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We want to let you guys know that this week we are having a Reward Event for all holders of ACOM DVT. This means that we are taking 250 TRX from the stockpile of TRX we have accrued since the inception of the ACOM Steemit account and we're adding it to the weekly TRX dividend payments. That will double the amount of dividends you receive this week. Nice!

In less than 24 hours after we listed a further 1000 ACOM DVT for sale we have so far sold 120. It looks like this time sales will be slower as a result of the price increase to 2 Steem. Don't forget this increase was part of our original business model as explained in our launch post. We wanted to reward early investors with a good price for what will become a very valuable token.

Why Is ACOM DVT A Valuable Token?

Well, put simply you need to do the maths. We are literally giving ownership of our entire TRX to all holders of ACOM DVT. There will only ever be 10,000 ACOM DVT in circulation, and for this business model to succeed for both hodlers and ACOM all 10,000 have to be sold. Anyone who owns a single ACOM DVT can have a stake in our TRX forever, for as long as they hold on to their ACOM DVT. Once you have calculated how much TRX you need to generate in dividends in order to cover the cost of the initial purchase of ACOM DVT coupled with your ACUV distribution and Reward Events you can see that you soon recover the cost. It is from that point onwards your ACOM DVT holding simply then serves as a daily faucet generating TRX for you, it's a no brainer. Remember, this is a business proposition to the community - you invest in us and we invest in you.

ACOM DVT could essentially generate you a passive income forever, an income that will grow and grow with each dividend payment. And what if TRX goes to the moon and beyond? Even at the current price of TRX you're doing very well. However, it's very realistic that TRX could hit $1 - what then? Wooooooot! Try seeing past the short term cost of purchasing the token and focus on what you gain. We're not aware of any other tokenised profit model that has adopted this exact approach before and it's not surprising really, how many other projects would simply hand over ownership of all their Tron?

What Do ACOM Get Out Of It?

For all that we're giving away in a strictly controlled distribution of 10,000 tokens we are making a one off sale, hence the 2 Steem price. That is the only part of this whole equation in which we make a small profit. Given that we are handing over in a faucet type manner all of our TRX to ACOM DVT holders we of course have to generate our own return, and we do this with a one off sale of ACOM DVT. Remember also that 50% of all sales goes directly back into the ACOM Steemit account as powered up Steem, so this also helps you guys with greater value upvotes and an increase in the amount of TRX generated.

As always if you want to ask any questions or give us any feedback please contact us using our usual channels.

The ACOM Team



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Greetings @acom friends.

Investing in ACOM DVT is very beneficial from any point of view, receiving TRX, ACOM ACUV, direct account votes, and a token that could be formidable going forward. I have faith in this project.

Let's move forward.

Hello dear friends @acom good evening It's true, the sale may be slower because of the cost, but I think everything will be sold as planned. It is a great business from any point of view to have ACOM DVT
I really appreciate what you are doing for us and for our company Steemit
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night and a beautiful Sunday

I'm really pleased to have stayed in the ACOM/Adsactly team.
I now have a nice bag of DVT!
Thanks for your hard work guys.
DC 🙏

de verdad es una buena inversion amigo,teniendo lo haria,gracias por la buena explicacion,saludos desde venezuela

Sí que lo es, saludos!

How do I buy some?

It won’t let me buy it. It keeps giving me an error message.

We just checked, other people have bought this evening and they had no problem. Can you screenshot?

I only have a phone to use no computer. Is there any other way to buy?

Plenty of ways to buy, mobile phones shouldn't be an issue.

Do you know the more I think about it I almost have an orgasm thinking about the myriad ways one can access Steem-Engine, I mean you've got:

  1. PC
  2. Tablet
  3. Mobile phone
  4. Laptop

And that's just for starters. Good luck!

@acom,very good option friend, but I lack many things to learn I need accessories to create discord and how to use that platform. I appreciate if you can advise me through my email, I would appreciate it.

[email protected]

Thank you very much from Venezuela

Greetings friend, I congratulate you for all your investment proposals to help the members of steemit