What's Your Resolution for Today (September 3) - Participate For A Chance To Win STEEM

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Enjoy time with my boyfriend :)

Eat healthy!

I'm going to get up early and walk to the store for healthy food. I think the morning air will do me good for the rest of the day :)

My resolution for today is to be happy ...

Remember to keep breathing deeply

^^this ;)

My resolution for today is to refrain from getting angry and remain calm in all situation

Just have some rest before the new week.

My resolution for today is keep calm and be like Captain Jack Sparrow

To do exercise daily

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise,by some great man is my resolution today. Thanks, Happy steeming friend.

To keep mind calm.

My resolution today is to visit the orphanage to bring pleasure to orphaned children

Be patient , very patient

Congrats! For improving your life!!!... and also for winning Steem Dollars from this post!

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My resolution for today is to run some miles.

To enjoy the moments that I spent with my loved ones

To try to take a walk outside

To be productive.

Fight better my fever!

Catch up on sleep and hope this week goes by fast. Vegas here I come next week

To trying earn some more!

To go for jogging this week

To relax and thank God for all he has done.

Excellent post, friend 🚀👍

To invest my time in something useful

To try harder at my goals

to learn a new recipe for a nice meal

My resolution for today is to workout

To just relax and spend time at home

to kill some white walkers

To work on my new ideas

Drink my pills.

Eat healthy more greens

Sex with my girlfriend

Spend a little time in the garden and just breathe.

Spend a good time with my friends

my resolution is to start eating healthier, avoid toxic conflicts/relationships, and be the best at my job I can be! :)

Gotta get my taxes done tonight and a client project wrapped up... it's going to be a late night this Sunday!

To find time to rest every day

to be more positive :)

Go to bed early.

Stay positive.

To go for a walk.

meet with friends!

To have a nice day.

To do things a little differently :)

Clean my closet

to create a financial plan

Spend good time with the kids.


increase my yoga routine by one new posture

To try harder.

My resolution is 1920x1080

to organize my desk for a more productive day

I guess back to work 😎

To drink Puerh

I resolve to get a decent amount of laundry done today!

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let my headache go away!

Liquids and rest. I've been running a fever for two days.

I need to make sure to get more sleep to better my life

Go for a walk.

To try to finish an algorithm :)

to have some good rest :) been way to busy for a couple weeks!

exercise at least 30minutes

To walk more.

Congratulate mother on her birthday

Resting from work.

To enjoy my time with family

Deep clean my house!

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