Comic: Thilah Things #14-16

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Aw heck we're finally all caught up to Thilah Things! One of them actually has a steemit post of their own but might as well include them in this compilation series thing. Also I apparently have to go on this kinda last min trip on Sun because family stuff bleh I wanna say I'll try to get a mini ipad art done during the trip but this trip has my mom...and when a trip has my mom in it, 99% of the time I'm gonna be out and walking around and have to be with her as she shops and get tired and complain and wanna go home so shrugs I do have a mini ipad drawing I'm working on but not sure if I'll be able to get it done before going to the trip oh well

But wow we actually caught up with Thilah Things...actually there's more Thilah Things! I call them Thilah Things but lazily done because they're sketchy, unpolished and not coloured but their Thilah Things nonetheless so I might make a post for those too someday

Comic can also be found here
Yet another friendo special guest-ing on the page! And they're a doctor that has a PhD in puns and cats(I'd not trust this doctor with my life) Okay, but don't you just hate it in general when peeps are not being clear and vague about something bad? I'm a super paranoid person(friends often have to put through my random bouts of paranoia even though most of the time it's not a big deal/won't happen and I'm sorry to them for that tear) My paranoia would seriously kick in at random times and I hate it and I'd either over explain or do random and sometimes questionable things because of it(I swear this paranoia of mine reminds me of Tweek from South Park) But yeah, please don't be vague if something's wrong I guess? My mind/paranoia can be pretty mean. Anyway, that drawing Neko did is a reference to a sketch I did of that one time when I'd have video calls with Duncle and they'd just show me their hands and talk to me as if they're talking with their hand. Neko later on did a beautiful colouring of that sketch that you can check out here. Also round of applause to Neko for the joke in the "bonus" section of this comic(it's the section of the comic where it's drawn with white lines)

Comic can also be found here
Hoo boy I still relate to this page pretty hard. I still don't know what to do with my life. Can I just make a house plan and call it a day//no Nah, kidding I don't even know how to make a house plan tear

Okay why is this post more of a dark/sad tone than I thought it would ksdjfkds lack of proper sleep is getting to me

Comic can also be found here Or even right here on steemit for progress shots
Okay I don't really have anything to say about this one since it has it's own steemit post. Though I do feel like eating spaghetti looking at this comic now kafdjklfd Uhh okay a joke to lighten the mood to make up for the dark/sad tone of previous two comic pages' jibber jabber. Okay here's the joke: Why DIDN'T the chicken cross the road? Because it had an uber ride so it didn't have to. Okay yeah I should sleep

Thanks for checking out my post and goodnight!

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Kehehe your comics are great and funny. I like all three of them.
I should make a house plan now...


Thank you scrawly! And pfffttt good luck house planning!

Really cool and hilarious stories :D


Thank you!!!

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Last one about the order - best. Heheehhehehe


I should never be a waitress//no