Steemify iOS 1.6 update.

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Steemify 1.6 Release

We just released Steemify 1.6 to the AppStore.

New Features, Changes and Improvements



In this update you'll find the mute function, because sometimes #Silence is gold.

This feature will leverage the blockchains mute function and ignore anything from muted accounts in relation to yours (@ mentioning you, making 0.0001 sbd transfers to you etc). This means you will not receive notifications of these events triggered by muted users. This is especially useful to mute bots and stalkers.

Read This Post for a little bit more information on the feature.

Steemify is the best iOS app to get notified about anything regarding your account or the accounts of others.

Steemify screenshots

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Makes a change for an app to be IOS, I do have an iPhone so thank you!

Hope you enjoy it, man! I have been using Steemify for years now, can't go without it!

Will you eventually support Android?

I have been trying to get Steemify to work on my Android for ages but it looks like you don't support Android anymore.

Need to give this update a try. Sounds like a useful tool.

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Thanks for the continued improvements!

cool! i will try it and tell my friends about it.

Good one, I’m happy seeing it on iOS version. I’ll give a try.

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Need to give this update a try. Sounds like a useful tool.

Posted using Partiko iOS

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Did something happen in between now and then? Tried adding other Steemians to my app and it didn’t work. So I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and now I can’t even add myself to the app :/

We don’t see any problems, can you tell us if it’s working now ?

It’s strange, I ended up trying again later and it worked fine now. The initial error was something about an API error. I will take a screenshot if it ever happens again (: Thanks for getting back to me!

Hey guys, wondering what’s up with Steemify? Trying to connect it gives me this....


Since @Partiko is down I’m looking for an alternative for notifications and was not fond of eSteem for iOS but I always loved Steemify 👌

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