#Steemit, We have a bug…. Or not (by @ace108)

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Truth be told, we can now use more than 5 tags when using steemit.com to post. Specifically up to 8 tags when I last tried.
Since when was it we were able to put 8 tags? | 是何时开始让我们能用8个标签?

🎶Meanwhile, some music for you to enjoy as you read. This piece is part of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, particular the first of the 4 violin concertos, called Spring.
🎶让大家继续读的时候,欣赏一点音乐。这件作品是维瓦尔第的“四季”的一部分 - 4小提琴协奏曲中的第一首,名为“春天”。
Source | 来源: https://musopen.org/

Source: https://musopen.org/music/2213/antonio-vivaldi/the-four-seasons/

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Then again, I realised something is amiss. When I was checking https://steemit.com/created/beautifulsunday I didn't see the #beautifulsunday post of old-guy-photos I saw on my feed. On closer look at his post, he had #beautifulsunday after the 5th tag. Then I found a few more other posts with the same pattern, I.e., tags after the 5th don't seem to be included in the [New] tab.

So, any expert here can confirm it's bug or not?


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“He said you could teach me a great knowledge.”

Find this phrase you'll know What the meaning is....
And you will call me Master
Oh! Sensei Sensei

Kung Fu?

Interesting observation!!

I thought it is kind of weird. Thanks for checking out.

Ok I know other front ends were allowing more. Thanks for the info. I never post with steemit. Why not use Busy and get the automatic Busy vote??? Would be a good amount for you.

I've tried it but cannot remember if I used it once but find I prefer to html tags format on steemit myself. Maybe explore another time.... or not for a while. getting busy with work and class in new few months. At least till March. :-)