I Bought the first shares in the Natestate (NEST) - The First House on the BLOCKCHAIN - A Home for @picokernel in VA - co-owned by ALL OF US!

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Screenshot 2017-05-26 22.12.32.png

When Steemit Inc. Intern, @picokernel told us that he was going to buy a house I got a crazy idea for the sake of coupling Realestate with Blockchain, and so did everyone else - so here we are! Join in, Crazy People :) Join in!

Screenshot 2017-05-26 21.46.49.png

For more information about this experiment, come to http://steemspeak.com where we form the idea and and people pledge. I am pretty sure the project will be a success, AND we will learn a lot in this process to open up the doors where buying and selling properties can be done effectively using blockchain technology.

Also - I am investing in this because it is disruptive, revolutionary, crazy, never done before and should be able to make a lot of BUZZ about STEEM(it).

Upvote & Resteem this information to as many steemians as you possible can. We are writing history here and I want everyone to be aware!

This is not a joke!

This is Crypto-Revolution in the making!

PS: If you want to buy in before the real IHO (Initial House Offering) starts, contact @picokernel directly on Discord, use this invite link: https://discord.gg/sqxV63P

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Nice Stream!! Awesome Awesome!
Spread the News :D


Great news! This is awesome guys, keep it up!

You're brilliant for getting this underway. People need to see the change that cryptos like steem can have :)

We're making history!!!

This sounds really interesting! Downloaded the discord app, tried to register, but nothing happens. No error message, just the register button gets the waiting spinner icon, then the form remains, all the fields still filled in...


have you tried just the web interface?

That's an incredible use of Steem. But how would you differentiate this project from the other people who keep asking for funds to pay their fees, build a house etc.


This is actually different because when you buy in, you actually own part of the house. That entitled you to be able to vote on specific issues and potential additions to increase the value of the home. When I eventually sell the house, I will buy back all the tokens for however much I sold the house for. I will also potentially attempt to find subletters and airbnber to pay dividends to the stakeholders.

Thanks for showing interest!


Oh, then this is surely a nice initiative.


That looks awesome. I'll be looking for more development on this project. Good luck Pico!


Sounds good @picokernel. I hope this works out for you. Good luck!👌

We need to get this in filed in wikipedia,and skept.com....Lol...was trying to explain it to a neighbor....Kept telling me crypto currencies are not legal money,not real...

NatEstate! ( NEST ). HISTORY is BORN!

edit: For history prosperity I was the 3rd investor in this lol :)


The word is "Posterity".. Lol okay please dont hate me. :D


Oh my gosh! you are correct! :P


hahaha.. Well it doesnt matter in the long run i guess.

However i hope i can be the 4th! or at least among the first 10. crowdfunded ICO house..... WHAT AN EXCITING TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!!

I gotta admit, this is kinda brilliant. I truly see big changes coming.

Looking forward to watching this story unfold. Great idea!

Very cool :D


I got some (NEST) :)


some Nesquick? :v

Oh yeahhhh you know I help you with all the little details :)


the Vineyard .....NateGrape,


Nate's FINEST.


don't forget about painting the door a nice color to POP,:P


All the doors need to have a nice painting of flowers on it :P


gotta swag that house out, that's how we roll , all da love

I need a room! Awesome stuff @fyrstikken.

I'm so proud to be a part of this. Blacksburg as much as I say that's where the cattle live really is a very livable community and wonderful in the summer. I have very many fond memories and some times I even state it was the best 6 years of my life. Make sure to frequent a place called "Hokie House" it's on N. Main St.

Great idea on how to use the blockchain technology. I hope he gets enough crowdfunding to buy the house :) Going to have a look at it over to Discord.
Upvoted and resteemed.

So you're saying someone bought a house with steem?

This is awesome! Making unthinkable things happen every day!

Interesting idea.
Who is it possible?
Anyway reesteem.


jacobts jAcΩb tweeted @ 27 May 2017 - 03:18 UTC

The First House on the BLOCKCHAIN
@fyrstikken on @Steemit

steemit.com/steemit-house/… / https://t.co/oheL5W4CBB

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

This is simply amazing!!!!

Wow awesome and brave step to bring blockchain into real world buying and selling of properties. Followed.

Initial House Offering Protocol



I'm dying to see how this turns out!


Me too. This is great and exciting.

Could use a place to live, lol

Ummmmm....yes please
This will be pretty cool

Man o man its lile everyday that passes Steem amazes me more.... I feel like Steem is the most revolutionary thing since bitcoin and even Facebook!!!!

Absolutely love this idea.
Have been thinking for a few weeks how one could do a crowd sale for land, house and what would be needed.
Great to see someone else do it first and what is needed to do.

Amazing use of steem!
Please upvote, resteem and follow me @digitaldollar

Please pour in your valuable comments at https://steemit.com/sleep/@digitaldollar/is-it-sleep-paralysis-or-demon-attack
Please follow me as well for more posts!

nice.....resteem and upvote for your post....

Upvoted and ptomoted now ;)

Few questions - will Nate be paying the annual taxes on this property out of his pocket each year? What about maintenance items, such as when the roof needs to be replaced?

Do those costs dilute our token value or is it completely separate?

If these answers are in the recording, just tell me to go listen too it as I haven't done so just yet :-)


Just to answer your questions on-chain.

  1. I will be paying for taxes, repairs, and insurance all out of pocket.
  2. The token value will only ever be diluted if shareholders decide an addition is in order. In the case of a pool for instance, if it costs $2k to install and will raise the value by $5k, I will issue new assets to cover the costs, and the appreciated value will be passed to the shareholders.

When I sell the house, all the proceeds from the sale will be used to purchase back the tokens from token-holders at the exact price I sold the house for.

Thanks for your interest, I appreciate all questions and constructive criticism. Keep it coming :)


When are you going to post more articles @ionlysaymeep ? I've been waiting 9 days for more.


That is awesome. I have a friend from childhood we called meeper, maybe it's you! :-)

Hey @fyrstikken this is a great experiment on using blockchain technologies to exchange high cost items, I think there was another steemian who was trying to sell a property for steem.

I want in on this!! Even if i own just a fraction of a fraction of it!! We could be making history guys!!

Pizza sold for 10,000 bitcoin,
Ferrari sold for 210 million Dogecoin

Steem will be next!! in fact, if this works out well we can have the power to make news in ways never seen before in cryptosphere. Just imagine the things that are possible empowered by folks with some Steem to spare!!!

@picokernel lets talk!!

Truly revolutionary! So freaking cool

Sound great
Thanks for sharing
Have nice and Sunny Sunday

Outstanding post! ☆☆☆☆☆😎

Hello @fyrstikken,
I do not have a lot of Steem but I have been working for weeks and now have $50 of Steem in my wallet I could contribute to being a part of buying the first house through the blockchain.

shared this on twitter. this is cool

This is a Fantastic Idea we are definitely going to get behind this initiative!

Who gets to pay the property taxes?

How can we use the blockchain to get government controlled secrets revealed such as free energy accumulators, time travel technology, jump room technology, zero gravity propulsion, and healing technologies based on frequency and light. Those and many other amazing technologies exist yet are suppressed by the overlords to maintain control and keep us buying gas, electricity, big pharma etc. ????

This will make international news coverage when it completes. upped and resteemed.

🙌🏻 BELIVE 🙌🏻

Exciting times we live in...

Awesome idea:) keep it up!

Oh Christ, hell and God no! Not more toilets to clean!! No to all co-owned home on the blockchain!! #janitorsunited may call a strike on this one @fyrstikken! :) P.S. How am I supposed to get the Aldi toilet rolls to VA?! Yeah, tell me that big man?? Try getting past airport security with a 12-pack of fluffy velvets!

My parents taught me that real estate is a solid investment IF done carefully. This looks like a great way to peg something physical to the Steem currency.

Just as pension funds and other big money hold assets in malls and other real estate, there is no reason why we as a community could not pool all our steem and purchase something substantial like a mall that will bring in revenue from its leases. Definitely something to look into. I grew up with tenants and real estate, owned several duplexes and even considered buying a commercial property; but when I did the math, I didn't have enough free capital to make it work. It actually takes a LOT of money to get into a commercial venture. However, with many people pooling their capital, it becomes much easier.

Where the difficulty will manifest itself is in managing the assets. Getting 2 people to agree on something may not be too difficult, but getting 10 requires voting. With so many possible directions one can take, those 10 people may come up with 8 different directions. The voting would have to be done in steps to narrow the choices until only 2 remain. That might upset some of the voters.

The way to do this would be to set up a company and contributors would by shares in said company. It's the most efficient method I can see. It makes the process transparent and legally binding (protecting both shareholders and management). Without a legal framework, simply asking fellow Steemians to chip in is a recipe for possible disaster (think lawsuits and years in court when someone decides they want out because they are disgruntled due to things not going the way THEY want it to go).

It's a fantastic concept; just make sure it is done properly!

Hi! Is there any update about this initiative?

This sounds novel and interesting, but I'm not sure I get it... :) Have to read some more on this :)

Very nice pioneering in the real estate industry!

I hope one day we are able to get a blockchain country...ups. :) Btw. Congratulations!



This is great, just what we need. More innovative project like this makes this platform stronger. Great post and thanks for sharing

hey, what's the current status of this project, quite interested, and would appreciate it if you know where to find the original post (I'm new to Steemit, don't exactly know how to navigate here, but getting there :) )

So awesome, funny how this started as a idea and two days later became reality. Good stuff, this is going to help change the way people look at crypto and benefit the community as a whole. Let me know if you need any graphics done down the road. Looking great, keep it up!