Thank you @blueorgy for your SteemIMG service!

in steemimg •  2 years ago

Hello Steemians!

Today I discovered that the service was unavailable. After some research found out the service is run by @blueorgy. He explains on this post the details about the attack.

I myself have used his service for or the image uploads of my steemit blog and am sure many of you also use his service, perhaps without knowing who is actually running it. So when I found out about the attack against his site, I kind of felt it was not enough to just write the usual support message. I am not a steemit whale, so my upvote alone could not actually give him any relevant material support, so I decided to post this as a gratitude message for his services. So if you liked my blog, please take a minute of your time and show your support to @blueorgy for his service that in part has made this blog a reality!

PS: In case this post generates any kind of SBD rewards, I will send them to @blueorgy.

•♥•☆ @alitas •☆•♥•

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Blueorgy is helpful to the community in a few ways / projects. :)


I agree with you, @virtualgrowth!

Guys like @blueorgy are the ones who make steemit a great place to be around!


My blog is a reality thanks to @dantheman but also because of @blueorgy and his SteemIMG site!

@blueorgy is a real asset to the community.


That's right, @thecryptofiend!

Thank you atilas for bringing this to my attention I use his service regularly as well and would be very sad to see it gone. Regards :)


I'm with you @raymonjohnstone! I consider SteemIMG as an integral part of Steemit.

•♥•☆ @alitas •☆•♥•

This is amazing @alitas! I am truly touched by this post, your gratitude and public support is all i need! Please keep whatever you make on this post, you make this community great and deserve it just as much as anybody else!

Love the sign!!



Thank you @blueorgy! Look, when @dollarvigilante entered steemit, some people felt angry because he was getting a lot of support from @dantheman and all the founders, but I tought it was ok, they have the right to choose what they think is best for this platform. On the same line I think services like yours constitute the backbone for the steemit community and if I couldn't express it in "upvote power" I had to find an alternative way to make a point about it. So once again, thanks for your contribution to the steemit community!

•♥•☆ @alitas •☆•♥•