ACOM DVT Reward Event - 200 Steem Added To This Week's Dividend Payments

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Good evening to you guys, we hope you're doing alright out there! We have some great news for holders of ACOM DVT. It's time to announce another Reward Event.....yippee! Yes, we are giving out 200 Steem to anyone who holds 10 ACOM DVT or more, which will be distributed as a dividend payment on Dividend Day this week.

The Steem will be paid proportionate to your ACOM DVT holding, therefore according to how many tokens you have in your wallet. So this week you guys will not only get your usual TRX and ACUV payments, you also get a nice added extra by way of a Steem payment directly into your Steem wallets.

For those of you who are new to the ACOM DVT community we hold Reward Events regularly, usually every 4-6 weeks. We do this because we are keen to reward your investment in us and we are even keener to build a unique investment community within the crypto space using the ACOM DVT token.

We have now sold 580 ACOM DVT from the latest batch of 1000 tokens listed. This means if you wish to purchase any there are 420 ACOM DVT left on the market to buy. There will never be any more than 10,000 ACOM DVT. To access the market hit the following link:

We hope you will look forward to this week's Dividend Day with even more enthusiasm than normal, we hope you enjoy it!

The ACOM Team



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Wow! This is a nice treat, especially considering that I topped up on some more ACOM DVT today! I have a question, if you don't mind; the ACOM DVT that I purchased today brought me up to the 59.34 mark, which means I just missed getting another ACOM UV. If the next time I buy (just an example) 5 ACOM DVT, which takes me over the 60 threshold, will I still receive an ACOM UV, or is it only for those who purchase 20 ACOM DVT in one go?

Hi @famigliacurione, thanks for your question and your investment in ACOM DVT, we appreciate it very much. So, you initially bought 24.75 tokens the other day, you were given 1 ACUV last Dividend Day because you bought at least 20 tokens. Today we see you bought a further 34.59 ACOM DVT, so this means you now have 34.59 + 4.75 towards your next ACUV payment. Therefore you have bought 39.34 tokens which at the moment qualifies you for 1 ACUV on Dividend Day. But if you buy an additional 0.41 ACOM DVT that will give you 40 qualifying tokens so you will receive 2 ACUV on Dividend Day.

Remember for every 20 ACOM DVT you buy from us you get 1 ACUV. If you buy 30 the remaining 10 tokens still count, they will be added to your next purchase as an aggregate figure in qualifying for ACUV.

Thank you for clearing that up for me! All the updated information that you offer will help me to better explain to others what I'm involved in.

Hey @famigliacurione, apologies we made a slight error, we meant if you purchase an additional 0.66 ACOM DVT to bring your aggregate purchase up to 40 then you qualify for a 2 ACUV payment, hope that clarifies.

No worries, I got the main idea. I didn't even notice the math error. But the wording of this last comment throws me off a bit. I will not be purchasing any more tokens this week, therefore that 0.66 will have to go on the next top up. So again, does that mean that the next time I purchase some coins, I will have the extra 19.34 from this purchase added towards the ACOM UV, or will I lose out on this second ACOM UV due to being short 0.66?

You will not lose out at all, the 19.34 will be added to your next purchase of ACOM DVT.

Que noticia tan buena, por eso es que amo este proyecto y seguiré invirtiendo en el. Gracias por el apoyo equipo @acom. Estoy muy feliz de poder formar parte de este equipo de inversionistas.😃🙏

Love this community!
Just wish I ould buy more DVT!

Hello dear friends @acom good evening
You guys are awesome, make no mistake in following my hunch about this project. I am very happy to have invested in ACOM DVT
Thank you very much for all that you do for us.
I wish you all a splendid night and a well-deserved rest.

We try and be as awesome as we can! Thanks to you also @jlufer for always supporting our efforts.

Hello friend @acom, what good news you have given us, so I will post it on my blog for those who want to participate.
Many Blessings 🙏🏻

Greetings friends of @acom.

I am glad that you are always providing benefits to those who believe in this great project, we continue to have our DVT and looking to get more, as far as possible.

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