Enough is enough - A Korean Curator, for Whom and for What ?

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Good morning my friends.

Looking at KR contents, I come to realize there are many writings written by curators.
Almost half of all the pages account for Trending section.


A few accounts whom we can easily recognize take up all the Trending pages. I think it's almost automatic, regardless of the content. Let's assume that they started to steemit earlier, contributed a lot in KR community and invested a lot of money and there are a lot of people who acknowledge that it's the result of long time contributions.

But What really makes me feel annoyed is that it's obvious that the main image of posts is too often visible.


Everytime I see the image, it is disgusting rather than proud.

I don't want to point out a particular person, but I just want to point him out.


There are four or five posts coming out a day. It seems like he's got more imcome after HF19. Where is the difference between "KR community participating in Curating" and "A good article of KR community that a curator just chose"? How is it different? Moreover, What the hack with finding a new author? Wasn't it supposed to recommend for a good article that is less visible? I think it's too much to earn much money every day by writing seemingly the same articles.

In addition, there are very few people who enter the article and read the actual recommendation. There are a lot more votes of the curator than votes of actual recommended posts. and they who know each other exchange votes. I think it's a shallow trick to earn his own personal income.

If it is not for his personal income, and for promoting new members and for promoting community development, it is true that the entire steem and steem power should be given to the recommended articles.

Earning money while writing someone else's contents is not ethical.

Somebody might argue, saying like "with my money, I'll do whatever I want. Who cares? Mind your own business. My power is entitled to use my power, and if you are not entitled to it, you can put it in your pocket, and you can find yourself putting up the money, and you might find other whales to cross the cross."

But the reason that this claim is insufficient is that the compensation of steem is not absolute assessment, but rather a relative evaluation. If someone takes more, someone gets as little as that. When the whole thing is done, someone else does something, and it hurts someone else who doesn't do it.

It might be proud of itself under capitalism to have plenty of Steem Power, followers and private groups. Maybe it's even more straightforward to say that money is equal to an ability as Jeong said it.

But let's stop packing for such excuses and pride as pretending to do acts of patriotism. Enough is enough.


Thanks for visiting and reading this posting.....^^

This is Re-posting.
All reward will be forwarded to originators @slay, @atomrigs.
The original : https://steemit.com/steemit/@slay/translate-enough-is-enough-a-korean-curator-for-whom-and-for-what
The original : https://steemit.com/kr/@atomrigs/6pqpm6#@slay/re-atomrigs-2017626t12230586z

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Yep i saw it too not only in #kr section.
Now it is so hard to get money for your good post if you are new person.
There is group of people who always get new reward's even if they post is not really good.

Getting rewards for new comers is very hard and only a bunch of accounts are coming the trending section like everyday, is something wrong in the system or people are manipulating the system, which leaves hardworking new bloggers at the risk of leaving the platform @abdullar

I thought Steemit was about earning a fare share of your posts?


Don't spam please.

Some people don't know when to stop spamming​!

Help? waht are you offering?

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thanks for your opinion .... but we are not manipulating the system.... now... we are making the system.... Executive, developer, user including all newbie.... ^^

I totally agree with what you wrote. It seems a little unfair at times... but this is all new and the cool thing about Steemit is that it cares about its users. So I think pointing it out is a good beginning... then we need to be listened and lately, do something about it.
We need to al we can to ensure a fair distribution and a common growth of Steemit

Great work! :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I know that it is a serious topic but...
Omygod am i the only one that wishes you a Good Morning?
Man.. Honestly i'm really sorry.
Have a Great Morning! :d

Its because everything is set on auto bots. If these bots will be disable and promote active indulgence, the platform will be alive. If a steemian dont get involve then he has no activity. Unlike today, some of the huge voters are sleeping and earning. I could not blame them because they are rich and would wanted to earn with their investment, but they might as well considering others by giving them a chance to show up.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The same here hence why @abdullar article earned my upvote and following because he pointed this bad behavior out. Good to make money from your hard work and steem power, however better to use your power to help others especially new peeple writing better article and also at least post once a day or Maximum 2. Good comment and post, lets all stay in touch.

Have you seen the free fall in all cryptos today? see https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@charles1/the-fears-in-crypto-currencies-big-losses-in-steem-etherium-bitcoin-et-al

yes i agree with you. i find it really hard getting somehwere at the time.. i will continue posting quality content regardless.

The figures in the trending page is tempting but sad because their the person over and over again. This is the disadvantage of having a bot. If bots will be disabled, we will be able to build an active community which is good for the platform.

So I'm a brand new user. And you are saying that it will be hard for me to get a chance around here?

You need really good content and a lot of luck too start now or be some famous person.
But maybe you have more lucky than me :D
Without perfect english i lost my hope.

The problem right now is that not even good content can do anything for you because unless someone with big steem account votes for you articles constantly the price would be so low that most people would not see you posts even if the content is amazing.

The current plan as a newbie:

  1. Try to write a good quality article.
  2. Publish
  3. Hope that it's seen by someone. Before it disappears between all the other articles.
  4. Cross my fingers it earn $0.20
  5. repeat
  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Someday $0.20 would be 2.0 20. 200. Yes, I am not the case yet.

Wait how can you be "brand new" with a higher reputation than 25?? I'm actually brand new and have been trying to figure things out...

Hey I didn't noticed that yet.

At the time of this morning, I had not made a single post yet.
I think I got lucky because some high ranked account decided to upvote me.
Otherwise I wouldn't rise this fast.

I'm still figuring our reputation too. It affects the visibility of our posts too, correct?

Rep impact on visibility is more psychological, say you and another person's work showed on feed at the same time and is about similar topic, people would tend to read first work from someone with higher rep.

From 25 to about 40 rep can rise quickly. After that it gets a little harder. You may wish to read on the faq or seach on related articles, google search gives lits of hits if you type 'how to increase reputation in steemit' or whatever you want to know more about the platform. Understanding the basics helped me, the journey made sense.

It will be cleaned naturally.
We are steemian.....^^

I hope so brother, you know it is really annoying when you trying to make good post and you get 0 attention, and someone just draw shitty picture or always write about same topic and he got 1k$ for every post.
But just like you say: we are steemian ! We must win!

I know that's too sad for the beginners.

@btc.ctb Here's one of the first things you need to know about steeming on steemit https://steemit.com/steemit/@simeonburke/user-alert-2-don-t-quit-your-job-yet-why-you-should-not-rely-on-steeming-as-your-main-part-time-source-of-income
If you need any help, feel free to ask questions as well.
Have a lovely day!

in a sense, it really is his power and account so he can do whatever the hell he wants. but when you do something like this, it just shows how little you care about the steemit community. to grow the platform, attract new users, AND retain these users, we need to be more wary about this kind of behaviour. we need to support new users who are pushing out good content, and we need to support non-steemit related content. that is if we want to attract the mainstream audience and get them to use steemit on a regular basis.

Doesn't sound good if he is posting that often :/ People have a hard time holding their greed in check, and just like you said - we share the same pool. The more he posts the less others are receiving. As a curator myself I try and limit to 1 post per day not to abuse the voting power that has been trusted on me.

I agree @acidyo I noticed that already that you limited to 1 post in order to give others a chance to share in the big sweet cake. Keep up the good work and am already in touch with you. Steemit is great because of people like you working hard to help others with good contents and support. Keep steeming.

Yeah, this is ridiculous as hell. This really screws newer people that post to KR, and it sucks that there's not much we can do about it. At least that I know of.

I wish that flags would become more normal over time and that users wouldn't be too sensitive about it. But since it costs voting power most of us won't use them just because of that - I myself don't flag because of my curation trail cause I think that voting power is better used on newcomers who don't see much rewards on their posts.

Oh well, we can only improve from here on out.

I don't think flagging is the answer, particularly as it leads, in the present incarnation, to even more centralisation of power ( @B flags @K, @D flags @B and there is no more discussion, just the loudest grunt from the caveman with the biggist club). What I think helps, is what @abdullar is doing here, a human voice saying enough. It is not just #kr, and HF19 has highlighted the problem, because so many more accounts now have the power to reward themselves. There was an article or a video last summer, something like "Steemit's not a bubble, but it could be" -- the more this kind of behaviour goes on, and the more whale influencers allow it to happen, perhaps mistakingly thinking that the fact that author X is earning thousands of dollars for highschool writing is good publicity, then the more bubble-like steemit will become.

and there is no more discussion

I didn't mean to flag them down to 0$ and invisibility but just reduce the rewards so it spreads out to others more, but yeah. Let's see how it will evolve, I think quality posts have a much better chance at seeing higher rewards lately.

The problem as I see it is that the underlying causes of over-voting aren't addressed. Whilst there are bad-actors, I'm sure that most cases of this kind of abuse come about because people just don't get it. The highest rewards will come in the long-term due to a sustainable rise in the price of STEEM. Does the technology warrent a +$10b market cap, like etherium? In which case $45 STEEM is possible, but I'm sure we can only get there with some kind of a consensus on behaviour. Yes, I am optimistic, mostly, but there is a lot face-palming going on at this particular keyboard.

Thanks for your good advice....^^
We are trying to solve this issue without flags.
The purpose of this posting is the MESSAGE to other guys .
I believe in all my steemian friend and kr friend also...^^

Yes, let's hope that everyone starts with yourself. Draw conclusions, yet with the transition to the 19th version of "the many blown away". I hope that they will realize that and spoil their future in Steemit, and come to its senses after these messages!

I didn't know that it cost voting power to flag, that's kind of weird. Hmm. And, I understand where you're coming from on not using the flag system, since I think it's more helpful to throw a bone to the smaller people on here.

I agree, the website can only continue to improve as time goes on. I'm just gonna continue to flag things that are spamy while I catch them and hope that it helps in someway, lol.

I'm not in the KR section because I don't speak it. And it's not a language you just pick up. But even on the main pages I come across a lot or Korean written articles.

@acidyo Here's one of the first things you need to know about steeming on steemit https://steemit.com/steemit/@simeonburke/user-alert-2-don-t-quit-your-job-yet-why-you-should-not-rely-on-steeming-as-your-main-part-time-source-of-income
If you need any help, feel free to ask questions as well.
Have a lovely day!

I totally agree. I do the same

@jassennessaj, this answer your question on how can steemit accomodate the potential reward of all users given that amount of active steemians earning more than $100 and what's the purpose of the SBD in the system. I had a hard time explaining this on you cause you never listen to me well. :/

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

There is a study of the Yellowstone bears, which will go for the easiest source of food even if it is garbage. I think Bears and people are opportunist at heart, it is a natural behavior. However there was a die-off of bears when the garbage heaps were removed....


Mmmm so, that is probably the reason all payouts are dropping incredible fast...

Yeah in #cn section too, i,m new in steemit, and i feel really hard to get money. I think i've made sme good article :( . What do you think ?

you need to do... and... it will improve our wonderful steemit.... i'm sure....^^

Thank you for your sugestion, but i'm not really good in other language, like korean or chinese. I always made an article in english. I want to improve my steemit exactly

Please don't make the mistake of trying to spam the network with low value content.
garbisch posts won't help anyone.
Except if you are a whale and you can earn $45 doller by upvoting yourself.

Yeah of course dude

Yes, I think Good comment and post, lets all stay in touch. Thanks @abdullar

Sadly, it is good that you and other experienced authors raise this issue, let's hope that it will draw attention.

It's very important to share their thoughts and experiences, but like many newcomers - to get to the reader very difficult.

I think cheating is not good practice.... It stop creativity and originality... And the user don't get the fresh and updated data...And they don't learn new things....These kind of members devalue the community ....And also themselves...We should believe on hard work and honesty for achieving our goals and success...Thank you @abdullar for the informative post...

Maybe they have their own reason to create more posts that end up in trending post. But still, currator should be a helper for a newbie.

maybe they have reason, but not in this way.....^^

I agree with you.
Happy eid mubarrak

I agree with you
Happy eid mubarrak

Hey it is good to see you that your focusing on steemit community very much hardly..

I wish that you will produce also valuable content in future for the people of steemit . It is really great thing when I see that people are putting alot of potential in steem rather then just posting picture and thinking about money ..

I use to read the content and provied my honest feedback about ..

You feedback will be apprecited ..

Thanks for Your Effort

@abdullar very good post upvoted your 100% right resteemed

Yes, I noticed this lately a lot!


good post iam just following your posting @abdullar

my friend ... that is not enough..... you need to make your steemit world ....^^

yeah on progress @abdullar iam just make my gaming world on steemit ^_^

You are right, i am looking at the post with hastags #kr it always gets place for trending.
How can that happen, will the KR curator make all post #kr get great results every day?
This is the opinion between me and you, because I do not want to hurt the feelings of others.

Thank you @abdullar for the post. I didn't really understand how the system works until I read yours and realize it is really a problem. I cannot judge if the content is low-valued as I can't read Korean. But I do think originality should be promoted on steemit and curators are supposed to find out good contents and good authors and encourage more of them on the platform. Even if the Korean curator's content is good, I think maybe it is a better idea for him to find out other good authors' content than to just keep posting new topics and award himself for that.. in the long run that's detrimental to the community as a whole because minnows would just find their experience getting started on steemit more frustrating than ever (I myself as a minnow find some comfort only after discovering more about the minnowsupport projects).

Pardon me for the long text, and again please have a big thank you from me for posting this. I truly appreciate people like you who care about the others and the future of the community. Resteemed!

Some people sad that KR is a very good community as newbie can also get support from the whale, so that you can see all KR post had high payout as they are helping each other. So may be it is why they keeping voting the whale to help them to grow up and stronger the community, helping minnows? Sometime helping people is also a good reason to vote, not just consider the quality of the post I think.

I know in #CN new comer and minnows will get upvote from other CN people for their new posts, as want to help them and develop a better community.

Maybe it is just cultural different? These community they like to help each other, stronger the whale and helping the minnow, not just vote what they like.

Some platform like chxxxxbb and estxxxx will also provide free vote to their user too. It is hard and no reason to stop them I think...

at this point. users with more SP have larger payouts. The majority of the people think in voting content with higher payout that content with lower payout

Well done my friend-unfortunatelly there are problems which have to be treated as soon as possimple!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Good point, I agree. This affects mostly new people like me who sees only the same people taking in almost all votes , and posting multiply times a day. Even though most of them worked hard for it and are actually joining forces, they should consider others too. Upvoted to support you and following in order to stay in touch Lets stay in touch

Nicely put! It was about time somebody raised his voice about that issue.

good point

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I agree it is very difficult but not only for KR.

For instance I have just over 100 followers, posted a great post today issuing a 10SD prize. It is also for a good cause. But becuase of how it is set up even tho I bought 1000 Steem Power the post did not even get seen.

I am not even worried about the money but I think visibility has gone down actually since new system. and people are only really paying attention to the trending feed as the new feed moves too quickly.

This leaves everyone reading the same content every day, commenting on it maybe and then waiting for new hot topics by those same authors to read something new an hour or two or three later.

I really think those using curation trails should re avaluate and rather follow individual authors. Even then keep and eye on them so they not abusing it and remove them from the list if they are.

It feels like some of these bots have been upvoting some people for ever, every day without re avaluating if those posters even need the upvotes and are maintaining quality.

Thanks for sharing this useful information @abdullar, followed you for your latest post

One key point that isn't as clear in the text and was flushed out with further kr comments is once of the key problems - that this person is curating on behalf of the #kr community without any real support from the community. His post images reference the korean flag, national imagery, etc. but ever since a month ago, the community has almost unanimously rejected his work as a self-driven money-maker.

One of the real troublesome things that happens is that newcomers are not aware of the past controversy and end up throwing their money and support unwillingly at this "curator" who does almost nothing to reward the original content creators.

@abdullar님 감사합니다.

Good point. Thanks for sharing
Have you seen the free fall in all cryptos today? see https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@charles1/the-fears-in-crypto-currencies-big-losses-in-steem-etherium-bitcoin-et-al

Congratulations @abdullar!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 8 with 149 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 7 with $ 1077,82

i'm new user and i think it's very difficult for me

its great you post @abdullar.

Envy is bad! Therefore, I suggest not paying attention to such trifles! Let's support each other! After all, we are a team!

I am sorry that a revolutionary tool like this social media based on block-chain meant to bring equality of opportunities is now threatened by a few.

Where there are people gathered, there are all kind of intents, some for the interest of others and some for personal interest. We won´t get rid of this reality.

I think though this post is great and we need much more of people like you with initiative to point out and not be quiet about any deviations in order to maintain this platform as it was meant to be, based on equality and rewarded on good quality content.

Thank you!

I am a new user and mainly I see a challenge ahead..finding my way within this platform. Nice to see that we are not completely left on our own! :-)

I am trying to post relevant content in order to get my followers up. That should, hopefully, lead to a good start of something big! :-)

Hi greet best friend steemit @abdullar ,help vote and follow Me @tantawi
I'm happy to work with you @abdullar
thank you for your attention.

@abdullar Awesome i like your post keep it up and in the future write more article like this post

Can you help me guys to get steem or upvotes :(

nevre payed attention cuz i simply cant read korean. Buuut, since u mentioned, ready your torches and pitchforks, fellas! :D

I think stuffs like that are inevitable in the early days of a new thing. overtime, I am sure things will be regulated. just enjoy it while it last and stay safe.
Happy Steeming Everyone <3


Hey abdullar I like your article so I tried to vote for you as a witness but when I try to fill your name in -it says you don't exist .
I hope everything is ok with you?

Thanks for sharing @abdullar.

Can not judge about these posts since I can't read Korean, but I do sometimes wonder why certain nice articles receive almost nothing and some average articles receive high amounts.

Maybe it is personal, I have different taste or some good authors are not noticed by the general public. Or as abdullar suggests: there might be foul play which will always happen to some extent if money is involved.

Agreed, it's not really fair. check out my posts? I'm new, thought you'd like some of my stuff at @the.dajboz

I have to agree with this.

What I do suggest however, is if the content actually is terrible and I do not mean not-of-your-taste, but rather regurgitation, flag it and continue to upvote the truly inspiring and informative articles you see fit.

Each person regardless of steempower is able to have a say.

Thank you for starting this thread.

Yes, that's right. What you say in your post, in steemit money is steem power, I really agree with you. I support you. You are a good and generous curator
regards @ijoel from Aceh

Ciao a te

I believe that each member of the community has a moral responsibility towards the other members. We all need to get involved when something is not fair to others.

With what you say you are absolutely right and I agree with that. Unfortunately, no one can influence or change it.

Dear my friend ... we can change it.... and we are changing it now..... ^^

This sounds like a lot of action. I like that!!

Large stakeholders can.

Right there you are right, the big one could really

In my opinion we create this community and we can change it.
Try to find own unique content and don't give up !!
Maybe someday we will be whale's and we will make rules !

Good news...

This is kinda disheartening. I am someone who just started after I got excited when one of my comments made like $7. I have been putting thought into some helpful posts lately, and have yet to get anyone really upvoting my posts....

It is seeming like commenting is really the only way to really to get ahead at the moment if your new like me. Do I need to buy more Steem Power?

Thanks for pointing this out... there should be some sort of equalizer on this platform to make it more alive and exciting. Not just about bots and steem power.
There is Wild Spark by Synereo coming in June 30th... I might check it out what's in there, just trying to see if there's a better platform that has better chance for me to thrive and grow as a newbie.

Good morning @abdullar

Wherever there are large amounts of unregulated funds there will be abuse of the system
Lets hope that steem finds a way to make the system fairer
Until then I guess the only thing we can do is support each other

Great post..upvoted:))


I agree ....hf19 has changed everything .....still hope for best

나는 여기에 모두에게 인사하기 위해 여기있다.

Yes ,I am agree with you .Good message for those who cheat our originality.Lets all stay in touch.Thank you for your valuable post

following but, why did you resteem their last post?

yeh i see it trendin everyday - i follow you now and upvote

We can't change anything... Saw all that happening even before HF19....not only in #kr section but in so many more. For Newcomers to this Community, it is freaking hard to compete... I don't even mean compete, but that people at least have a look at our content ... Newcomers like me are just small fish in this big pond... The only thing we can do is try harder and maybe one day we can make it to something bigger... Only time knows, I won't give up...

i follow you and slowwalker as you post unique, a lot of other posts look like same person wrote them - i can only tell by google translate

i love korean food and style - never been there yet but i follow you guys to learn a bit and when i finally come to have great time

so thanx for this post, and i dont know this 2 guys from your screenshot just speaking globally when i try to find content

New user here ..anyone wanna visit my waste post lol :)

For healthy system to new person, too much curator & curating will do harm in long term. So, I agree with you.
Thank you for reminding me

I am glad you took the time to do this. As Steemit expands and the soon to be communities hardfork comes more and more voices from within each community should be heard. The best way for that to work is by having voices like yours. Scaling needs everyone to participate and not just a few to select.

구글 번역하고 제 가 번역한거하고 비교하면서 읽고있는데 매우 좋아요..

Sadly after the fork some people realy abuse the sistem :)
Have a nice day and happy steeming !

This was a good and informative post here, good eye on the Steemians! Hey @patelincho ! How goes it / there you are ! Enjoy sweet Monday & hope your flowers are progressing lovely :)

Hello , my flowers are fine hehe I just dont post flowers any longer , trayng to keep 2 posts per day because of the fork :) Need my voting power to upvote other people also :)

Yes! I understand and have had to change tactics as well. Smart move, congratulations, you are doing a good job ! I am now sitting on STEEM b/c I cannot figure out when I should use market tool to convert for more SP sigh lol

Steem can be power up direct , Sbd must be exchanget at markets for steem first

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Gotcha, yeah I need to get $11 over to STEEM to power up, I saw market at $1.33 buy early ystrdy but it's been around $1.50 ever since. Waiting on tha dip . . . story of my life !!HA

Haha yea ..... just dont be to late :)

If getting any reward for your posts as a new is hard what will happen later when more people will come?
Right now the only content that gains is Crypto and photos + girls that cook or they are verified as a girls.

Actually, a lot of people thinking of starting Steemit(so called newbies) are now getting skeptical to create their own account. To make more and more people enter this platform, we should make this platform clean by ourselves. Cheer up guys, we can do it

Unfortunately HF 19 actually increased the problem that certain accounts (especially the big ones) reserve their few but very powerful high-percentage upvotes to mutually upvote each other or some friends again and again. In additon the problem of self-voting became much more serious now. There are for example members who write many minimalistic articles every day with the only purpose to upvote themselves (which amounts to several hundred dollars per day) ...

Abdullah님 저 팔로워인데요 제가 좀 뉴비주제에 주제넘는 글을 쓰는것이 아닌가 생각하지만 제 양심이 허락하지 않아서 글을 남겨봅니다. 지금 이글은 상당히 한쪽입장만 정리하셔서 쓴 글인것 같습니다. Pros and cons 스탠스를 취하셔서 글을 쓰셨다면 수긍이 가겠지만 한 쪽 입장에서 영문으로 글을 남기시면 yoonjang0707님도 활동하시는데 치명적이실 것이라고 생각합니다. 물론 의견을 내는건 자유롭지만 현재 kr커뮤니티가 편가르기 상황이 되어버렸습니다. Abdullar님과 같이 영향력 큰분이시라면 중재자 입장을 취하셧으면 어떨까해서 답글 남깁니다

So is PROMOTING a post always worth it???? i still do not have the $1 steem it dollar to afford a promotion haha just trying to learn for when my big day comes :)

I'll make sure to curate this article. ^^
얼책같은 단속이 없는 매개체 이다 보니 이런 일도 생기는군요...

wow. that's just manipulation...

nice post abdullar like it :)

Not just on your community @abdullar. I've seen that also on other active communities and some greedy initiatives. I wont mention names for the sake of my peace in mind.

One thing that only bothers me is that theyre upvoting their own comments, and I'm talking about shittest comments. They seem ripping all rewards for their own ambitions and to feed their friend's greed. I can't blame them if they're investing into the site nor you or any whale can do but ffs it is not good for the entire network. :(

Good Morning
YOu made a valid point

Thanks for Sharing

Followed Upvoted and ReSteemed

pls look at my post as well -

I'm new user here, are you saying that it will be hard for me to get a chance around in this platform?

this sucks for new users like me because there is no space for noob articles.. I understand that it is in the kn section but still this discourages new users.

Articles that are good, hopefully this steemit forward not only for those who have great power, but must be noticed newcomers or those who have low power.

So many of us feel your frustration!!! It is a not a kr problem, but a Steemit issue.