that it will get more competitive over time.
  • On the bright side the more followers you have the faster you will grow your following.
  • Depending on quality of your Content 600-1000 Followers are currently enough for you to make $100-$200 Daily
  • That's a whopping $3000-$6000 a Month.
  • You keep that money in your Steem Power. In future the value of steem power will increase so now your $6000 is worth $30.000 without you doing Anything.
  • If you don't completely understand basics of Steemit Here is my post on that:

Steem's Monthly Visitors. 2.7 million in April - 5.9 Million May. Steemit Doubled their traffic in 1 Month. Also 6 Minute average visit duration is a strong factor of growth.

My statistics so far

Who Pays People On Steemit? Do You have to Pay Anything?

Short answer: Steem.

Longer answer:

  • You Do Not Pay for Anything out of Your Pocket.
  • When you Upvote you don't Pay Anything. Ever
  • Steem pays people who get Upvotes.

How Steemit decide how much to pay for an upvote?

Steemit firstly considers Upvoter's Steem Power.

  • Upvoter's Steem Power is determined by how much money
    Upvoter has in his/her own Steem Power Account.

That means if you have 0 Steem Power, your upvotes will be worth = $0

  • If you want to take this train of opportunity called Steem
  • If you want to Crush it here, and become rich while giving value to the world
  • If so, you must Understand How Steem Works.

How do Steem currencies work and where to keep my money, when I make it?

Read carefully thru this Part and you will Understand how Exactly steem currency works.
I will keep the answer as short as humanly possible and to the point.

Let's Look into a wallet: transfersz.jpg

Using @JerryBanfield's Wallet for an example hope he doesn't mind.

Steem Power
Steem Dollar

How it works?

  • You only can turn Steem into real money
  • You can turn Steem power, within 13 payments throughout 3 months of time into Steem(that you can later turn into cash)
  • When you want to cash steem you transfer Steem into Bitcoin and transfer Bitcoin into real money.
  • 🅲🆁🅸🆃🅸🅲🅰🅻 🅿🅾🅸🅽🆃 Steem Power Grows in value as Steem Coin value Grows on the Market.
  • More Steem Power you have More power you will have Within the Steemit community. Your Upvote will earn other people more money than a newbie's Upvote depending on how much Power you have.
  • Jerry's Upvote will be worth around $2, newbies upvote = $0-$0.01.
  • It's a lot more valueable for you if Jerry follows you which means potential Upvotes from him in future($0.5-$5 per 1 Upvote) than if a newbie follows you and brings potential $0-0.01 Upvotes since he does not have Power yet.

So where the heck should You keep your steem moneyz?

Answer: Steem Power. Why? Because Steem Power will grow as Steems Market Cap goes up. If you have $20 in Steem power today, 1 year from now that 20 will be worth $100-$200 (depending on how fast Steemit value will go up)
Just take a look at what the most successful Steemians are doing.

Jerry keeps his moneyz in steem power


@trafalgar keeps his money on Steem Power.

I can give you a ton more examples but that's not the point.

Conclusion. Don't overthink it. Focus on making as much Steem Power as possible and hold it until steemit value skyrockets, and you are rich.

Make Money Commenting.png

  • What if I told you that you can make money by connecting to people through comments?
  • You know that already but did you know that you can Comment more effectively?

First you gotta understand what makes you money.

  • Steemit Influencers. People who have a lot of Steem Power (they are best followers, best to comment to)
  • Find and Follow as many Influencers as you can and Connect with them, if you make friends with influencers they will bring you consistent upvotes which in this case equals lots of money over time!
  • Comment when posts are hot and don't have many comments.
  • If the post has many comments Reply to first Comment and comment there.
  • You only need the influencer to click Upvote, or even better reply to you.
  • Use attention grabbing Gifs/Images.

Me and @mirage were discussing effective Commenting a few days ago. He is using these tips and making money!


  • Important
    Don't just Spam. You are wasting time. People can tell a difference between a legitimate Comment and a copy paste Robot comments.

  • Do not focus on money! Focus on bringing Value!
  • Note that followers with 0 Power will make you $0, but they will grow their power so if you were there to connect with them and offer them value now, when they have no power they will appreciate it and in future you will make money.

Make YourPostLook Awesome.png

How to make Your Posts look Amazing.

  • Today we are discussing how You could and should make your posts look great


  • You can center Text/Images/Gifs to make your posts look nicer and here is how to do that:

This is what a gif looks like before you Center it.

This is what it looks like after you Center:

This text is not centered.

This text is centered.

2 Steps:

    1. Add 1zsubmit.jpg before the Picture/Gif/Text
    1. Add 2zsubmit.jpg after the Picture/Gif/Text

What it looks like:


  • Use Images and Gifs.
  • Choose correct sizes for text. Emphasize important moments.
  • This link has all the codes needed to Edit posts:
  • Divide your Text and make it easy to Read
  • Use the Seperator! Type _ 3 times with no space in between and you will get a Seperator like the one Below

  • Don't forget to format your Text
    One * before and after text = Italics
    Two * before and after text = Bold
    Three * before and after text = Italic Bold

Add Links to Your Text?

Here is a picture of the code that you need

In stead of "name" Place your text. Inside of parentheses () paste your link and you are done!

Now you understand what it takes to create a beautiful Post. If this post was of any value to You please do upvote it, and I have many more great posts on Steemit success coming up, so be sure to follow :)


Now you Understand Steemit. Please Upvote if you Found this Valuable!

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Never to LATE!!! Start steeming and tell your family and friends!

It might get a lot tougher in future :) Right now is the BEST time to start

We are all in Steemit at the perfect time but I wouldn't mind if it added an extra 100K active members.

I've been here for 4 days...this is a great intro post. I'm still figuring it out, so thank you for this! I'll follow you to keep up with your progress! :) Best wishes!

Thanks for sharing your insights Adil. Steemit can be a very steep learning curve in the beginning but articles like this make it simple. I am following you, hope to see more posts from you! Great work, keep it up :)

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@queeneleanor I agree with you, it really overwhelming seeing things happening at steemit, I signed up 4 days ago just like you and still astonished with the steeming phenomenon.
@adil awesome content you have posted, Please keep it up. I have learnt many things especially the use of steem power from you post. I request you to make a post solely concentrating gifs/photos posting please. Looking forward to that.
Lets follow each other to grow together, Follow me @shawshank

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Really good post! You've managed to make it so simple even I can understand it!

I tried my best. Glad it was helpful :)

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Great post. Thank you.

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Thank you so much for your Support @ilyastarar I really value your kind words! It means a lot to me. Following you back, would love to connect again in future!

Welcome and thank you. Looking forward to see great things from you.