⚡Power up @happydolphin to land of the smiles | 加能给快乐海豚去泰国 🐬 (by @ace108)

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Dolphins In Thailand
IMAGE LINK|图片链接: https://supload.com/HylgBoKtAb

Meet @happydolphin, an account I’m starting to segregate some of the things I do here. The first project I am doing at @happydolphin is some #steemit-stats related with land of the smiles. That is Thailand for those of you who don’t know.
This is a collaboration with @noopu. She helped with the translation of the #steemit-stats post. For the record, rewards for the series of #steemit-stats post related to Thai or Thailand will be shared with @noopu.
If you like to see check out some post related Thai or Thailand, be sure to follow and support @happydolphin.
Perhaps, the CJK #steemit-stats I have been posting will move to @happydolphin at a later time.
If you can think of anyway to collaborate with @happydolphin, contact me @ace108 to see if I am up to it.

🎶Meanwhile, some “dolphin” music I found on youtube for you to enjoy.
SEPARATOR-Dolphins In on Blue
让我引见 @happydolphin (快乐海豚)。这是新的户口。开来为了分隔我在这里做的一些事情。我在 @happydolphin 做的第一个项目是在steemit里发的关于泰国或泰文的帖的数据。
这是与 @noopu 的合作。 她帮助翻译 #steemit-stats 的帖。我将把这系列的帖与泰国或泰国@noopu 共享。
如果你想看看一些有关泰国或泰文的帖,请“粉”和支持 @happydolphin
也许,我的中日韩系列稍后会转移到 @happydolphin
如有项目想和 @happydolphin 合作,请联系我 @ace108 看我有没能力做到。
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SEPARATOR-Dolphins In on Blue
Please see my other posts: @ace108
请看我其他帖: @ace108


I See👀. I Shoot📷. I Steemit♨️.


Happy Fins is out there 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

Awesome post , great idea you've come up with . Thanls for sharing, followed . ☺

You're welcome. Thanks for checking out.

Great news for the Siamese or anyone posting about Siam! Thanks for the good work! Up voted and following. Thanks yo you and @noopu.


You're welcome. Thanks for coming by

You are a busy dolphin, @ace108

I have been busy recently. this included.
Thanks for checking out

This is only for thai people or world-wide..? if world-wide i am going to follow @happydolphin

It's worldwide. Anyone post related to the tags I mentioned in this post.
Thanks for checking out :-)

Go Thailand! I've enjoyed reading posts about Thailand from @tangmo. She has shown so much about her country, including her love and appreciation for her country and community.

Thanks for the tip so people interested can check out

You're welcome. I've enjoyed @tangmo's posts for months and have come to appreciate a lot about Thailand through her eyes and thoughts.


不是啦。找人合作。 :-)

hehe that's cool :D

Thank you

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