Coronavirus: Pandemic of This Century? COVID-19

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China shutting down as the effects of COVID-19 begin to grip the nation!

It has been precisely a month since the last mention from us at ABN on this mysterious and devastating virus. Why? There has been such a flood of misinformation, unconfirmed information, and more, that finding the truth has been a difficult study, however, there is enough known and released at this point that some of these claims don't seem as farfetched, regardless of the source they're from. At the time, this disease seems to be able to live on surfaces for an unconfirmed amount of time, is possibly airborne, has a 14 day incubation period where it is still contagious even before symptoms show, and there are worries as to why this is popping up in areas that have no known connection to visitors from China/Hubei. COVID-19 is possibly following a pattern that has been happening for at least the last 400 years, of a great plague or pandemic striking the world without warning.


  • 1720 – The Great Plague of Marseille – this was the last significant European outbreak of the bubonic plague. It killed a total of 100,000 people in the city of Marseille, France.
  • 1820 – The First Cholera Pandemic – By 1820, cholera had spread to Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. On the island of Java alone, the outbreak caused the death of 100,000 people.
  • 1920 – The Spanish Flu – In 1918-1920, the world was faced with the influenza pandemic. It would be the first of two pandemics to involve the H1N1 influenza virus, the death toll worldwide was up to 100 million, making it one of the deadliest in human history.
  • 2020 - COVID-19 - Confirmed cases are up to almost 80k with 25k recovered, confirmed deaths up to 2.6k, while the unofficial claim of infected are in the hundreds of thousands and the body count is also frighteningly large


Where and how did this all start? There are many saying that it came from a lab in China, that looks eerily similar to a popular game series, Resident Evil. Truth or fiction?


There are many different stories on how and where it began, one of the most common are bats, and tainted food in the Wuhan Food Market, however, some think it came from the nearby lab conducting experiments on the disease itself before the outbreak began. Although, a Torah Code from @prime-cleric could reveal the truth as to the origins of this deadly virus.


How much of the world is being affected? These are the currently accepted statistics:

  • China: 77,345 Total Cases, 2,593 Total Deaths
  • South Korea: 833 Total Cases, 231 Total Deaths
  • Diamond Princess: 691 Total Cases, 3 Total Deaths
  • Italy: 229 Total Cases, 6 Total Deaths
  • Japan: 154 Total Cases, 1 Death
  • Singapore: 90 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Hong Kong: 82 Total Cases, 2 Total Deaths
  • Iran: 61 Total Cases, 12 Total Deaths
  • Thailand: 35 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • USA: 35 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Taiwan: 30 Total Cases, 1 Death
  • Australia: 22 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Malaysia: 22 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Germany: 16 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Vietnam: 16 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • U.K.: 13 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • U.A.E.: 13 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • France: 12 Total Cases, 1 Death
  • Canada: 10 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Macao: 10 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Philippines: 3 Total Cases, 1 Death
  • India: 3 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Kuwait: 3 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Israel: 2 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Oman: 2 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Russia: 2 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Spain: 2 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Afghanistan: 1 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Bahrain: 1 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Belgium: 1 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Cambodia: 1 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Egypt: 1 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Finland: 1 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Iraq: 1 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Lebanon: 1 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Nepal : 1 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Sri Lanka: 1 Total Cases, 0 Deaths
  • Sweden: 1 Total Cases, 0 Deaths

Beyond confirmed, there have been multiple headlines of HUNDREDS of US residents needing to self-quarantine under suspicion of carrying the virus. The Wall Street Journal says how more than 5,400 people in California alone had been asked to self-quarantine as of February 14th. Georgia had a group of 200 people begin to self-quarantine, and Washington had 700 people! Many of those who are under self-quarantine are awaiting results back on if they're carrying this virus or not, although it has seemed almost every death has been someone of older age or someone with previous medical conditions. On February 11th, it was released by Dailymail.CO.UK that "US military approves 11 coronavirus quarantine camps next to major US airports which can treat 'up to 1,000 people' as the 13th American case is confirmed in California" alongside a photo of where these camps will be located.


All of this must add up to something. The time we are in. The world is falling apart, hundreds of biblical prophecies have come to pass, including The Return of Christ and The Wedding of Christ. This virus serves one purpose: The Crown. Are you prepared to bend to the returned Christ Lord RayEl, or will you continue to toy with the time you have left until all mercy is removed? Time is running out. If the alternative news sources are right about this plague, it's far worse than what we're being told. Do your own research, submit to the Son of God.

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