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RE: Updated: Your Reputation Could be a Tasty Snack with the Wrong Comment!

in #steemit-abuse4 years ago

I have seen people who have been flagged ALOT.
I do not like the same old comments that some people leave, as you mentioned, over and over again. I'd like to converse with others and listen/read to their thoughts. Even it is a criticism, say it, but in an adult way.


That's one of the things I want to work on. Showing members that this can be a 'rewarding' place to have a conversation.

No, you're forcing people to post things that YOU personally agree with, otherwise they suffer backlash and struggle at any chance of success. This is SUPPOSED to be a platform where you can do and post as you like, but people like you, who can't just hit the "mute" button on people's stuff you PERSONALLY don't want to see, are pieces of shit who think you're entitled to decide whether or not what someone else posts is "worthy" of being "allowed" to be displayed on steemit. People like you make me fucking sick. You're just like politicians and governments who believe they have a RIGHT to tell people what to do and say. Fuck yourself. Just because YOU don't enjoy memes or what you consider "useless" posts/info, doesn't mean someone else doesn't value it.

You need to get your head out of your ass and the majority of you whales need to mind your own fucking business. If we wanted to be told what we can and can't post and what's allowed to be able to be seen by people, we would be on Facebook or some other heavily moderated social site. We came here for the freedom to post what we want, if you can't use the mute button, so you decide to get aggressive with people who's idea of value differs from yours, then you're a piece of shit.

Many people personally enjoy memes, myself included, I'd rather see a meme than one of your shitty fucking posts crying about there being content you don't like showing up in your feeds.. Or some random lady's fucking cat.. Or somebody's vacation.. Or these stupid as fuck "crypto analysis" bullshit posts that, to me, are complete spam and "useless" with NO value.. yet, I have to see it because a large amount of people upvote that stupid bullshit. Except I'm not a fucking prick like you, I'm not going to sit there and downvote people just because I don't like what they've posted. I'll just hit mute.

It's called live and let live.

As I said before, it's called the "mute" button. Stop being fucking losers and just ignore things you don't like. If "shitposts" are getting votes, it's because the people voting think it's worth it and that it's not "shit".. That's none of YOUR business, you fucking prick.

I think what it really is, is that you're fucking pathetic and jealous that "shitposts" actually make money when you invest time and effort into something that you THINK is valuable, when in reality, your post is no more valuable than another, it's all about perspective. You, and many others, get BUTTHURT about the fact that something that took someone a few SECONDS to post earns moderate to large amounts of money. How about grow up and stop using bots for malicious purposes? Ok? Ok.

I see what you mean. That is a very good point. Using this platform as a "chat room" i would think would still fall within the rules but i am no expert obviously. That would be interesting to see how it would work if people are commenting on your conversation with someone. Regardless, this is an interesting approach.

there are no "rules" it's all arbitrary, and bots like this one carry out their, or a group's agenda of what they think the platform should be.

No "rules" can be a good thing. We have the chance to mold this into something great or trash. I look forward to something great that can generate income from sharing thoughts/ideas and education to empower users to make a large impact in whatever they do.