We Have Powered Up The ACOM Steemit Account With 350 Steem

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We are pleased to inform you guys that on Sunday evening we sold 25 SBD and bought a further 350 Steem which was immediately powered up into the ACOM account. This represents a further investment into Steemit, and there will be many more.


Since we arrived on Steemit in February we have been blown away with what we have discovered, the people we have met and the amazing innovative nature of this incredible platform. Steemit has provided us with an arena to pursue our ACOM project in a way that is truly unique, powerful and ultimately very rewarding. We have learnt so much on Steemit and we have been lucky to meet some incredible people and have built many constructive relationships. We look forward to building more.

We know that 350 Steem is not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things but it all adds up. Don't forget only a couple of weeks ago we posted about our last power up of 750 Steem. Bit by bit we are making the ACOM account more and more powerful. Please also remember that we reinvest 50% of the Steem generated from ACOM DVT sales back into the ACOM account, providing another source of investment into Steemit.

All of this is great news for you guys. As we build up our stake we obviously strengthen our voting capability, which means an increase in the value of upvotes for you guys, with more TRX generated.

We never take for granted the truly unique platform that is Steemit. We hope you don't too.

Steem On!

The ACOM Team




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Great job guys

Hello dear friends @acom good afternoon We are very happy with your arrival at our company (Steemit). They are doing an admirable job. The support they give us is very reinforcing and motivating.
Congratulations to the whole team for the progress they have made in the account
I wish the whole team an excellent afternoon

Greetings friends of @acom.

I am pleased to see the culture of growth that you show and promote through ACOM, this is a guarantee of the commitment you have with the platform and the ACOM DVT holders.

Best wishes, and may we continue to grow.

It is certainly not the quantity that counts in this case, but rather the act of supporting the system that we are all seeking success within. This is what I refer to as the triple win scenario. We are all fairly familiar with the win/win model that was popularized by Stephen Covey in his The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but I then learned from my studying of Spiral Dynamics, that there exists a win/win/win modal that basically says, "I win, you win and the system within which we are seeking success also wins." So I see this Power Up as symbolic of a triple win. I have included this post in my latest podcast: