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RE: Reaching 50 Million USERS!

in #steemit5 years ago

@penguinpablo and @mynameisbrian made posts about this, and im glad ur talking about this but i just wish u woudl actually add something more to your posts and not just copy the same stuff thats already ben said! u should add value not just recycle posts it doesnthelp teh community to just ecycle posts! PLEASE ad some value, make some images! add some cool images or osmething

And theres some more,

WOAH wtf ur blog walsi weird are u a bot? Do u just post stats for steemit?

i would just change your stratgey and make your posts a LITTLE more personal and unique! i like the idea of a counter bot that just posts whenever steemit hits another 1000 users or something but u gota make each posts more authentic!


As a human being i want to be freely express myself, there is not should be or shouldn't be in my world so you can freely think, talk, feel, fall or whatever you feel to be ^^

I am not a robot, i am human, i am not a bot, i am an anti-bot

My criticism to the system is this only post spamming every other day or week or even somedays 10 times a day (i know you won't get paid back for this) and sometimes not coming over here about 5 days - 10 days and than spamming my only word again and again. Why*? Because there are 316,718 people that has registered on and we have only 10-15k active people including the bots...
Whenever i share this i have only slight chance to touch people and their lives by my "post" it is not spam for someone who have seen it for the first time,

And as someone who has no knowledge about photoshop, i spend 8 hours on this single post to edit images in Windows Paint.exe pixel by pixel

I have a bachelors degree on theatre i spend my whole life spamming same theatre play, same script, same emotions, same feelings to whole new audience every other play

I wish you was not color blind so you can realize this color was Blue like Steemit, and i wish you was able to realize whole of those images, graphics are edited by myself, those images out there are one h'ell of a damn hand maded art piece by my own hands you may not like it, you may have better strategies but i can only appreciated for your hard work by trying to make some brainstorm on how should i go,
Feel free to think but thanks i am allright^^

ok i just think you should make each most unioque, because people will asume you are a bot

sorry its just when you see the same thing over and over with same title, it seems inauthentic

you would do better just posting unqiue titles for each post!

and yes i kno we have only like 10K active users and maybe only like 30k human users out of 300k total, but its barely been over a year! And we arent even at 1 million users yet! we WILl have everyone coming here, and we will go through periods of steem price stagnantion where peopel wont see muych use of using steemit

BUT steem WILl becme more and more useful as people become more and more censored ov other platforms

AND peopel will begn to seethat you can make moe money on Dtube + steemit than you can with uploading to youytuibe BUT we need to all be uploading to Instagram youtube redit to promote steemit andthen show stemit our work and we Must do our part to get millions of people to signup heer!

THEN the opriev fo steem can go up to $10 and we can all be rwaded for being early adopters!

and we can also be sure to make MONEY off the work of promoting steem! The promotion oif steem can be ocumented and posted as steemit posts, ;like @jerrybanfield and his steemit yoytube ads, repeat his strategy and or iuse mine of posting steemit ads to instagram, and tyiou will make a lot of money here AND help steemit grow!

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