I Sent $100 in EOS or SBD EACH to @richforever @mcsamm & @tj4real for Team Ghana Steemit Ads + Steemit Conference, T shirts, Banners, Flyers, & open air Advertising for Steemit! + found $1 Bills with "steemit.com" written on them!

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So yesterday @mcsamm @tj4real @richforever @collinz and many other members of Steemit team Ghana held a mini steem fest meetup in Ghana, and also showed me all the progress they have been working HARD on to produce Steemit Aparel, Uniforms, new electronic equipment, Banners, flyers, and so much more!

@tj4real @richforever and Team, Ghana at their Local Ghana Steemit Meetup! i am SO proud of them!

@richforever and his post here is important to see just how many people were attending this Team Ghana Steemit Meetup:

Here are some of their posts I would love for you all to help support because that will be showing the world how well Steemit users support developing country users who

And here @mcsamm who is an Official Medical Doctor in Ghana, gave an entire rural village medical checkups over $170 worth of medical services, steem uniforms and supplies and food all thanks to @ackza and @fyrstiken and steemspeak.com discord chat 9 @fyrstikken and @inertia 's discord chat for 24/7 steem ^ Golos and Crypto chat!) @fyrstikken delegated me 7000 SP for 3 months at least, so I can help out upvoting and supporting the works of these true men of god here in Ghana who are doing humanitarian missions to protect all the future steem account holders and future power users in Ghana! :D


I believe Ghana will become crucial to steem and Ghana businesses will be among the first to begin the innovative idea of running a business on steem blockchain and paying employees in upvotes as a way to avoid touching an initial investment that can be kept in the investors wallet, but the posting key can be used by Team Ghana as a way to manage wealth, generate curation rewards and there will be little to no risk as long as steem does not go down, and only goes up, which it will, so investors can invest in Steempower and have total control as to whether they can powerdown and cash out at any time, while Team Ghana can manage the accounts via posting keys and help make posts and comments to generate money for the investors account, but their investment will stay safe because team Ghana will only have a posting key, or even delegated steempower and no one but the initial investor will be able to powerdown or transfer money out of the Account! I did this with @tytran and I helped him go from around $4000 invested in Steempower to over $50,000 worth fo Steempower in just a few months now! And he is happy enough to let me continue using has posting key to upvote all of my friends and myself, while upvoting his own posts an comments as well earning him a nice steady stream of SBD as well! so Steemit can be a win win win or 360 Win as Alex Jones called it!

And here is @xpency (From team Nigeria) also doing a very memorable post giving Large amounts of food supplies in bulk to a local orphanage in Nigeria! VERY important work to support!


Humanitarian Aid missions will be a cornerstone of Steem and will bring us the positive press and news op[tics that we need and that will get more steem and more upvotes into the hands of people like this who prove they are helping people in need, and when these people find out steem paid for this, they will want to get on steem themselves and they will become loyal users because of these acts of generosity to help alleviate emissary human suffering this planet using economic and technological solutions!

So I Sent $100 in EOS to @richforever for this work! i have been ASKING for openair advertisisng for steem on banners like this!

Now I am also going to send $100 in EOS (or steem or SBD maybe whichever they want) to @tj4real and @mcsamm for their hardwork here! I promised I would pay them a Bonus if they could get a Steem Billboard, or open air advertising of ANy sort, any sign hanging up on the side of a wall of building or fence and this is exactly what I wanted!

Also, I just found these dollar bills with steemit messages on them! so weird !i already spent them back into circulation!

@elgeko made this for me

and hah @elgeko made this, AirForce One, no Crypto One, for when I fly to Ghana to meet @tj4real @richforever @mcsamm @collinz etc

and @elgeko made this silly Zclassic pump gif!

And here is something i just made!

So Like I have said Before, When steem hits the marketcap of Facebook (542 Billion US dollar marketcap ) then Steem would be about $2000 EACH

See if facebook can reach half a trillion then WE here on the steem blockchain can SURELY do it!

And here is proof that Steem is #1 in terms of Blockchain activity! https://www.blocktivity.info/

To learn more, @reko did a great post on this!

And here is our Alexa rating! # 1,519 Globally and 563 In the USA ... this is HUGE news!

And here is an update on our Google Trends data for steemit....

And here are two GREAT new Bitcoin/Crypto related rap Parodies that are actually pretty decent and @mrviquez and @vibekilla will maybe get to work together on a track and we will see more crypto Hip Hop Music Videos ESPECIALLY for steem!
"Bitcoin Rap (Parody of Future Mask Off) Bitcoin Mania By DrJackson360"

And THIS one! teamHODL - Lambo Land

This is a new Golden Age of Crypto Music, Just wait for a bitcoin or steem raper to emerge that is 100% all about Bitcoin and this rapper will invest ALL profit from his shows and record sales into crypto, he or she can end up accepting Bitcoin ro STEEM for their music, http://dsound.audio will allow rappers and music artists to get paid

Oh And I bought a few Steem tokens yesterday while price was low using my SBD, and now I am slowly powering up 1 SP at a time 1 day at a time, as part of a plan to get everyone on steem to powerup just 1 Steempower everyday!

Thanks again to @elgeko for ALL the amazing GIFs and Graphics! I REALLy Apreciate them all! they are VERY useful memes and memes re the best way to virally spread information! And thak you to @whatsup @steemitqa @matt-a @contentjunkie @battleaxe @bleepcoin @gktown (for the amazing Zclassic advioce to buy at $30 and we are now at $200 getting ready for Zclassic to fork into Bitcin Private with BTC!) and also @fyrstikken (for the 7,000 SP delegation to help users in Ghana after he heard how expensive some basic internet packages can be $50 to $300 just for the same service we get here in the West for maybe $10 to $20 and maybe $50 MAX for monthly mobile data, but yeah $300 a month for broadband is actualy CHEAP for West African prices, and we will change all of that and develop our own high speed cheap and low cost decentralized internet service providers ( STEEM ISP is a great dream of mine and I know it can come true!) ..... and thanks to everyone who matters over on steemspeak.com ! You keep us motivated and so we really apreciate that chatroom and everyone who contributes to it!


If you need a free trial of Ackza's LifeCoach program for Crypto email me at [email protected] or text 619 500 3748 and....


Of Course I support the Good of all Humanity that @ackza is showing with the people of Ghana. That Ackzackistan Force One Jet is killing me. LMAO !

This is beautiful @ackza. I spoke with @richforever and he showed me some pictures of what went down over there in Ghana yesterday. I must say that I was impressed by the level of work they have put into this blockchain. Shoutout to other Ghanians like @mcsamm, @anaman, @tj4real etcz

We will keep doing what we d best because Steem is going somewhere very far. And to top it all up, its taking Africa with it. You can see from the google analytics that Nigerians are all over Google querying what Steemit is.

The word on the Street is that this is our road to lambo. And we aren't gonna stop doing what we do best. Loved the Crypto Fam and welcome to Lamboland video. Very funny. Lolx.

#AIR-CLINIC is also going in the #AIR too. 2018 is gonna be huge! WE ARE READY TO FLY! Thanks for your support so far @ackza. Cheers!

See link here: https://discord.gg/rqded5m

And a lot more health presentations will be featured in 2018 for steemit promotion here in Ghana..it is going to be much bigger..good to have you and your support @nairadaddy

Yeah man, you are doing great!

Thanks for supporting the Ghanaian community. We are are so happy knowing we have a backbone supporting such a noble course like ours. Together we can eliminate absolute poverty that is depressing the minds of youths in the coutryside

wow friend i know you always help the people..so i like you

@ackza Making the world a better place every damn day, what a guy!

i think we need some one like who think about us. and help us using more ids in my country.. @ackza

I powered up a Steem! Thanks for the idea.

@ackza, your posts are among the most entertaining and colorful posts on Steemit. Absolutely fantastic stuff, and thank for your efforts to spread the benefits of Steem(it) around the world. Keep doing what you are doing!

you guys must be having so much fun thank you for boosting steem image

I see you are doing great for the African community. Well done sir!

Steemit Ghana has come this far this to your help @ackza. Lots of people cam on their number some off the way from Nigeria to grace the occasion.

I personally couldn’t make it cos it was my brother’s wedding but I saw the pics and all. I believe steemit will be going a long way from now here in Ghana and Africa at large. Thanks again @ackza and much blessings!!

Of Course I support the Good of all Humanity that @ackza is showing with the people, i think we need some one like who think about us.

Thanks for the support given to steemit Ghana. We are all grateful.

Damn thats nice of you

what a great work man! keep it up, sure it'll worth it!

wow...we hope to see you here someday in Ghana and have an amazing steemfest with you guys.it was a great moment with @ejemai and the #stach crew.lots of steem flyers underway for distribution as suggested always..thanks so muuch to @ackza

AWESOME Glad I was able to ALMOST make the money BACk from what i sent you guys hahah EOS sure did go uip fter i sent that EOS but now I have made it all back with this post! if i made another one about how i sent it. i bet i could make the money abck AND double it, and sjhow people how you can make money by giving away capital to peopel who can do a LOT with it... and its a way to like invest money you DONT ahve and allow the blockchain to pick up teh slack IF you seem to deserve it, and i feel like steem has decided that we deserve to get paid t keep doing what were doing! I feel like you can end up getting $1000 a day or more everyday

Thanks @ackza for the love and the support for our meetup, it gave me the chance to speak to you on phone for the first time and I really enjoyed it more importantly the kind of useful ideas you shared. Looking forward to seeing you in person in our next meetup, I think it will be awesome to have you here in Ghana.

Amazing stuff, keep spreading the gospel of steemit.