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I think the payouts certainly one of the important things, and not just for those who are in it for the money. Even if you aren't doing it for the money, your visibility on this platform really depends on the amount of SP you have. Those who have thousands of SP, people will follow them just to have a chance to comment on their posts(in hopes of that comment getting upvoted by the high-SP user). And of course, if you have more followers, you get more upvotes, which might get you paid more(depending on the value of those upvotes).

One of the most asked questions in social media is: “How can I grow my following?”
Don’t listen to those who say that it does not matter. While the quality of your followers is most important, if you have no followers, you are talking to yourself. Instead of talking about how many people see your content, we need to be focusing on how much value that piece of content actually brings your community.

who can say numbers don’t matter, but the value everyone places on these numbers needs to be reconsidered. There is just too much emphasis on the width of engagement how many potential connections they make rather than the depth of those interactions which, in my eyes, is far more important.The same misconception can be applied to follower counts: they only matter if the audience actually cares and actively consumes your content. Followers can be absolutely everything or absolutely nothing.

STEEMIT is a platform where you not only get rewarded bu posting, u also get rewarded by commenting and upvoting on others posts. That means if U have some active followers who comment and upvote your post regularly that will be great for You. We should try to get more followers on our Steemit in the beganning so that we can keep our Profile Atractive. Whenever someone visits Your profile , he should feel impressed by the profile and should upvote and comment on your posts.

At last I will Suggest You to follow others So that they will follow You back.




Nice post dear.
Even I used to think what is significance of followers count on steemit.
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@cleverbot tell me... why the policy of steemit is not good

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Good information shared

Surely The Number Doesn’t Matter than much As does the Quality of the followers...I have seen some thousands of Followers to some accounts and yet their payouts are not crossing 1$.
Nice Post Bouy!

I know but monej give happy.

I don't no money is every thing or not and I dont know why you joined @steemit but @vidhyaprak, let me tell you one thing. Nobody is free in life if he is not financially free.

Regards for @banjo

In that case, you have no gender.

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Very nice post brother, The more followers you have, the more earning will be chances because they will read the content and gives upvote and comment you, but your steam power should be good and also good reputation too, so that they can upvote for you and they also have the benefit and you have got double benefit.

This is india bro.... No one follow back & upvote for each other. They only think about their profit. They don't build their profile powerful. They think to get up vote and comment on a single post and they become king of steemit......

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