1on1 talks / Afterparty with the steemians of Vienna and @tigerkid

in steemit-austria •  last year

I am happy to announce that my friend @tigerkid from Munich will visit us here at Hug Inn Vienna next month on Saturday, April 28th. He will play his tunes at the #steemit-austria afterparty of the 1on1 talks with the steemians of Vienna at Cafe Monic.

djset werkx .jpg

Here you can see a picture of the DJ setup at the last @opt2o party, where he was playing with his friends. @nicoletta, @jnmarteau, @mammasitta and me are already looking forward to listen to his set at Cafe Monic.

domi und maxi opt2o lernt laufen.jpg

He is a funny guy who knows which music to play. These are pictures of him while enjoying the party after his gig. You will love him! ;)

tigerkid garagex.jpg

This is an old picture of @tigerkid which shows his motivation to visit Vienna eating Schnitzel! :D

party opt2o lernt laufen hacker und domi.jpg

Last but not least I found in the content archive this old video of the first birthday party of @opt2o five years ago. There he played as well. Enjoy!

Thank you for your continuous support for @opt2o and the @globalschool!


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I am really looking forward to playing on the 1on1 talks afterparty :)


Thank you for visiting us at Hug inn Vienna, we are looking forward to hosting you here! :)


We are looking forward to hearing your sound! :)

Ur cool! That´s the party! :D :D :D

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Haha. The Schnitzel Wien lettering is awesome!
Would love to visit a Steem Meet up. But Vienna is to far away.
One around NRW Germany would be nice!


Indeed. :D I will tell you if I visit NRW. ;)

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Coole Sache! Das es jetzt auch ma lne Party gibt. Das 1on1 und die Partys wird es das ab ketzt monatlich geben?


Kommt darauf an wie die Veranstaltung angenommen wird und ob sich der Aufwand auch für alle Beteiligten lohnt. Danke für deinen Support! :)

sehr cool, habs erst jetzt entdeckt...
Werd schauen das ich es da auch schaffe ;)


Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn du auch dabei bist! :)

the announcement about coming our friend from afar can give a new atmosphere in the musical world