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I don't usually post 2 posts a day, but I noticed a trending topic today while doing my daily scroll, #steemimpact. This topic really hit home for me when I started reading other peoples posts and RELATING to them in so many different ways! So, I thought I would dabble and type about how this platform has in fact, impacted my life.

I noticed I am coming up on 1 year of being on steemit. I joined in February of 2019. At the beginning I had NO Idea what the hell I was doing, all I knew is that I wanted to do it, and it was something I wanted to do for a long time. I enjoy writing out things that go on in my life, similar to a good ol' journal with a pen and paper, but when I get behind a keyboard I tend to just keep writing, and writing and writing and it flows really well and I end up falling in love with the content I am creating. The beginning of my journey on her is sad, I think it started out real strong with posting about my pregnancy journey, 1st few weeks being a mom and having a newborn ect.. but then come the summer time it seemed like I was just posting random things that made no sense, got no traction and didn't really bring me joy. I will not ever delete them, because that just shows that everyone starts off somewhere weather it be garbage or greatness!

I started to realize after scrolling and reading other peoples blog posts that, WHO CARES what people think of what you write? if you manifest something I believe it will come to you, in some ways. I believe my content was somewhat quality, it slowly turned into #life & #lifestyle type blogs and I slowly started gaining more followers, more likes and more people interested in what seemed to once be a mundane life of mine. I have a very small following base, but every other day i notice 1 or 2 more people following me and it becomes to great to see people who DONT KNOW ME AT ALL, are following me because they are interested in what i am saying!

I can come on here and get away from the world, type whatever my little heart desires and go day to day thinking of something new to share with you all. That my friends, is what brings joy to my world. I get genuinely excited when talking to my partner about what i'm going to post next, and when I am brainstorming notes on my next post, i get excited such as a little kid does in a candy store! sure the little bit of income here and there is absolutely amazingly rewarding in so many ways, but for me its capturing what i love to do, with the people i love and love me and sharing my hobbies and interests with complete strangers!


@apsu was the 1st post i read under the trending content in #steemimpact and I 100% agreed with something particular he said! "there's a lot of stuff which is too personal to be posted on FB, but its good enough for people who don't know me" yes, YES, YES!!! Some stuff i post on here i would never really post on FB because i dont know people would care, people just care about how that person is doing in life, and if they are doing good and your life isnt going as planned that moment in time, they judge you. People on here don't seem to judge others for whatever they post. I have even posted the links to my blog on Facebook sometimes for people to see and the only people who comment or like it are people who know me, such as aunts and my mom and tell me how much then love me.. blah blah blah.. I ALREADY know these things.. mom.. tell me how my writing is, what you find cool about the post, what you didn't know about me... that's what the people on here do, and i don't know them AT ALL! it's great to make content for people (and myself) who don't know who i am, who are interested in learning more about me and who want to follow along on my journey! it is absolutely beautiful, this community of people from ALL OVER THE FREAKIN WORLD is beautiful!

i do not have many friends in real life. nor does my partner. We are OKAY with this fact. Now, when I tell people about how I have no friends, they instantly say "you have lots of friends, what about me?" let me get into this real quick, because it's something that has been IRKING me for a long time. I have 3 real close friends. ONE lives in a different province then me, THE OTHER one is always busy with school and her new job, and the 3RD friend of mine, lives 3 hours away. 2 of those 3 friends i talk to every day. sure, i have other people who are "acquaintance's" not completely my friends, or else we would talk at least every 2nd day... or even once a week! I am not looking for you to tell me "oh you have friend's don't say you don't" i am not looking for your sympathy when i say those things... i genially do not have friends. end. of. story. I AM OKAY WITH THIS! I have my Fiancé, who loves me very much, my 3 close friends and my beautiful baby girl who will grow up to be my best friend as well! i don't need anymore people. except... for the people on here.. the people who comment and or like every one of my posts, more then 1 or 2 people that is, people who i know are actually interested in my life and following me, those people i call friends over the other people who think i am looking for some kind of sympathy. This is just who i am, I like it this way. You people mean more to me then others because you see what I create and enjoy it.

I am posting in this thread today because I, like many other people, believe that this community is better then twitter, Facebook, Instagram where people mindlessly post everyday, with nothing to bring them joy, with no reason. twitter you can only use so many characters to get a point across, here i could be where i like to be, typing for hours and hours and i know ill get maybe one like. The stuff the people create on platforms like this one, are quality people who deserve to be recognized. Lets all unite and continue loving each others content, bringing people UP and not DOWN and spreading love all around, like the black eyed peas once said "where is the love?" well, the love is here, #steemit, and lets keep it that way!




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