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LOL. Per Morberg. Haha, fyyyy fan....

jahahaha ja........tenkte det samme

Since a few months i convinced many to join steemit, but a lot of them don’t join because they can’t delete their posts. Some don’t post because they get intimidated by the proof of brain consensus and stick to instagram. I noticed that i wish i had some of the friends i made on steem in real life. Its amazing to see how much trust there is for a violent society of fiat blood money, controlled by the same institutions that looted resources from so called third world countries. The same lobbyists decide to render the value of these countries currencies close to worthless and further buy the resources they produce for peanuts. If we can decide to value resources according to their marginal utility and scarcity and use them more efficiently we might have the chance to save this planet! We must create a society of producers instead of consumers to make people understand this value. Blockchains should be deployed on supply chains. Promote the augmented age!

I agree!!

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Huh, what a face.
Is this a real person ?
Do not try to smile ???
I will keep on steeming though !

Glad we got are best people on this!

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Or else.....🙀

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