Why Am I Still Here? By Seadbeady

in #steemimpact2 years ago

Hi There.....Can I ask you a question?

Yes.....Great so tell me why am I still here? What on earth am I still doing here.....Can you give me an answer, please?

Oops, no, of course, you don't know.....I am supposed to give you the answer and not the other way round.....Maybe that's just me I am a little bit crazy.....Or when I think of it that could be my answer to the question 😁

But then again that is not the only reason.....What some of you may not know is that I have been a blogger way before I ended up here.....For me, this was never about money.....Although I can't say that it's not a nice extra benefit 😋

When I was invited here at first I had totally no idea what to expect.....I thought it would be just another blogging platform and any blogger would agree that extra attention to their blog is always welcome 😊

Oh yes, I love to be in the centre of all attention.....That is because I am the king of the jungle.....The Lion or at least that is my zodiac sign
picture from darkworkx on Pixabay

And I am sure that you don't mind me being in the centre.....Because it is a pleasure for all of you to be around me for sure.....So leaving is just not an option for me 😋

Being here amongst people that have become friends to me is something I just can't turn my back on.....And especially not when I see that they are all fighting so hard to get this conflict between this Justin guy and Our Steem Platform solved 😓

And as I have learned ever since I was a child.....problems are meant to be solved.....So let's all not worry too much because our Steem Platform is in capable hands.....And I believe we will be able to get it back the way it was meant to be 😀

If you want to take part in this Initiative hosted by @theycallmedan just follow the link here below


Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

Want to be on my blog next time ?? Want me to review your product?? Just send me a message 😊



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ok, that's a real nice figure tx so much :)

So much a Leo, lol. ;)
Why are any of us here? Habit? Hope? Some of each?
I hope that Steem comes back better than ever once the age of SteemTron has passed.

Sounds like a great plan :)

I love that your are still here. So am I I am not leaving and all that is happening at the moment is worrying yet not insolvable. Time will tell and untill than you are doing great and we love having you. You are indeed a blogger with a lioness attitude and steemimpact if your am me ... and also a terminaler 😉

haha, tx so much - we are in here for the long run :)

I am glad that you are still here posting and blogging 😁 .. I am sure we will survive this and get back our platform 👍

We just keep going :)

It's hard to say why we stay in steemit. It has a lot of work, but it's worth it. Have a Happy day, mi friend @seadbeady

tx wishing you a great weekend :)

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