The ACOM DVT Rich List

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So here it is guys the list that reveals who the ACOM DVT richest person is, other than ACOM of course but that will soon change. Since we listed ACOM DVT on Thursday evening a total of 15 buyers have bought up almost the entire first batch of 1000 tokens. It has been a phenonal response, so thank you to all of you. At the current time of writing there are only 9 ACOM DVT left on the market to buy.


Right at the top of the list we have a mysterious character called @atimkaranezi93, we have never met this person nor supported him so it comes as a very nice suprise to see this person at the top of the ACOM DVT Rich List with 176 ACOM DVT. Thank you for buying into our new token @atimkarenezi93 and welcome to the club.


Next up we have a rather unique character who makes us laugh, he is called @thejollyroger and happens to be another person we are unfamiliar with, but we are very grateful to you for investing in us. Take a peak at his Steemit account page and he will make you laugh - arggghhhhhhhh!


We are pleased to see a familiar face who currently holds the third top spot with 120 ACOM DVT, he is familiar to many of us I'm sure, he is of course our very own music man @darrenclaxton who has been a welcome character in the ADSactly community for many years, thank you Clacko for your faith and investment in ADSactly and ACOM, we will not let you down.


We have three people who all share the fourth top spot on the ACOM DVT Rich List. They are @imagen, @backdm and @adeljose who all hold the fourth position with 100 ACOM DVT each. We should point out that the very lovely @adeljose seems to have had a slight issue with their purchase but 99.99 ACOM DVT is 100 to us! Lol! Thank you guys for your investment and having faith in us, it means a lot.


Last but absolutely not least in at number five we have another unfamilair face with @mapac, who holds the position with 85 ACOM DVT. Thank you for joing the club and investing in ACOM DVT @backdm I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

We would like to say a huge thank you not just to the Top Five hodlers of ACOM DVT but to everyone who has bought in, even if you just purchased a small amount we are very grateful to you and the results of your investment will not disappoint you. We want to say a special thank you to @jlufer who was our first customer and now owns 47 ACOM DVT - thank you sir!

Dividend Day

Now that you guys are all invested into ACOM DVT I guess you want to know when the first dividend payments will be made, right? As per our launch post dividend payments start one week from the date the first batch of ACOM DVT went on sale, which was last Thursday. Therefore the first Dividend Day will be this Thursday evening 6/5/21 and every Thursday evening thereafter. A post will be published each Thursday evening on completion of the dividend payments, so you will know when your Tron payments are in your wallets. Your ACUV tokens will be sent to your Steem-Engine wallet. In order to trigger the upvote on your desired Steemit post you will need to send the ACUV token back to us along with the url of your post in the memo so we know which post to upvote.

Assuming the final 9 ACOM DVT have been sold the next batch of ACOM DVT to be sold at 2 Steem per token will be listed on the 14th May. Now then I suppose the only question remaining is who will be the person to snap up the last 9 ACOM DVT still on the market?

The ACOM Team



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Hello dear friends @acom good afternoon
This behavior in the acceptance and purchase of tokkens had been anticipated.
As I have told you in several comments, the excellent commercial work that they are doing gives investors a lot of confidence, and this is evident in the positive response they have had in the sales of this first batch.
Ready, I have bought the remaining tokkens, they have officially sold all of them. Thank you very much for the mention
Congratulations to the entire team for the successful sales
I wish you all an excellent start to the week

Ha! That's fantastic @jlufer, you bought the first few ACOM DVT and you bought the last ACOM DVT of the first batch, you're a legend! Thank you for your kind supportive words and thank you also for your investment, we really appreciate you.

Hello dear friends @acom
For some time I have followed the commercial work they are doing, and what they do gives me a lot of confidence, it is the reason for accompanying them with an investment. If I had more saving power, I would undoubtedly invest more.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night

Greetings @acom friend.

I think it is excellent how fast the tokens were sold, we will continue investing to support this great project, "Let's go for more".

Success to all.

Thanks for the mention and I'm honoured to be a part of the Acom/Adsactly community.

What a success @acom I feel happy for you, I want to be part of that list in the future, my account is not powerful but I work on it. We are in this same boat, Blessings

Lol, I did not expect to make any sort of list with my huge purchase! Looking forward to more. :)

Lol! That is a curious amount of ACOM DVT to buy we must say!

Hi @acom how are you, I'm new to steemit, can I join you. 🙏

Congrats to all of the investors! You are off to a very good start.

hello good day friends of @acom. I am just starting on this platform but when reading your publication I can see that the purchase of the tokens is favorable and of many benefits for which we are part of it. Happy start of the week. I wish you success!

Hello friends of the @acom team, it is incredible how fast the tokens came out, what a success. I wish you an excellent week.