What Are You Thankful For Today? (September 3) - Participate For A Chance To Win STEEM

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@steemit-health aims to help individuals reach their own personal health goals through social accountability and financial incentives.

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One more

I'm thankful that I'm still alive and still have the chance to do many things

Opposable thumbs.

Grateful for being able to spend spend some time with my family at the alligator farm in St Augustine Fl

I'm thankful for the steemers who helped me lease delegated sp so I can do a better job on steeemit. Over the moon with happiness!

Hi @fitinfun, how did you get some delegated sp? I'd be interested in that. I know minnowsupport has a program. Cheers!

It's actually minnowbooster and this is a post that tells you what to do. You choose the number of weeks and the amount and then you get it. The rate for 4 weeks is currently 150 for 4 STEEM. Very quick and helpful. My upvote at 100% went from 1 cent to 6 cents :)

Grateful for reading some Steemit articles for commenting and upvoting)))

I'm thankful to be alive today.

Thankful today for the air I breathed

I am thankful for being alive

I am thankful for my good health

Thankful for the nice weather

I am thankful for having great people in my life.

I'm thankful for great friends!

I'm thankful for my dreams

Grateful for grated cheese grated gracefully! ;)

I am thankful to be able to travel

I am thankful for living in peaceful country


I am thankful that I live somewhere with clean water

Thankful for my own little private haven.

For end of working day.

I am thankful a friend gave me his laptop to use today.

For great weekend.

For internet service.

for the summer

Thanks for Steemit

For slowely recovering

Thankful to have peace into my soul

thankful for chipotle

I'm thankful for the followers that put their time into reading my post

All the people who have made my life so rich and full

A wonderful weekend!

For fall.

The beautiful weather this afternoon!

The long weekend though it's over.

For a wonderful sunday church service.

thankful for a great week end:)

For doctors.

I'm thankful for the courage to step out into the world alone, not paying for someone elses mortgage. Courage given by family and the select few I call friends.

Thankful for everything i have in my life

I am grateful for health and happy family!

I am thankful the temperatures are cooling in Southern California

I am thankful to my family.

To steemit


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thankful for a chill day

some good home cookin

Today I am grateful for the coral reefs.

Homemade sesame bread mmmm :)))

thankful for opportunity :)

I am thankful for my good health

I am thankful for hiking trails.

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Thankful For me life

Today I'm thankful for my grandparents

I am thankful for My relationship

I am thankful for a nice Sunday in company with my family.

I'm thankful for me life

Thankful for my little angel.

Thankful for shitty weather :)

Thankful for a beautiful day

Can you post as this at spanish?

For all the music and good vibes taken in the last 3 days. Street mode festival, thessaloniki!

a nice weekend with friends

for another sunny day

I'm thankful for my health

for being alive

I'm thankful I got to talk to my grandma today. She is 95 and lives far away.

I'm thankful for the ability to continue to do various types of activities and workouts at age 55. Cycling, mtb, snowboard, jogging, hiking, light weigh training. Just took up swimming 2 months ago.

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