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with my @armandocat steemit extra info chrome extension I can see who gave how much upvotes here and WOW that is a really BALANCED $115 @pharesim got here in his upvotes! Many different $10 and $2 and under upvotes from a lot of big influential users making up the larger $115 grand total (so far) , that's so cool to see him making this much from this many different steemians, since most of the time when I see someone on the front page with over $100 its usually thanks to one big upvote but we should have a special place for all the posts that really earn their way up to trending stitching together that big reward from many smaller upvote rewards, instead of just having a paid upvote or one big whale upvote... So much more impressive when posts get up organically, and this IS such an important post! I use it for my Steem Instant Account Hotline anyone can text me their email address 619 500 3748 special hotline I setup so anyone can text (or email ) and ill help send people Instant Invite Links for Steemit Instant account creation so no more waiting, and I use posts like this or the new one on my blog to pay for this service! I can handle 100 new user s a week, if I keep getting new steempower upgrades I can handle more :D

Anyway I'm resteeming pharesim's post now since it related well with my latest post about my instant steem account creation service! He deserves to be paid $1000 for his work on this service! His steeminvite service maybe single handedly keeps steem's momentum going, since people come HERE when they get frustrated waiting WEEKS to get approved, and it turns off a lot of people, if they didnt have this service many people would be fed up and never want to join so I'm grateful for this service of last resort!


Sounds like both of your services are helping people in. When I started in 2016, there were no waiting time....did not know new people were having to wait to sign up til this post.


i Like It, Happy together.


hahaah you two have the best comments ! video comments! love itttttt <3

Thank you for your work.
It will helpful for me to invite my friends


Yes man and thanks for the up[votes recently, and yes, this service is REALLy helpful, I even setup a hotline, just posted about it, my post rewards cover the 0.1 Steem fee per person and I feel that the MORE people I help signup, the more followers I will ge and the MORE people I ill have potentially upvoting me in the future! Karma Will become profitable in the future with steem, a lot of things will be tied to Upvotes :D

<"Majoriy Rule">


Thanks both of you for your help getting people signed up!

Glad to see Steeminvite is back...

@pharesim welldone i have some backlogs but i try to click the link yet not going though please assist on what to do next. Check the image below and see what i see when i load steeminvite



dude just try it again, I had same thing happen at first but it wasn't done being fixed, NOW you come on and you login with active key, then you do everything as normal, its working for me now, try again also man, send me the emails of you are friends ill help create those accounts like I said I would, I remember we got cut off when steeminvite stopped workin , now its up again I just created an account so I know it works, il help you out man :D come on my discord Everyoneis welcome to join, I will be there if you need help getting a new account!

It's good they are back but bad that i don't have steem power to delegate to some friends who have long tried to register but not getting through.
Just operating on a delegated steem power i won from a contest. I just hope things turns out for the better for me soonest.

Hi @pharesim, Congrats on fixing the issue and coming up with it. There are at least 3 people who have been trying for the last 2 weeks to join Steemit through traditional method but in vain, so, they asked me to help them. I've already helped several with their bandwidth issues and a week ago, I helped some join Steemit through an alternate method that I intend to document so that it helps others. As per my Maths, this method seems expensive. Do you have a discord?



Welcome of best and useful apps in our great community..

I steeminvited my lil Sis @ekongwealth in minutes and without any hassles thanks for that.

Wow this is great news,i will start using this incase Steemit Inc again delays approvals hehehe.


What exactly is steeminvite for @pharesim?
I seem to be the only one here who doesn't know


Steeminvite is for creating new accounts on Steemit safe and fast (without having to wait to be accepted) - that is if for example your friend wishes to make an account on Steemit but doesn't want to wait for a week or even more, you can make one for them.

BUT to make one through steeminvite, you need to have an extra 0.100 SBD and 14.500 SP as the account creation fee. The SP will be delegated to the new account and you may undelegate any time, although it would be nice to let the new user gain 14.500 SP of their own beforehand.


Oh, wow.
That's really great. Easy and fast

So... maybe you know the answer to my question...
I invited 3 friends more than a month ago and i don't know how to get back the delegations... do you know how to do that?

When we delegate the SP to help someone get started, does it automatically un-delegate as they grow, in the same manner that a Steemit approved/helped account does?


yes they have a 1 week return time by default, you can set it to whatever you want, 1 week 2 weeks , whatever you want :D

Great news im so happy to hear that
we wait good luck and thank you so match


WHats up bro :D you always leave short messages but I ee you are dedicted, you just don't know ny better :D if you PLEASE make longe rmessges and comments with images of YOU that are relevant you could make SO much more money bro!
I want you to be rich here please follow my advice make you are comments longer!


thank you @ackza for your advice .. i must obey this ..

me and my frinds already make some steemian. in our country
i an trying to make steem comunity in our country. Bangladesh.
and thanks. i wiill remembered your advice.

Make them steemit babies !

Finally! There's been a lot of cry about this already. Good Job @pharesim


Yeah, the difficulty signing up is the rave on steem chat. This would go a long way reducing the load.

Wooow , now I'm happy to hear this news ! :) Thank you @pharesim

Permission to give a loud shout of joy! Finally, good news! I've been waiting like forever for this announcement.

Good one from you again..
Will be looking up for more informations

WOW that's great news. It means we are now able to invite our new friends.

Yes my brother steemit is best

I remember when I created my account, it was truly time consuming, the confirmation mail came after 10 days, one of my friend couldn't even creat an account, This is really helpful, tha ks to @pharesim

I remember when I created my account, it was truly time consuming, the confirmation mail came after 10 days, one of my friend couldn't even creat an account, This is really helpful, thanks to @pharesim

Didn't know there is such a service! It's nice to invite your friends anywhere and when it comes to Steemit, it's even better... :D

As soon as i can convince some of my friends to come to steemit and that this is not a ponzy scheme i'll use it :)
BTW how did you fix the problem? Did you change from V1 to V2? or was it another problem?

I've never used it before. But i will give it a try

Ammaa glad to here dis

Yesssssssss! This is good news. Well done. You are really adorable.

Thank you for all my friend, thank you for upvote, you would not regret it, they will not be mi for nothing.

continue your excellent work on your articles, one day I'd like to thank you.

stay in touch, please.

Good my friend!👌

Thank's for the information :)

It's good to hear that. Now i can get to work.
Thanks for broadcasting @pharesim

good information sir, it's very useful for us.

thats so great news😍 amd welcome back again @pharesim
now i am so happy hearing this good news✌we can let it now my friends now thanks a lot dear @pharesim

Congratulations stemians. It's great news!

Good to know! Thanks!

Really great article made a good choice

I want to try this...
Bravoo brother

What is This?

I don't know About it!!!

Have Any information???

Thanks you my friend ,,, good ur work for Steeminvite is available again .
Good luck my dear friend @pharesim 👍👍😉
All the best for you 😃

be fruitful and multiply

Ooo... sounds interesting!! And so many ppl excited about it... make me so curious about it. Thanks

is there any benefit using Steeminvite?

Great news

wow good information

One of the best apps for new Steemit members and ones who want new account without waiting.

This is a job well i can bring in new friends with ease

Thanks ur upvote

I am following you and I know you will be do it.. You are very talented..... I like u...

Good job.thanks information @pharesim

its very good news

Thank you for your support and thanks for your post.
now steem will be much more a social platform.

I love steeminvate

yes its back , its now easy to register ,thanks for the assistance, ..our 2 newbie friends are now able to register:)

Wow! Good, welcome back, I can now register my friends now.

Nice! bringing on board more people now!

May I know the purpose of this? Just for inviting people or does it come with referral benefits or something? (If so, I'm 12 users too early in finding this ;-;)


No referral benefits, no


(hmm, why do I feel like we've talked before?)

I don't want to enter my keys


Then don't :D
It's a service, nobody forces you to use it.

nice post thanks for sharing ..

I'm a bit skeptical about the login method. When I login through SteemConnect I know that my Posting key will be safe and I can reject the "log-in" as soon as I don't want to use the website anymore.

But I don't want to give my Posting key when I don't know the whole process. Is there a FAQ page? It should be put in an obvious place in the website. People should access to how everything works without logging in.

Or at least that's what I think. Other than that, I'm glad that we have this feature.


You can change your key after using it when you're worried.


But... Oh, yeah... It's just the posting key... Why do I keep forgetting that?!

Hello sir @pharesim .I just uploaded my song on steemit. I have followed you. Please kindly upvote and resteem. Here is the link.

Thank you @pharesim for sharing the information.i would be looking forward to make more friends now.

Great work.... Connection just got easier

Its really a good news .I do hope it will help those who are so willing to be in steemit.Thanks for the information

I didn't even know there was such a thing! I guess that explains the reasons why none of my friends have gotten their account yet. Makes perfect sense now ... definitely will show them this!

Good news. Congratulations. Dear @pharesim

So sad I cannot create an account because I lack some Steem Power. Great initiative though, pharesim.

Yay! Good news. Really love your post. Been following them. Ty so much 😙

I am fallowing you. And I upvoted your post.
Can you vote?
I new in Steemit and I need some help for encouragement :)

I can not wait to attend one.its diffinitly in my future plans.nice post 👍🏽

That's great that they're back :)

Thank you very much for sharing the app. We are about to start a community in Argentina and this app is ready to invite people. Thank you.


No tengo los fondos suficientes :(. Es feo ser pobre. Jajajaja.

I do not have enough funds :( It is ugly to be poor, hahahaha.

Greetings, Pharesim.
Thank you very much for helping everyone in the community. The strength that allies with goodness makes one who is beginning to grow. Thank you for voting on my post on financial education. I am doing a series of very serious posts on this part of finances.
Thank you and good morning

Thank you for helping

ok gonna try this, hope i get some love out of this. thank you.

Thanks to share

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Really enjoying being on this platform ( my 5 day of posting ) just wanted to drop in and say a huge thank you for upvoting my image...not really sure where I could leave a I am leaving it here! Nice meeting you, Michael :)

Thanks a lot for your amazing work, I just included you in this post : My incoming upvotes from the best witnesses and whales ! , I hope you will like my ideas about you. Thanks for being in steemit. ☺

Steeminvite is really an awesome helping website for the newbie who are not getting steemit account.. Keep it up

Hey man i saw your follow for follow tag. Have you tried steemengine yet?

steemengine the followers i have gained is unreal. I gained 100 just in the past two days. If you want you can use my referral link not required though...


Thanks for your good work in getting steeminvite available again to have more new steemit members. I have just voted for some witnesses who had contributed to the platform. I have given you my vote for witness for all your support you have given to us. I am still a small fish but it is my acknowledgement for your good contribution for the platform. Thank you very much and I hope to see more great things in the future!

Finally, cheers

It isn't clear whether to make space between words or not when entering the passphraseScreenshot_2018-03-15-13-36-59.png


yes leave the spaces.


Yes, I've figured it out. Just think it could be pointed out.


OK. Good. I have a friend who needs an invite. My steempower is low. Can you help?

Thank to information @pharesim

Yey, well last time I paid blocktrades for an account. Now I can just use this service. Thanks a lot.

It is very good news to all for coming back you. I want you work your job perfectly.

@pharesim : I used steeminvite to invite a friend. The user is but unable to login. How much delay usually it takes?


The account should be created instantly, as soon as you confirmed it your friend can log in.
Check if the account exists and that there's no typo in the password.


Thanks for the reply. It worked. It was a confusion from my side. :)

I've tried reaching out to you on few weeks ago as the steeminvite service hasn't been functioning properly.

Since then i've written my own JS script for creating new users via delegation, but also made this possible via my "GK Steemit Info" wordpress plugin.

Still, steeminvite is definitely an excellent service and had inspired me for this work, thank you for that!
Glad to hear it's back on track now.

Hi @pharesim. Good day! I'm wondering if I can contact you on steemchat or discord.

Thank you in advance!

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