WINNERS ANNOUNCED : STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2017 WEEK #17!!! Check out the winning entries for the last round of 2017! Congratulations to all winners!

Greetings world of foodies and Steemit Iron Chefs!

I hope you are all having a great start of the year and enjoying this little break of Steemit Iron Chef! Well guys the first season of SIC is over and preps for the 2018 season have already been started!

What an amazing 17 weeks we had...each and every week of the contest has been simply wonderful with great steemians joining the challenge and delivering very high level of food! Thank you all the 56 different people who joined at least once last year!

Coming back to the last and final round of SIC 2017, as usual I am a little bit late but I finally completed the rankings for the 17th week and at the same time finalize the Steemit Iron Chef league table to know that top 20!

Without losing too much time, let me share the winners with you...I have rewarded the top 8 this time as at the 7th place we got 2 contestants getting the same number of points!

So finally for this last round, we received a total of 17 valid entries! I know many of the usual contestants have been busy and have excused themselves! We will see you all back very soon!!!

7th place

At the 7th position this week, we got 2 contestants getting the same number of points!

Congrats @globaldoodlegems, you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins!

Congrats @peppe, you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins!

6th place

Congrats @pusteblume, you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins!

5th place

Congrats @macam.yes, you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins!

4th place

Congrats @haphazard-hstead, you win 1.5SBD, 15 Whaleshares and 20 Skillcoins!

3rd place

Congrats @jaymorebeet, you win 5SBD, 20 Whaleshares, 20 Voiceshares and 30 Skillcoins!

2nd place

Congrats @foodie.warrior, you came second and win 8SBD, 25 Whaleshares, 25 Voiceshares and 40 Skillcoins!

The Winner

Huge congratulations to @foodflaneur who wins it again thanks to a masterpiece of an entry...amazing!
Congrats my friend, you win 12SBD, 40 Whaleshares, 30 Voiceshares and 50 Skillcoins!


The 2 contestants coming up 7th got 2 points each! Here's the final standings for this last round!



So here we go with the final standings for the year 2017 of Steemit iron Chef!

Big round of applause for the STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2017 - Congratulations @offoodandart, very well deserved win!

Just for your information, I upped the big reward pool and the final amount is 1100 STEEM to be distributed to the top 20 as you can see below!

As I got some bonus whaleshares to give out to the winners from @akrid, I decided to sell them for BTS and convert to steem as the price of BTS was at a very high price! This is how the big reward pool reached 1100 STEEM!

Your winnings should reach your wallet in the minutes to come!

Congratulations everyone and thank you for this awesome first season!



Usual big thanks to @canadian-coconut and @donkeypong for the amazing support you are giving me on my daily post, which is vital for the SBD prizes of SIC!
And huge thanks to the sponsors : @akrid, @voiceshares and @bambam808!!!


The SBD made on all my posts will be used for sponsoring the Steemit Iron Chef 2018 season!
Anyone wishing to grow the prizes and be a sponsor of this unique contest, please do let me know!
You are most welcomed!

Thank you and congrats again to all the winners!!!


And so it ends ... What a wild and fun ride! Thanks so much to my fellow SIC 2017 chefs ... what a wonderful competition! You all are true inspiration for ideas and delicious food and I'm honored to be among this talented group. Congratulations to all!

Thank you @progressivechef for the work and time you poured into the competition. And to the sponsors, thanks for your generous support. Sincere thanks as well to the viewers and other supporters of SIC 2017.

Wishing everyone the best in 2018! Go Steemit and go SIC!

Congratulations @offoodandart !!! You are really incredible at your craft and are a true artist.

Thank you ! for 17 awesome week with inspiration and challenges ... looking forward to the next season ! Congratulations all around ... we are all winners !

Wow! This is sooo cool! I am more than happy about the prize! Didn't expect that after my lovely Moussaka Towers sunk into the plate like there were an earthquake! 🍾😘🎉 Ouch! Sparkling wine again!??! Was the happy my headaches after too much on New Years Eve are gone now! 😜
Happy New Year by the way! I am really looking forward to 2018 and this challenge!
My congratulations to all the winners to this terrific results! Everything looks so beautiful and delicious!

Sorry I backed out so early I enjoyed following along tho and may join back in for 2018 :-)

Congrats to ALL the winners and contestants. I have enjoyed all the posts , food, cooking and fun. Great job everyone.

Congrats to all the winner! One of these weeks I have to find time to join in this amazing contest!

Wow, absolutely gobsmacked! Such a privilege to come third amongst so many talented chefs. What a wonderful competition. It was a real honour to be a participant and get to know so many wonderful Steemian foodies. I look forward to the 2018 SIC! Big big thank you to @progressivechef and to all sponsors of steemit iron chef :-) Happy new year everyone!!

thanks @progressivechef for this fantastic competition was very exciting.
I can not wait to start the new season. Thanks to all the participants who have participated and a good new year.

my openledger account

Congratulations @offoodandart for an amazing win. Congratulations to all other winners. Congratulations to @progressivechef for a successful competition

Thank you so much for the prize @progressivechef and I'm sorry that I wasn't be able to participate the whole round of SIC. Thanks for you hard work and for creating this amazing contest! :-)

congrats to all the participants. So many delicious recipes and beautiful presentations!!

Heyyy thanks, it's Been a pleasure... Finally i got in the top 20, despiste my long missing..yuhuuu hahaha
Just one question.. it's going to be 2018 full year competition? Ir are you going to Split?
Thanks, we Will keep cooking!