🐼 Steemit- ironchef 2017 #15 Sweet potato & onion bake /spaghetti with onions

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This was my most difficult week and as much as I love cooking with onions I almost skipped this week. My daughter is here from London and it's @deimus birthday tomorrow - so it's chaos in our house. This topped with the Christmas Contest which has taken up a lot of normally spare time.

So here goes, last night we ate the dish that I made with sweet potatoes and onion.
It was really simple to make and oh - so delicious

**Sweet potato, spring onion and white onion **

Layer the onions with the sweet potato and spring onions sprinkled over and garlic (for those who love it) and pour some olive oil over

Bake in a high oven for about 30 - 35 minutes

Season with salt and pepper and a little origanum

So easy to make and so delicious to eat

Had some sweet potato over so just baked with salt and pepper in the oven whilst we ate

My pasta was made with a sauce consisting of onion, green pepper, tomatoes, garlic and mushrooms. The sauce was stir fried and served on top of the pasta



So both of these dishes are quick and easy to serve up to the family and at least I was able to put an entry up

smallpanda (16).jpg

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That sweet potato and onion baked dish looks so good! It all cooked down so nicely that the dish looks very savory and delicious. And you can't go wrong with all those ingredients in your pasta! Lots of rich umami flavors going on! The dish you served the pasta on is so nice too! Great entry!


Thank you so much @chefsteve for your kind words - I was really stressed this week so your comments make me feel a whole lot better

Most of the time, the best dishes of the world come from the most simple ingredients!
I love the simplicity of the dish which I am sure was super tasty and enjoyed by all!

Both the sweet potato dish and the pasta look delicious! And if @edenmichelle says it is, then there's no question about it!

Thanks @pandamama I can vouch for it being really delicious

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@pandamama this looks so tasty! Good luck


Thank you denissemata - it was really tasty

Sounds like a hearty delicious dish... sometimes when we are busy it is great that we can make awesome hearty food easily ... the oven and baking veggies is just perfect ... full up on taste ! Have a wonderful day !


Thanks @globaldoodlegems for all the support