What's Your Resolution for Today (October 10) - Participate For A Chance To Win STEEM

All liquid STEEM made from this post will be awarded to one lucky participant based on a public lottery number

That's right!!!

You could win STEEM just for improving your life.

@steemit-health aims to help individuals reach their own personal health goals through social accountability and financial incentives.

"I started steemit-health to motivate myself and others to achieve their health goals. The mission is to develop simple and convenient applications that integrate health right into the Steemit experience. The healthier we all are individually, the more successful the Steemit community will be as a whole." - @dan-atstarlite

Make sure to follow @steemit-health, check your feed, and enter your resolution every day!

The winner will be determined immediately following the 7 day payout period!


Eat healthy!

to buy steem

to chill and relax

the turn my dreams into reality

To get back in the gym

To embrace the awesomeness of me, mistakes and all :)

To set a goal each day

Complete Dubai blockchain post.

Spend more time in dream world.

Eat and sleep.

To pray before going to bed

Going to the gym

To set clear goals for tomorrow.

Deep breathing exercises

Get irrigation all closed up for winter

be concious

Starting meditation

Curl up in front of the fire day

meet with the committee to discuss event planning.

to enjoy my day!!

I guess I'll be the one cooking dinner for everyone tonight :)

go to the gym

Follow my plans

Take a cold shower

Start my treatment

To create more balance in my life.

do my stretches

Получать радость от каждой минуты жизни.

Spend more time on steemit!

recycle some stuff

Physical exercise

To clean my house

Enjoy the nice day

To relax and meditate

Go for a walk

To drink more water and eat more fruits

To exercise and eat healthy

To invest my time in something useful

to organize my desk for a more productive day

to stay fit and healthy

To improve my life

do some celebrating!

To enjoy my time with family

My resolution for today is to become more confident and take some chances

To be honest with myself in all ways and at all costs

To wake up early in the morning.

To just relax and spend time at home

Eat more healthily

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