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RE: Hi my name is: Dave - Issue #2 by @cobmaximus

So glad that his super power was revealed! Wonder Stache!! This is the most creative superpower that I have ever heard of! I wonder how he will use it in next chapters :D

I like the joke in your comic and also the illustration. It is kind of plain but it makes it cool. There are not that many comics that are kind of 'clean'. This is what I like about yours. The joke for me is more important in this genre. And this is what you're doing very well.

I understand your time pressure and I'm sure everyone does. We all have so many things to do and it's so nice of you that you will continue with the comic even though you're so busy :)

I'm sure that the next one will make me laugh again :D Thank you for sharing!


Wow thanks for all the kind words @delishtreats. So far there aren't many jokes since it's a lot of character introduction, but yeah hopefully the next comics will be a little more fun and simpler.
I just wish I had more free time to work on all this side projects I have haha

Well, unfortunately we only have 2 hands and have to prioritize :) You don't have to do this comic too often so that we treasure it and it feels like a treat when you post the next pages ;)

yeah :) unfortunatelly I still have to pick up my sleeves and draw more!! haha. I'll try to have some drawings in the near future