[Steemit Hunt] Fruux - Hosted Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks

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Fruux https://fruux.com offers hosted #contacts, #calendars, and #tasks. It syncs to devices using open protocols on your desktop and smartphone.


Fruux has a #freemium pricing model. It starts at free for individual users, and allows for syncing between 2 devices (e.g. desktop and smartphone). Individuals can upgrade to Pro at € 4/month, or you can get a Team plan for € 20/month that includes 5 team members.


The company is based out of Münster, Germany and has been around since 2007. Read About page »


Fruux is based around the open CardDAV and CalDAV standards. They have full documentation around their API »

Reason for Submitting

I was looking for alternatives to Google or Apple for sharing and syncing basic data. I currently use Google Apps for Domains for email/contacts/calendaring but am considering moving off of Google. I am testing fruux now. Can anyone else recommend similar (hosted) tools for contacts & calendars? I don't need team features, so it needs to work for single users.

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A public calendar?
What a horrible idea. No body wants to share their private meetings for others to see.

Hey @cryptocurrency1, thanks for commenting. This isn't public, it's for syncing your own data between your devices. Alternately, it's for company teams to share info internally.

There are some public use cases -- imagine a public calendar for community centers or something like that.

But the default use case is all password protected and secure. Hope that clears things up.

What are the benefits over Google apps?

@ntomaino it's not Google :) I found this app because a number of people I know are considering moving their email to different providers. Here's a great post on one guy moving his #email from Google to Fastmail.

The general reason that people are saying they want to move off of Google is that they are no longer comfortable having their activities being used as a way to deliver better ads.

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