October 10th Vaccine Injury ReportInstallment for Vaccine Injury Awareness Month

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Taking an extensive history on a teenage girl who ultimately ends up desperate because she is in so much pain she can not even walk, requiring her father to carry her from the couch to the bathroom to the bedroom for weeks, I simply stated: So, either she has a Gardasil- HPV vaccine- injury, OR she has lyme disease. Which one is it?

The parents and child just about fell out of their chairs and relayed to me when the vaccine series was given, realizing that the symptoms first started mildly after the first round and progressively became worse, culminating in the child being home bound and home schooled shortly after the last round. It's not uncommon for teenagers injured by Gardasil to be carried to an office door by father, and then wheeled through the office in a wheelchair or computer chair.

Now this teenager had decided close to a year before that she was going to be a vegetarian because she cared for animal rights. This is a phenomenon that happens frequently with teenager girls. Typically they commence to consuming nothing but wheat and dairy all day every day. They typically end up on an incredibly pro- inflammatory diet.

Knowing that labs were going to take 4 to 5 weeks to return in full, this regimen was started:

  1. Wheat and Dairy Free Diet. Would prefer zero corn in diet as well and limited grains.
  2. Protein to be consumed with each meal through grassfed beef, free range chicken or turkey, cold water fish like salmon or trout, free range eggs, beans, lentils, etc.
  3. Minimum of 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, a serving size being what you can hold in the palm of your hand, heavy on the vegetables, light on the fruits.
  4. Start high dose anti- oxidant through liquid turmeric and resveratrol supplements.
  5. Double dose of fish oil high in DPA which is known to be very anti- inflammatory.
  6. Increase healthy fats in diet through avocado, coconut oil, hemp/ chia/ flax seeds, nuts other than peanuts, wild caught cold water fish, fish oil supplement, grassfed beef and butter, free range chicken and eggs.
  7. Probiotics or fermented foods or drink daily.

5 weeks later this teenager WALKED into the office with a smile on her face claiming that she was feeling much better, pain was gone, GI symptoms gone, and was back at school with her friends- bringing her lunch of course! Lab were reviewed with some B vitamin and anti-oxidants replaced with supplements for 3 months for good measure. Otherwise the labs showed she needed everything that we had all ready done- including her having a very high sensitivity to wheat and dairy.

Two years later this teenager came back for very irregular cycles. This can be very typical with Gardasil as it is well known to cause ovarian failure, as even reported by this AAP Statement.

At this time the teenager had fallen off her healthy eating wagon a bit, openly admitted it, and wanted back on track. Diet was tweaked as needed and supplements by Standard Process/ Mediherb were started: Chaste Tree 2 twice a day, Ovex P 2 twice a day, Femco 3 once a day. 8 weeks later cycles had regulated nicely again.

Discussed with parents and teenager in detail how lucky she was that phase 1 of treatment was so overwhelmingly successful, and that Phase 2 worked easily as well. Discussed in detail that unfortunately it was likely that child would battle hormonal and autoimmune tendencies for the rest of her life and that she needed to be very careful about diet and lifestyle and always being very open, honest, and immediately responsive to any symptoms that arose.

This is an EASY Gardasil story. There are MANY that are not. Many Gardasil Support Groups are being formed as we speak all over the world, the most notable in Ireland.

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Interesting case, "autoimmune" was buzzing in my mind while readying this case...it seems like the change in diet and the added stress of the vaccine seem to trigger an autoimmune reaction....probably this case study can help us understand the role diet plays in the unset of autoimmune trigger by the vaccine....or probably its a case of idiosyncratic reaction of the patient to the vaccine.....or just the vaccine sent her immune system wild

Of course we will never know if the injury would have happened with a stellar diet BUT I do see a LOT of teenagers chasing to be "vegetarian"... but actually become "carbeterians"... and are suffering because of it: add/adhd, autoimmune diseases like psoriasis, hashimotos, ITP, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. You can't expect to throw a hornets next like a gardasil shot at a kid taking in ZERO nutrients and ZERO antioxidants and expect them to do well. It just won't happen.

You are definitely right "you can't expect to throw a hornets next like a gardasil shot at a kid taking in ZERO nutrients and ZERO antioxidants and expect them to do well"....hit the nail on the head with that, I couldn't say it better

I'm glad that you were able to help the teenager so successfully.
I hope that we stop injuring our youth like this sooner rather than later.

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