I am using over 406 of my own Steempower to help signup new users to steemit! All Glory to the Blockchain! I will be repaid by gaining followers and post rewards from posts like this! Email zackza@gmail.com or text 619-500-3748 for instant account!

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I am using now 408 Steempower given up to new users, 14.5-28.5 SP at a time to help create new steemians. This is all thanks to @pharesim and his amazing tool for instant account creation where I just pay 0.1 Steem and 14 to 28 steempower for one week for each instant account approval. On Reddit and other places people are complaining and begging for help getting signed up to steemit! This stat even shows how terrible the signup numbers have gotten! Look at these @penguinpablo numbers on new users created!

It has gone from 8900 new accounts to just 448? What is going on? Account Creation seems broken but it may just be the re configuring of the new automatic/manual hybrid account approval system. So I hope I can help with my free account creation service where all I ask is the new user follows me and remembers to Upvote me if they ever buy Steempower or earn a good amount!

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Hey there @ackza, this is @mimie here (obviously 😂😂😂) and I am one of the people who got here solely due to your help. I had a genuine concern of having to wait for my account approval for days on end, and that was when a friend of mine: @yawgh mentioned your Free Instant Account Creation Service to me. I got him to send you my email, and Bam! I am here now. I'm very glad to be a part of this community now, and I so much hope that I am very much welcome.

Thanks to you and @pharesim, steemit can reach some more people out there.

This post has been upvoted with the lil power I have (after-all it belongs to you 😋😋) and resteemed as well, plus you deserve my follow, no doubt.

I hope to see more of the good guys like you on here, and I hope to make your august acquaintance.

Thanks @ackza

@ackza you are a great philanthropist in the making.
You will get double favour for your good works.
Well- done boss.

Its amazing how creative you are..good to know you always gain too..Thanks for always giving us something to learn from.its a wonderful inspiration we gain.thanks always @ackza and @surfyogi

This post has received a 6.75 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @fyrstikken.

Thanks again for helping us get our account. We waited over a week and nothing happened from the main Steemit signup. Only about a day after contacting you, and our account was already up, with a free 0.1 Steem too! Big thanks to @ackza and his friends, and all glory to the blockchain!

It creates difficulty to attract new users to come in!

Awesome @ackza! keep up the good works!!

This is a great initiative, I hope more Steemians especially the Whales would do the same...I have invited few people to sign up but some of them almost a month now have not receive their Password yet. Thanks @ackza more power to you...

We appreciate the good works you are doing

Who does such a thing, you work for the betterment of this platform, who invests this much of steem power for new users, keep doing such work, thank you

The matter may not be clear to everyone, but you have written it very well.
You said the whole thing so beautifully that it can not be imagined.
You can write a lot better, your praise will be reduced.
Please let us know as you write it, hopefully you will give us a lot of great gifts.
Stay tuned, stay with us. Keep it up your job Sir. Thanks For Your Everything.

Thanks for your kind gesture to help other get into the steemit platform. Your help is greatly appreciated by all your fans and followers. May God continue to reward and bless you @ackza

Great initiative to help steemit gain more users which would potentialy be able to share amazing content with us.

However, i do wonder how some people fail to get an account. As far as i know, most people who struggle with this are making a 2nd,3th or a 500th account. The simple fact that they use the same phone number, same e-mailadress or use the same IP adress to do this might get their signup request rejected.

Are there cases where a completely new user, with an unused phone number, e-mailadress and IP adress would get rejected? I think not? If there is, i would love to know about that because that would indeed be a big problem which should be solved.

If not, i don't think people should get help getting a 2nd or 500th account, if they really want to abuse the system let them do it by themselfs and don't help/support them.

Correct me if i said anything wrong and thanks again for your good will and help!


Oh yes its mostly all users with fresh emails and phone numbers. Experiencing this problem and yes I have seen some people trying to make their second account but most people have very little incentive to do this, and the evidence is all there in the @penguinpablo article @ackza posted after this, and in this "Daily Steem Stats" report you can see how the rates for new user registration drop from almost 9000 one day to around 400 a week later and then a day after that 21,000+ Accounts were al approved all at once!

It really does seem like someone just went on vacation at steemit inc :D The account creation or approval process is just a manual process and since steemit inc doesn't need a large staff, and since most users who had delays were ready to wait, I suppose it is not that big of a problem yet but I do believe this sort of behavior COULD lead to a very sad stunted growth for this social media platform, which COULD happen but probably won't. It is just so much safer to make sure new users being on-boarded is a top priority or what are you even doing really? If you're trying to run a social media website and by definition that means competing with facebook's 3 billion userbase or capturing it, then you have to put the on boarding of new users and scalability as first priority, but maybe not! Maybe steems tech is powerful enough on its own to attract as many people as steemit inc needs whenever they need

Appreciate with upvoted and Resteem.

Hey @ackza! We wrote about you today : )
It's here if you're interested. Thank you again!! <3

Here is my small upvote. Keep doing what you are doing.

Great Job @ackza, your doing amazing to serve the community

great post i am new in steemit.today approved my account sir
thank you

great initiative @ackza. please pass on more details and I would love to put my limited resources to help our community

wow you are doing a good job.

Exellent work carry on.

very good for new people.

Plz vote, follow and comment on my post and blog. Thank you.

Work needs effort
You are making a great effort well done

This is a good idea for increasing new steemit member.