Master x Doll : Hunter x Hunter

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Hello Everyone!

This is an entry for the Steemit Webcomics Comic Cover Contest by @cobmaximus.
For more details you can check the contest here.

This week's Theme is Emergency Room and
the character I chose are from the anime Hunter x Hunter
and the main character for today's cover is a... Nen Ability xD.

Her name is Dr. Blythe one of the 3 Nen Abilities that Neferpitou have.
She has this surgical skill that can treat any type of wound.


This is actually the second Comic Cover that I've drawn for this contest.
Yup, You read it right, it's the second one!

I failed to follow a rule which was the Theme for this week, The "ER".
It was my fault because I skimmed through the post after seeing the
image, skipped the next paragraphs and view the winners of the contest.
You want' to see it? Don't worry, I'll post it next week. :D

This is the original comic cover that we used as reference for this contest.



Almost an hour of footage lost because my OBS froze while recording. T_T
I was still lucky that I was able to record the last progress.

Hope you enjoyed reading!
See you in my next post!


Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Wow, man, this one is quite good!
Line art feels solid and the shading work is clean!
Love the sense of depth with especially the, uh, doll!
Nice one :)

Oh, uhm, I'm confused if you did or not make it for the contest theme ":D
I'm too sleepy to think right now lol.
All the best whatever it is!
":D :)

Hahaha. I made this for the contest. The other one I made (which I'll post it next week) did not follow the theme. I was exited to see who won last contest that I didn't read the whole post xD

Thanks recon/rec! xD

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amazing art as always!
I haven't seen hunter x hunter, it looks good but I'm always intimidated by animes that have a tons of episodes to watch lol

hahaha...I know that feeling, though the 2011 version has 148 episode only compared to other animes.

Thanks @cobmaximus

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