My Life and The Farm

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I was born on summer, 17 of March from the year 1993, here at my province in sta cruz Laguna,with this two very important person in my life my Nanay and Tatay, im the only child in my family, and since im the solo child, i have learned a lot of lesson in life with them, then i know that, im the one who have to accept their life tutorial, so i humbled accept it with my two bare hands, as a child ive learned how to respect others, and i know how to treat my friends nicely, and how can i socialize with them for giving them my best smile everytime that ive talk to them.


And as my respect for my Nanay and Tatay, I've do graduated on my college, and then the years after, i do found a very fine company to work with, it is because i want to give back their kindness for me when i was on my college days, i want to give them my help when it comes to financial support for our everyday life, to give our daily needs, and to save some money for my future and for my family
My Father is a Farmer here at my province, and im very proud about hes farming job and my mother is a Housewife who support my father on our farm.
**This Early morning my father is on his duty to dry our harvested good rice from our farm, after a long hours of work into the drying field, he gets hungry after an hour of works for drying the rice on the sun,, so he decided to have our lunch under the mango tree he used to rest with, he said that is the good spot for having our family lunch, because of the refreshing air breeze under that tree and it gives us good satisfying moment from our nature.
So My Mother Decided to look some Good Veggies from the farm, because my father wants some vegetables , and some tasty fried dish, for our lunch. After an hour of cooking our rice and veggies fried dish, My father Slice some banana leaf, and that is to be our plate on our lunch.

And so today my Mother brought us some of her simple recipe from Veggies and that is Stir-fried Mustard with Eggs, and some philippines chorizo.**


This is Rice Drying Field i been telling you guys, while harvesting some of the rice the rice is kind of wet after you harvested it from the farm, so we have to dry them all here in this field, when the sun heats the sky.


Here in my province, there's a lot of native chicken at the farm, some of them, followed by their chick's to search for their foods, like, little fruits, some left over rice, and even worms. While im taking pictures of them, the mother of the chicks is kinda annoyed from my camera, i think this is the way of the hen for protecting their baby chicks.


The rigth season to dry rice is always on summer, it is because, the sun gives the rice the right texture and nutrients to make the rice more delicious on our plate.


Here in the Philippines, the food you are eating is more way delicious when you used your hands, i dont know who is the founder of this, but thats is our tradition also here at my province, its kind a weird things to others but that is our fun way, when time of digging some Delicious Lunch or Meal.



I am so very happy with this two lovely Farmers in my life right now, even if we dont have enough a lot money to take my course in college, that is not their reason to stop them for supporting me.
My father is always at the farm to have some money and give me allowance to support my schooling, and then my mother too, she has a small business or sideline's for making embroidered bags, and deliver and sell it to the city of Manila.


Me as myself, i think, im very blessed and lucky to have my Mother and Father with me until now, to support me with my passion and profession in life to have their arms to cried on when the time im feeling down from other people, to encourage me to the position they want me to become and to fulfill my dreams to become a good business man/Singer/Graphic Desinger and Manga Artist Someday.
Since i started Blogging here, Guys, i wont stop until our Steem and SBD Goes Up to the moon, And i think "Steemit" is one of the way of our "God",To make that dreams of mine and my parents do come true in our near future.


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Looks like you're having fun @ismesikero! You know in my country, we eat with our hands. And when I'm looking your picture, I can't help thinking that you guys are having a similar lifestyle as us, Sri Lankans, especially eating rice and curry on a banana leaf. It's delicious in that way, right? What you guys are doing is awesome. Your father is a blessing to your villagers. Eating food is easy but making food items is a tough job. Good luck for the future!

how cute this art work of yours, and thank you, because, i dont know that theres other country in the world who can do these way for eating their foods,. hi, im from phillipines Steem-on!. 🙌

Hehe, thanks. I'm from Sri Lanka. Nice to meet you :)
I have so many Phillippine friends here. Let's grow together!

i do followed you here, nice to meet you too 😊

You have a wonderful family and you are a great guy.

thank you for your compliment and for upvoting my post @teardrops. you guys are the reason thats why im inspired to make good post. 😄

thats why, im inspire with our everyday life, thanks for your comment 😄

great post:) nice to see happy family !!!God bless

God Bless, you, too mam @reginecruz,And to all Steemians, 😊

Ah, that is life!

I am sure you made a lot of Steemians envy that kind of life - having simple yet good food with loving family and the view - I for one. ^_^

Thank you, ill do appreciate your comment 😄

this is the provincial life!

yes, @junebride, thanks to your comment 😊

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many thank you guys, 😊